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February 03, 2012


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Toasted Whitbred

With Rodriguez and now Natkin on the staff, it looks like the future coach hiring process is going to include mainly guys with some ties to the team.

Stull hinted as such recently when he drew comparisons to Boise St. success in their ability to create a culture unique to them.

If CMP does retire, I would expect the staff to stay pretty much in place and a successor to be someone we are already familiar with. Utep has had alumni that have experienced quite a bit of head coaching success.


Why wait?



If the successor comes from within the current coaching structure, then yeah, it will probably remain the same. If the coach comes from outside of the program, that coach will probably bring/find his own people. That's the way it works.

Miner Fan

Here we go again. Another season of having to put up with JUTEP's idiotic rantings! Give it a break jUTEP, you appear out of touch!!!

David Valadez

This will be Mike Price's last year at UTEP, a current Canutillo Principle is married to Mike Prices' daughter, he has already notified the Canutillo School District he will be stepping down as Principal of Canutillo to move to the state of Washington. So it is true that this is Mike Price last year at UTEP and in El Paso, Texas- Thank You Coach Price and I hope you go ou with a winning season.

monarch 1115

Our ancestors began this superstition, because they thought the image in a mirror, contained our actual soul. Thus, a broken mirror, represented the soul being pulled from your body and being trapped in all the shattered pieces.

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