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January 07, 2012


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completely anonymous

your post are becoming really pathetic again. alway finding a way to knock on UTEP. how about you praise UTEP instead of faulting the other team for playing crappy. You're a waste of cyberspace. When are they going to tell you to F-off and fire you already?



Texas State is in San Marcos, I'd be more surprised if you didn't know that. HAHA


hopefully these froshsophs can win @ Tulsa, and then at home Saturday vs SMU and start 3-1 in conference. that would be great. :)

how to make hair grow faster

That's just so generous of you that you have provided us with this kind of worthy information.


Houston was 9-5 with a road win at Arkansas and a 1 point home loss to LSU who beat #10 Marquette and destroyed Mississippi by 30. Houston is the highest scoring team in C-USA with the best shooting% and UTEP held then to 50. Go Miners!


I'm raising my hand here since my undergraduate degree is from Texas State. Joe, it is in San Marcos as someone else pointed out - a beautiful and scenic area in the Texas Hill Country. Maybe you should visit sometime. I don't see how you can knock it so much after UTEP lost to both UTSA and SFA (both schools in same conference as TSU). TSU just lost to SFA by 1 point.

Joe, with so much youth on the Miner squad, any win is a good win - moreso in conference play by 20 points. Why do you think your journalistic contribution is best made by trying to belittle all of the Miners achievements?? Instead of using your journalistic license to express your uneducated opinions about the Miners, why don't you start doing some research, learn to write, and then publish some real reporting.

My New Year's wish: The EP Times will hire some real reporters and start publishing commentary, editorials or blogs that qualify as journalism.


I'm hosting a "Thank god he's gone" party" the day they announce Joe's firing or retirement. Everyone but Joe is welcome to attend.
RSVP to robnelp@gmail.com
I am 100% serious.

a fan

A win is a win is a win...


I'm hosting a "Thank god he's gone" party" the day they announce Joe's firing or retirement. Everyone but Joe is welcome to attend.
RSVP to robnelp@gmail.com
I am 100% serious.

Posted by: Robnelp | January 08, 2012 at 07:00 PM


You realize that you getting riled up is exactly why Joe has a job, don't you? A newspaper blog is only successful when there are responses --- it means that the writer is bringing in readers to the paper. This leads to increased viewership of ads, which is the bread and butter of newspapers.


Dongle..that is irrelevant to the fact Joe consistently trashes UTEP sports..regardless of the fact that it may generate page views and commentary..it still doesn't mean we like it or have to shut up and allow him to spew his nonsense without rebuttal. I am not alone in my distaste for Joe both as a writer and a person. I have received 17 RSVP's by email in less than 24 hours..seems quite a few want to celebrate when Joe ends his tenure at the Times. I will also add that there is some quite spirited negative commentary expressed in those emails I have received..most of which whould never be allowed to be posted in a public forum. He is not a well like human being, and that is being kind.


Unfortunately for some asinine reason, Joe, much like coach Mike Price, will be able to choose the day he no longer is employed at the times.


"You realize that you getting riled up is exactly why Joe has a job, don't you? "

Dongle you miss the point - it isn't that Joe is negative (at least for me). My gripe is that he does absolutely no research, he doesn't write very well and he seems to have no inside access to the team. He is just given a voice (because he works for thof the fans that post here. Which is to say that Joe has little more to offer beyond the opinion of an average fan (or an "average Joe" in this case). This particular blog post is an excellent example. He knows nothing about TSU for one and he states the obvious for two (which is that Houston is no Duke). Stating the obvious is what Joe does best.

So sure he is drawing readers to the site. Most of us true fans however would read anything written about the team. I think a better writer, one who thought of creative angles and did some research, would draw a lot more eyes to the site than Joe does. But in the end I think the EPT is content to be mediocre.


My post was chopped - I meant to say: he is given a voice because he works for the EPT and his opinion is less informed than that of most of the fans that post here.

a fan

I agree with dongle. Look at the other blogs where no one comments. Joe is the only one who gets people riled up and commenting.

He's playing you all like a fiddle. He draws you out and makes you mad. Guess who has the last laugh. Jo does.

Anthony Salom

First off I agree with everyone in here that thinks Joe Muench is a joke. He is. Second I agree with everyone that thinks Joe Muench has a job because I riles us up, and get people to come in here and comment. The sad part is, that this publication needs a guy that trashes their own hometown school to get viewers. Its pathetic, and they should be ashamed of themselves. And @ whoever thinks this is a good blog because people comment...YOU'RE AN IDIOT. People comment because they stand up for the school and city that they love, not to chime in on this clown's views. That's what a blog is and should be. People should be commenting on the content of the article, and arguing for different sides, not just commenting on the fact that Joe Muench is a pathetic journalist.

@ROBNELP...I'll be at your celebration. Believe me, I've thought Muench's articles were terrible since long before he this little thing he likes to call a blog.

Anthony Salom

Also, for any true Miner fans..you all should come visit us at www.Minerrush.com. We are true Miner fans, and even though we tell it like it is at times, we are always, and will always be Miners. Come over and bring your thoughts to a site that actually cares what you think! Go Miners!!!

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