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March 16, 2012


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Joe - you call them signees but has signing day occurred or are commitments at this point verbal only? I'm asking because 1) I honestly don't know and 2) last reports I heard said that Howard was reconsidering and may not come to UTEP - he was receiving a lot of attention from some major programs and that since his commitment was verbal only, he could still back out. So please do some research and let us know. And while your at it, do some research on this point guard you mentioned and give us something besides rumor and supposition.


All 3 have signed letters of intent so it looks like they are coming to UTEP as of now. McKenzey Moore is already on campus but whether he is eligible still remains to be known.


Jalen Ragland is going to red shirt next year.

david bb

Yeah, Ragland is red shirting next year.

david bb

@Canaima: You said "2) last reports I heard..."

Please provide link of these reports you have heard. I just did some research and found no mention of him reconsidering. I only found more that has him listed as committed to UTEP.


Yes david bb, I looked and couldn't find anything - at least nothing that was dated after his commitment. Maybe I had him confused with that January kid. Where did he end up?


And by telling Ragland a year in advance that he is going to redshirt next year, isnt that a way of telling him "hey, i dont think this is the place for you." Even if he does sit out as a redshirt, does that really save a scholarship? UTEP would still be paying for his school wouldn't they?


Ragland is still on scholarship if he redshirts. The plan was to redshirt him this year but Floyd could not with Nelson quitting and Moore/Vint getting injured. Floyd sounds high on Ragland so if he decides to transfer I think it will be on his own account. That leaves the sophomore class in 2013 to include Vint, Watts, Howard, C. Washburn, and Ragland. Juniors will be Lang, J. Washburn, Cooper, and Campbell. Seniors will be M. Moore, Bohannon, and Perez. Mckenzie Moore (if qualifies) I assume will have 3.5 years of eligibility with this year now being his redshirt since he never actually played JC. He will take Streeter's scholarship after he graduates. That means he will be in the sophomore class on 2013. That leaves no scholarships for 2013 freshman class unless one or more of the current roster leave/transfer. That means if Floyd wants to add anymore players in the class of 2012 or 2013 than somebody has to go for each additional player since the scholarships are tied up the class of 2014 recruiting class.


Ty is signed as far as I know so he's coming unless something crazy happens, January is out of the loop, looking to sign with Vegas or SDSU. But Ty not coming would be a major shocker at this point.


D'Von Campbell is transferring


Oh, and Twymond Howard signed a letter of intent. He is coming to UTEP.

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