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March 07, 2012


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This is a dream match up for the Miners, and a nightmare scenario for Memphis. You know it Joe, and anybody that has followed CUSA basketball since the realignment knows it. The Miners give Memphis hell every year, and this year, even with our "Frosh-Soph" team, and Memphis being a preseason #8 and a lock for the Dance at a predicted #9 seed, is no exception. Just a couple of weeks ago this very same Miner team beat this very same Memphis team, on the very same court that they will play them on tomorrow night. Is Memphis the favorite? Of course. But this is going to be a hell of a basketball game, and everybody, especially Memphis fans, knows it. GO MINERS!


Thanks Joe for your "oh so wise" prediction. I feel a little better now knowing you've called the game for Memphis, because you're usually WRONG. Now we might have a chance. True, it will take a some coaching brilliance, but we have that on our side of the ledger. See you tomorrow night!


A W is a W is a W, regardless if it's against a cellar dweller or not. And a win is the only way to advance since this is done a game at a time with the loser going home (just ask Houston).

Going forward, if its a loss against Memphis, which the smart money says it will be, then its what was expected and is a big "so what?" --- everyone knew this year would be bad. If it's a win, then the sky is the limit as far as the CUSA tourney goes because the Miners, and the remaining teams, will know UTEP has the edge.

Good stuff for the fans, no doubt.

Miner Maniac

Please Miners, send the spoiled brats of C-USA and future Big LEast member to the NIT!!!


Memphis is going Dancing, even if they lose tonight.

Three seconds

Not only did you "misue" your "grammer" you butchered the words too. And you call yourself a newspaper writer. Speeling and spurts are not your forte.

Miner Maniac

Don't be certain that the Tiggers are automatically in the NCAA tourney. The only thing the Tiggers are guaranteed is a NIT berth, due to being the regular season conference champ. All bracket projections have C-USA with only one team in the Big Dance, that being the conference tourney champ. The Tiggers at-large prospects would be severely damaged if they were to to lose their first conference tourney game on their home floor. If you think the Tiggers are automatic NCAA bound, then you'd have to say Southern Miss. and UCF as well.

A fan

I don't think that a 23-9 Memphis team gets in. Maybe if they make it to the finals of the CUSA tourney, but otherwise, I doubt the selection team will deem them worthy. Memphis doesn't have any big wins as far as I remember, and CUSA is ranked something like 10th in conferences.

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