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June 11, 2012


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Jay White

This may be coincidental. There is nothing ironic about it, Munch, you dolt.

Macho Camacho

Your last sentence was the exact same thing I thought about when I heard the announcement.

So much for Utep going to the Mountain West any time soon.
If they were to make the move before 2015, C-USA would pull the 2014 tournament.
Enjoy your time playing the East Carolina's of the world!

A fan

CUSA has been good for/and to the Miners. The MWC has never done anything except leave the Miners in the lurch and form their own little club. Of late, the MWC chose Nevada, Fresno, Hawaii, Utah State over the extending an invitation to the Miners. More TV sets around any of those schools? Nope.

Who needs the MWC when the Miners have a chance to 1) win the conference in football and 2) be the top basketball team in CUSA.

Who needs the MWC.


"Win the conference and in football and 2) be the top basketball team in CUSA." I see you've been drinking for a few hours already.

Mike Price hasn't had a winning season in 5 years and will be let go after this season and Floyd has a very green team in his hands.

Let me know if we should get you a cab and ride to AA.

A fan


You think we have a better chance winning in football in the MWC, a much tougher football conference?

Without Memphis in the mix, yeah, we can win in basketball. Notice we got the tourney for 2014. Had Memphis been there, no way in blazes do we get another conference tournament. And no way we get one in the MWC, which is also a tougher basketball conference now. So, yeah, I like our chances in CUSA.

And I'd like to see NMSU added to CUSA. They are a natural rival for us.

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