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September 22, 2012


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Richard Keenan

I agree with you to a certain extent but... What's so frustrating in my 10 love/hate affair with the Miner football team is they cannot take that next step and win one of these games. I still remember vividly the Texas Tech field goal that hit the goal post and broke my heart. One of the many "almosts" in recent UTEP football history. I don't know how much longer I can stand to be heart broken by this very good, but not quite good enough team. "Heavy Sigh". :-(


I have ZERO problems with UTEP taking on these types of games, being competitive, AND ultimately losing. Remember, UTEP is a mid-major. Although there's always exceptions to the rule each year (see Louisiana-Monroe) teams like UTEP are 'expected' to lose. My real questions will be answered towards the end of Conference USA play. If UTEP is still losing (competitively or not) then there's a major issue


UTEP lost and their fans are whiners!


The defense is doing a heck of a lot better! Hopefully we can keep Coach Patterson around for a while. Could the early practices have something to do with it too?


Both defensive and offensive of the Miners is a joke. Can't face the fact that the Miners got out classed! The Miners defensive is to small and they get overpowered.


Keith, it's not that the defense and offense can't do well. The trajedy is that as many of MP's other teams they aren't able to stay disciplined. That is evident by the 12 fouls in the NM State game and the 10 fouls in the Wisconsin game. The loss to OU was more due to a disfunctional offense. All this is fixable, but the real trajedy in yesterday's game is something that isn't fixable, and that is injuries to the first team. If it is true that DB Richard Spencer is lost for the year, the Miners are again in trouble. This is something that also comes up often with MP teams. Hopefully they have some depht at this position but in prior years it is often the begining of the end.


Well put LCR. Those that continually bash the Miners efforts would complaint even if they were winning, they like to create controversy. The Miners have taken a giant step in the right direction and time will tell if they can continue to play decent football and not give up towards the end of the season. I see good things in the near future for this team if they remain healthy.

Mike Justin Madroon

Dear Joe (aka "Joe Blow", "Fatso Joe"),
There you go again with your sarcasm. I know you are making a joke out of what some fans may feel. The truth is that a minority of fans have the same viewpoint that you write about in your article. Stop being a clown and write about how UTEP may genuinely have a chance to win C-USA based on their play against the big boys. Stop being a lazy sob and write something interesting for once. Aren't you up for retirement soon? If not, then you should seriously consider another line of work.

Jay Koester

I agree with you, Joe. I had a great time at the Oklahoma game and have been impressed with the Miners so far. They've shown they have a shot at winning C-USA. Now we'll have to see if they follow through.


I agree with Richard's comment. It's not enough for El Paso to stay close against the Big Boys. It had two chances in this early season -- Oklahoma and Wisconsin -- to make a statement, and just failed doing so in both cases. It's great UTEP can stay in these games, but it's time to win one so the program can take a step up.


Only 8 more games till the end of Price, and good riddance too!

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