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February 04, 2012


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a fan

You know, there's enough talent on the team that, even though the Miners are stocked with freshman and sophomore players, we shouldn't have a losing record.

Maybe it's time for a new coach.


Please someone tell me "fan" is kidding! If not, he should be deported out of this city for the sheer stupidity of his statement. Please!


Hey a fan,

Hilarious. You got a taker.


yeah, it will be a much better season next year. we'll have Chris Washburn Jr. whose a nice big post man, he's bigger than his brother.

Also Twymond Howard is good small foward who got offers from Big 12, SEC, and Big East schools. Hes on board too next year.

*theres also Anthony January from Compton, California who verbally committed to UTEP but hasnt signed yet. It would be awesome if we can sign this guy, some have compared him to DeMar Derozan.

I think things are really looking bright. Bohannon and Perez are doing damage as sophomores. Lang looks promising. And Julian Washburn is super athletic,who might have a shot at the NBA by the time he's done here.

* the great thing is this years team is not horrible. Once in the C-USA tourney they have the ability to knock out anyone, and it would be awesome if our young guys could beat Memphis on their own floor, the way they did it to us last year.


Prospero is right. Look out for the Miners come tourney time.


According to Minerrush.com, Anthony January has all but taken back his verbal commitment to UTEP. I think it might have something to do with the Miners already having Julian Washburn and Twymond Howard at his position. He's now leaning toward San Diego State. In any case, next year should be better just based on depth. The Miners are basically playing 6 or 7 guys every night. These last few games have been close, and I love the heart and grit this team has, but I just can't see a team with no depth win 4 games in 4 days in Memphis. Hope they prove me wrong though.

UTEP fan in SA

Prospero unfortunately January decommitted recently and has talked about going to SDSU. Still should be a great recruiting class with Howard, Washburn and Dustin Watts. Can't wait to see this team in 2 years when Bohannon and Perez are seniors!

John Franco

I ve been away from this blog for awhile. Too many Price butt kissers. Anyway, something has been gnawing at me for awhile. What was the Moultrie situation? That guy is a monster at Mississippi State. Is Floyd gonna be a pansy when guys give him attitude? Haskins had more backbone than that!

John Franco

Just came from MSU website. Moultrie is a top 20 finalist for Oscar Robertson trophy. Way to let him leave Timmy!


Franco, the pansy was Barbee, who basically let Moultrie play however and wherever he wanted during his 2 years here. "Wanna shoot a million three's Arnett? Sure, have at it. Doesn't matter that you only shoot 23% from there, go ahead mijo." Ever wonder why Arnett was listed as a forward yet played more like a guard? Moultrie ran Barbee, not the other way around. Floyd had the backbone and told him no more, not with me. Moultie threw a fit and left. At Mississippe State, somehow, somebody showed Moultrie that indeed he's not a guard and has matured into the player he could and should have been. Good for him. Good for Mississippi State, at least for this year. He'll be gone next year. At any rate, I wish people would quit bringing him up. He left, out of sight...out of mind. Lets talk up and support our current and future Miners. As Floyd said when Moultrie left, "I don't support players with personal agendas. I want team players." Sure this year is fustrating, but there will be a huge payoff. Don't wait for the bandwagon...get aboard now John.


Last time I checked, Barbie won a conference championship and went to the big dance. Something Floyd wasn't able to do with basically the same team.


Come on Adrian...I'm sure you're smarter than that. Floyd didn't have Caracter...that's who got the Miners to the dance. Then they got to the dance and quit on him(Barbee) in the middle of the game. Like I said...get aboard this train, or will you be one of the bandwagoners claiming, "I knew it all along! Yay Floyd, Yay Miners!" Phony players not needed...Phony fans not wanted.

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