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October 01, 2012


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Javier Garcia

All I can say that it is about time.

Drew Steinke

Don't know what took so long. He was a terrible hire - his teams are always undersized, out-coached, and short of heart.

L. Mendez

It doesn't matter who they bring in - it wont be a big name and without the city's support that coach will resign or be fired too. El Paso does not support college football like other universities/programs. Let's get ready for horrible seasons. I think at least Price's teams are hanging in with the big boys and not getting blown out!


Best thing to happen to utep and people want him out. U get rid of him, bring a young guy, wins with this team next year and he's gone. Then we wait another 10 yrs for a descent squad, I'm in favor of keeping price.


But hey.... there's AAA baseball, right El Paso? Gonna sell THAT stadium out and make the politicians look good, RIGHT? (nudge nudge, wink wink)....

Ernesto Villanueva

Its plain and simple, it has nothing to do with the coach or the fans...its UTEP. They have priced, no pun intended, right out of the games. The OU game didn't sell because the guest tickets were 30 DOLLARS A PIECE. Not even the Texas game did that. Gen ad tickets dropped from the normal 25.00 to 15, i guess to try and get fans in the stands, but no one knew about it!
First year after Price got there tickets increased and have increased almost every year since. Im not a business man, but i would rather have a full stadium at 10 bucks/ticket then a 1/2 empty one at 25.00.
I can tell you i didn't miss game for 7 years, now I'm lucky if i can make to two games. Great job UTEP, lets go for 35 bucks next season and see how fans you draw then!

Ernesto Villanueva

Correction: Gen Ad tickets dropped to 15 for the NMSU game not the OU game those were still at 25+. I won't know if its permanent till this weekend again becasue they don't tell anyone.


One more win this season at best. UTEP needs to get out of the C-USA. It belongs in a western or southwestern conference, not playing teams in the east or southeast.
Been a fan since the early 60s, UTEP was never real good and most of the time less than mediocre. They used to have big running backs and good but not great QBs. Now we have tiny backs who play and are good for one season or less, and we have had good quarterbacks the last ten years except this year. How he ever won games in junior college is a mystery.
Play with Megers at QB and play some of those highly rated QBs that are on the bench before they also leave for another college.
Price needs to go. Maybe one day we can hope. Washington State was a fluke.

Tio Tomas

Ernesto is right. He is no business man. A half full sun bowl at $25 x 26000 capacity = $650000. A full stadium at $10 x 52000 capacity = $520000. With 26k Committed fans that is a decent payday 6x a year.

UTEP will always be less than average. Why not go to the game have a great time and if they win its a bonus. This offense is absolutely abysmal except for jefferies. Price has lost the fire to coach, the only bright spot is the defense. Make the defensive coordinator the coach and move on, until he finds a better gig.


You people that want Price gone are loons. Who you going to replace him with that is going to be any better? He was national coach of the year. You think he forgot how to coach when he got to UTEP? UTEP doesn't have the money to get anyone. Stull still wants you to come out and support the team but he'll tell you flat out that they can't afford to get a good coach and even if they did they would not give him the support a winning coach needs. End the program. End it. In the last 40 years except for a couple of years here and there, the football program has been horrible. If UTEP doesn't care why should the fans. End the program and put it out of it's misery.

Ricardo Juarez

I agree with Brian! Kill the program!


Good recruiting is the way to turn any program around, but why would any "great" athleat want to come to UTEP to play football when there are at least six better schools in the state (Texas, TX A&M, TX Tech, TCU, Baylor, Houston)? There is no $$ either being donated by many alumni. There has been a few big donations that got us a some nice facilities but it is not like in other Universities that have a T. Boone Pickens and such. Much of our alumni now live in Mexico and could care less about UTEP. Anyhow, maybe it is time to do away with this worthless program and just focus on bascketball.


