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February 22, 2012


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"a'tad' too late." what a crock. what are you? blind or what? This team is hot. They can take the tournament. If you can't get on the band wagon, please shut up.



"a'tad' too late." what a crock. what are you? blind or what? This team is hot. They can take the tournament. If you can't OR WON'T get on the band wagon, please shut up.


Let's assume the best case scenario will get us to a 19 win mark with 14 losses depending how we do in the CUSA tourney, should we consider playing in the CBI or the CIT? I would think EP would want to see this young team play, the experience wouldnt be bad either...anyways, great win by UTEP tonight, heck of a comeback.

Miner Maniac

After I got home from the game last night, I log onto the Commercial Appeal (http://www.commercialappeal.com), which is the newspaper for Memphis. Not surprisingly, the Memphians were all praising their beloved Tigers for reclaiming first place in C-USA.

Really? The Tigers reclaimed first place all by themselves? Are these the same Memphians who were calling for Josh Pastner's head last Saturday when (in their words) they lost to the inept and lowly UTEP Miners who hadn't won a road game all season? Who lost to the likes of UTSA, UC Riverside, Stephen F. Austin, Rice, and Tulane? Who got lucky last Saturday and the Tigers lost only because they didn't take the Miners seriously?

Memphis and their fans really provide me with a lot of comic relief! They've always been the spoiled brat of C-USA, whining and complaining that they deserve to be in a better conference because they're such a big time college basketball program. I tend to think Memphians confuse the Tigers with Kentucky. After all, the colors are similar. Now headed to the Big LEast Conference in 2013, reality is going to kick them in the arse when Memphis no longer hosts the basketball tournament at the FedEx Forum. And the Big LEast isn't done losing its members also. Cincinnati, UConn, and big brother Louisville are shopping themselves around, possibility to the ACC, Big 10, or Big 12. Soon Memphis will be whining and complaining that they deserve to be in a better conference than the Big LEast.

Too bad C-USA can't strip Memphis of the conference tourney this year. To my knowledge the 2013 site has yet to be awarded. I sure hope C-USA doesn't do the mistake of awarding it to Memphis, or SMU, Houston, and Central Florida as well. UTEP would do well to get it again next year, as last year's tourney was a success.

And speaking of the Benedict Arnolds, next season all four of them will play at The Don. We as Miner fans need to come out in full force and serenade them (na-na, hey hey, goodbye) out of C-USA with an arse kicking loss!

UTEP basketball is back! Nobody wants to play us in the conference tourney. And next season on forward we're going to be a dangerous team to contend with against anyone in the country, much less our own conference.


@MinerManiac...great comments. You're comment was better than any of Joe's pathetic write ups.

Anyway, this team is definitely hot, and if they can get to 19 wins, we very well may have a spot in the NIT. NCAA is definitely out of reach, short of winning the conference tourney, but the NIT I think is starting to become a possibility.

As far as winning the C-USA tourney, I wouldn't expect it to happen. I'm not saying we can't, but I just wouldn't expect it. I think we can beat any team in conference, but we've also shown we can to lose to just about any of them as well.

Just keep enjoying this hot streak, keep supporting the Miners, and the rest will take care of itself. Go Miners!

Also, anyone in here should come over and chime in at www.minerrush.com. We're true Miner fans over there, unlike Joe. I'm not even sure what to consider him.

Miner Maniac

Correction. We beat UC Riverside. It was Eastern New Mexico I was thinking of. The beginning of the season was a bit fuzzy!


Where's my tio? Basketball program wallowing in mediocrity? Ha,Ha,Ha! The Miners have knocked off 3 of the 4 top teams in the last 2 weeks. All while they shared or held 1st place. Next up, UCF. Its on the road and will be tough, but these guys are jelling at the right time so its possible.
El Pasoans not going to see the Miners this season have been missing out on an incredible story. Young men becoming a formidible basketball team right before our eyes. Coach Floyd and his staff doing an amazing coaching job. Tio, afraid Floyd will leave in a few years? Maybe, maybe not. While you wallow in negativity, I'll enjoy the moment and the ride.

gustavo reveles

Last night's game reminded me of the two-overtime classic against BYU way back when. ... back when I was a kid and I used to sneak in some Dunkin Donuts and cheer from the last row in the nosebleeds. ... Those are great memories and now we're building some new ones with this promosing group of young players. CJ Cooper, welcome to the party! Great to see you show us what you can do in OT Brother!


