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April 24, 2012


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Dustin Jones

Let's push Floyd for UT Chancellor so we can get the Chavez fight back in the Sun Bowl!

Sorkh Razil

Good riddance to the fight being cancelled. A sham fight featuring a bum fighter nowhere near his daddy's league. Only thing this was going to draw was flies, and not just those from Mexico.

Dustin Jones

The truth is a lot of sportswriters don't have a source and just throw names out of left field in these cases because it is a guessing game. Sometimes they're right. Sometimes they're so far off base it's unbelievable. Remember these guys are trying to sell their product - their spin on the coach hirings. So a big name like Tim Floyd brings more readers or more web site hits or both. Don't believe everything you read. These days it seems like the conference fan forums have the most up-to-date info.


Big name like Tim Floyd? Maybe a few years ago, but not now; outside of this blog he isn't being mentioned to replace anyone, anywhere.

Floyd has to make it back to the tournament, AND, get past the first round to get decent notice. Maybe that will be next year. Most likely if it happens it will be the year after or maybe even the year after that. And that's with a pretty weak CUSA conference schedule to contend with.

Have no fear. We have Floyd for at least another two seasons.

gustavo reveles

Joe, I'm a UTEP fan, but I'm coming to the defense of your New Mexico State Aggies. C-USA ought to add them. Why? It makes financial sense. C-USA teams could pick up two games in one trip with one hotel bill. That's what the Miners basically did for years with BYU and Utah. I know it's probably not going to happen, but I don't see the Aggies as much of a stretch for a C-USA that's taking Old Dominion, North Texas and Charlotte - not exactly household names in football. I don't think watching the Aggies drop out of Division I helps UTEP one bit. If they were our rivals and our conference rivals, it could only add something to the rivalry. And Tha Pan Am is a great place to watch basketball and it was spruced up recently when it hosted a WAC Tournament. And the football stadium is a great venue for watching football as well. You don't need to search for schools without stadiums, C-USA. These guys are fully equipped already. Yeah, yeah, yeah - they don't bring any more TV sets. But I wish someone would throw them a lifeline.

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