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February 07, 2012


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a fan

If there are more defections, the Miners will be, by default, the best team in CUSA. Of course, CUSA is ranked below the top 9 in basketball conferences. Losing Memphis will mean a further decline. Still, the team that wins the CUSA tourney gets a chance to dance.

Go Miners.


Th sad sacks are left. Time to dissolve the Cusa and rebrand the conference of misfit teams.



Time for someone to learn how to spell!

A fan

It's only good if the Miners take advantage of Memphis leaving, as in winning the conference title. The CUSA tourney held in El Paso more often would be great as well since we don't need to travel to Memphis anymore.


Mexicant can't comment on the post only to the typo. This means you agree that cusa stinks. Memphis is the only Team UTEP had to look forward to playing. The glory days of glory road have passed UTEP by with bob stull driving them to mediocrity.

Miner Maniac

The only "Glory Road" are those who still cling on to 1966. That was 46 years ago folks! Time to move forward, not keep looking back. Stull has done more for UTEP athletics than any other AD prior to him. Those who can't see it are blind. Those who won't acknowledge it are ignorant.


With the impending merger with the mountain west, unlv will replace memphis as a team to look forward to. And just a little educating, Southern Miss has a higher r.p.i. than memphis. UAB (whom we just barely lost to) just beat Southern Miss. Marshall always fields very good teams. Future foes, Neveda, Colorado State, UNM, all are in the top 100 r.p.i. wise. The sky is not falling because memphis left. Basketball wise, with the merger it will be an even stronger conference than what we have currently. Football wise, I see no real drop, even with the loss of houston.


Miner Maniac: Bob Stull has waited at the back of the bus, and to paraphrase, "see where we fall" to find out where UTEP fits in to Div 1 College athletics. That is not blindness, it is laziness. He has allowed UTEP to wallow in mediocrity because of his direction. Ignorance is lack of information, for which I have just provided much. Mediocre seasons in football and a once storied basketball program to fall apart on his watch is not leadership. He should have taken the reigns of the basketball program and pushed it forward. Four coaches later we have crap. If you are happy with STULL THE MEDIOCRE have at it. I demand better.

Top 100 rpi mean nothing when you need to beat the top 50. Memphis is a blow to the already crumbly CUSA conference and no one will admit there is an elephant in the room.

Miner Maniac

You really think UTEP can go knocking down doors at the Big 12, Pac 12, SEC, etc. and demand entrance into their conferences? UTEP is what it is, we take what we can get. You're blaming Stull for Price's failure with the football team? If you mean not firing Price, I'm with you. Then again, can UTEP afford to buy out his contract? Be happy this is Price's final year, win or lose. The basketball program is on the right track. Barbee, Gillespe, and Sadler were good coaches, whether you want to admit it or not. They had a right to seek out greener pastures, and they did. You're expecting another Haskins to stick around for 30 plus years? Those coaches are gone. Get off the '66 train and join the rest of the human race in 2012.


Hey uncle, if you think Miner basketball is wallowing in mediocrity you have absolutely no idea about the game of basketball. None uncle. You've lost ALL credibility with that statement. I'm not even going to try to explain it to you. Wow, see you on the bandwagon in the near future I'm sure though.


Gunner and maniac. Stull has no nuts to pay anyone to stick around, this is just the next stop for Floyd until someone else dangles a bigger carrot. No one at UTEP has the gonads to offer a bigger payday because it s not a nastylicio priority. As for sticking around 30 years no way, but stull has paid price for ten. Stull put his money into the wrong sport, he should have invested in bb instead of football. UTEP WAS a basketball school, That is the point.

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I couldn't even fathom what was happening or why. All I knew was that a plane flew into the tower. I didn't know details.

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