My top 5 reasons for being extremely satisfied with the last two wins:

5. Southern Miss beat NMSU TWICE this season
4. Memphis and S. Miss were/are conference leaders
3. Is it true that S. Miss' RPI was 11 and UTEP's 148 prior to that game?
2. T.V. broadcast said Memphis was 62-3 at home in conference games since 2005 - UTEP has 2 of those 3 wins and 2 consecutive
1. Beating Memphis at home, land of the whiniest fans in basketball - a good way to say "good riddance" as they leave for the Big East

Daniel M

If UTEP wins 3 or 4 more this season the CBI or even the NIT may come calling. Obviously it'd be awesome if they won out from here. Houston did a couple years ago when they upset us in the championship game, so its possible and this team is much better than that U of H team. Keep your fingers crossed these next few years should prove to be very good for UTEP Mens BBall, but in the mean time how about those lady miners?


The only tournament the Miners have a chance for is the NCAA tourney, and it is a legit chance. UTEP will be the hottest team entering the CUSA tournament,playing by far its best basketball of the season, possibly getting a first round bye if we can win these last 3 games. The tournament is at the Fed Ex Forum, where we love to play. You guys remember the tourney in Hawaii earlier this year? Look, Im not saying we're going dancing for sure, I'm just saying it is extremely possible and realistic. And no matter how this season ends, I guarantee this: UTEP will be a Top 25 team next year. Mark my words.


Stahala...if the Miners win their 2 of their last 3 and make lose in the final of the C-USA tourney, the NIT is a shot. Also, win 2 of the last 3 and win at leat one in the tourney, and the CBI is a definite possibility. I know people will put down the CBI, but additional post season play for these guys will pay dividends next year.


The CBI is so noteworthy that UTEP does not recognize its CBI tournament appearances with banners in the DHC.

Everyone knows that buying your way into a tourney is bush league. It's a false way of padding a win total against middling competition.

Is that what the Miners are about?


Like I said, people will put the CBI down, some without informing themselves on it. First off, the second time the Miners were in the CBI under Barbee, the Miners really didn't have to buy their way into the tourney. Deals were made and the Miners more than made their money back with the sellouts at the Don. Second, its not about padding your wins(which would be pointless anyway) but about post season experience and the extra practices. Kind of like teams that earn a bowl berth and get an extra month of practice. Anyway, against it? Don't go.

Miner Maniac

Not only no CBI banners, where's last year NIT banner? Why is Floyd not recognizing last year's NIT bound team? Must be punishment for the way they played up in New Mexico. Still, there should be a banner up at The Don.



When you pay $50K to get into a tournament, and you don't EARN your way in, that's buying your way in. Period. So delude yourself all you want.

Exactly. I don't go to sham tournaments that don't require anything but a checkbook.

Tell me, where are those CBI banners?

David BB

@Earl: It's all about the extra experience and playing time. Period. That's priceless experience vs. sitting on their butts watching March madness. 'Nuff said.


Earl, the Miners did not pay $50k to get into the tournament. In fact it was well below that. The CBI knew that both parties were in a win-win situation and a good deal was made. It was reported here on the Times. If you don't care about the CBI why do you care about the Banners? I don't. I just care about the experience this team could get. At any rate, they may pull off a few upsets and get in the NIT or better yet the big dance. Anyway, do you have anything positive to say about this young and improving team, or are you like tio, full of negativity? Stay away from this team, no phonys needed.




A sham tourney. Period. If that's what the Miners are about, so be it. If you can make me stay away. Try.

Otherwise, go play with the other girls. Got it?


Hey Earl (my condolences on your name by the way), I gave you facts and asked you a simple question you couldn't answer. You are entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is. You want me to play with girls? Sure, I'll leave you to play with yourself.

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