How About firing Bob Stull? I mean the A.D. has never been a stand out guy, He is in the same with Mike Price, Robert Stull never won with his players but won with Bill Youngs' players and then he left, so for crying out loud Robert Stull has to go, he is collecting an easy check. I would like to say is that I think my Coach Price is what Don Haskins' was to basketball. I would like to see Coach Price win all his remaining games, go to a bowl game and watch all the bandwagon fans pop up on the radar, the sad thing college sports has now fallen to the root of all evil, "the people who want to make more money" and only care about money. Regardless of what happens there has never been a COACH at UTEP that has given the fans close games or blow out, and in reality what ca Coach Price do if his players can even discipline himself and stop jumping off sides, committing senseless penalties and shooting thmselves in the foot. (one thing is for sure those players have no shame in how they are playing, the don't take responsibility for their actions) Coach Price thank you!


I have always said that Price needs to go in order for UTEP to have a winning team, all that Mike Price did was come in to El Paso after being fired from his previous school and managed to help place his own son's in coaching to give them experience that they could take somewhere else with them. He used UTEP for his own family's sake. He never once cared about El Paso or UTEP, especially after winning that lawsuit against the press. Since he has been here, UTEP has never had a good disciplined team and to me, thats what helps win games, a Good Well Disciplined Team. I will be glad when he leaves coaching UTEP and will support UTEP then, but not until Mike Price LEAVES UTEP.

Miner Fan

Mike Price is the sixth most winning coach in the NCAA. The fan support in El Paso in is a joke. I have traveled with the team for the past 3 years and have gone to all the other schools. El Paso is not as bad as many but it could be much better. I really wonder how many of you have actually even been to a game. The team we have right now is one of the best I have seen. 2 of our losses came at top 25 schools that we could have beat, and one was to an SEC school that gave Alabama a good game Saturday. The there is ECU by far the roughest environment that we have played in all season. There fan were real fans, into the game. You people of El Paso just don't realize what you have with Mike Price and it is a shame!


Price has to go, and realistically so should Stull. There are other options at most colleges to selling tickets. It starts with the locals poneying up additional money to bring in a quality coach. That doesn't happen in El Paso. The only opition in that case is to hire a young gun that you know is going to leave if he is successful. If he wins, he will go elsewhere, ask Stull. I think it says tomething that the only winners that Price had was with players recruited by Nord. Good coach. I can't say the same thing for the others on the list. I much worry that if Price goes, as he should, Stull will replace him with Patterson, the only coach whose portion of the team has shown a pulse. Patterson has already shown that while he is a good coordinator, he is no head coach. But, we suffer on.


Tio Thomas, yes I'm not a business and your figures are very impressive, but how do you think a full stadium looks to the alumni that we have a sold out stadium every home game. As for the your 25 x 26000 = 650000 but you also have 26,000 less people buying concessions....how much do you think that adds to final bill Tomas? Bottom line is I'm not business man but i have common sense more people means more money in more ways than just ticket sales.

pistol pete

Leave it to Joe to stir it up on getting Coach Price fired. Mike Price has been the best thing UTEP and EPT has had since BOB Stull had his winning seasons. Coach Price is a stand up guy and he deserves better than what people are chiming on this blog. I think what hurts Coach Price is his loyalty to his son Aaron. Aaron has been learning the ropes under his dad but he has not developed into a promising offensive coordinator as one would like. Let Coach Price retire with some respect as he deserves and support your Miners. I've supported the Miners since the 70's when I used to go to watch them lose every game including the NMSU games. Now they hang in there and they stick people on Defense. If you watch the games closely, you will see that Utep now has D1 level players that can hang with the big boys. The teams that we lost to in the early going have 4 and 5 star recruits and our guys put the lick on them with 2 star max recruits on our side. Even the 2nd and third stringers from the OU's and Wisconsin's can start at UTEP. Coach Price does well with the little funding he gets to recruit kids to EPT. This town is lucky to have a man like Mike Price coaching here. He's respected across the college ranks and UTEP would be foolish to let him go without letting him retire with dignity.


Joe Munchies thinks he's the fat lady who sings, when in reality he's the fat sports "writer" who drools. Why don't you move on, Joe? Could it be that no other newspaper in the country would have you?

Pito Dulce

Utep needs to drop down to FCS and play WNMU, ENMU, Sul Ross, etc. Now that's a conference where jutep can compete in!

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