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January 14, 2012


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miner fan

anyone know who the guy is at the end of the bench in street clothes is he a transfer or what just havnt been able to find anything out about him thanks.

a fan

A win is a win is a win. Watch out for the Miners at conference tourney time...


Munch is such a negative nancy. Read the first sentence in his first 3 paragraphs.

Please goto the Las Cruces Sun... I'll pay you to.


What makes you think the Sun would have him, Jesse?


Hey Jesse: The El Paso Times owns the Sun News, so in essence he is there too.


Was this about the Miner victory or about conference realignment? Why write this at all?


I'm not sure that the CUSA and MWC merger/gettogether/hopetogototheBCS conglomeration is the best thing for UTEP.

For one, the likelihood that the MWCUSA will get a BCS bid has been dealt a severe blow with the defections of the best teams for each conference. Is the MWC really better than CUSA since Boise and SDSU are no more? I doubt it. Certainly, in basketball CUSA is better than the MWC.

Second, why would UTEP want to be part of a weak MWC since it was the MWC that left UTEP out of the party when those schools split off? Who needs those leftovers now.

Third, the television deal of the MWC is not as good as CUSA. Heck, the WAC gets more exposure than the MWC.


Miner Fan are you talking about Hooper Vint or Malcom Moore? They are both Medical red shirted so they both do not suit out but attend each game and sit with the team.

About Joe I'm not sure why I always read this blog. He is always so negative about UTEP athletics and when he does have a positive story there is no depth!

I am so impresses with the way this team has grown and I have no doubt in my mind that this team will make an NCAA Tournament appearance in the near future!! As for now, people need to come out and support because this team is getting better and better right before our eyes! Miner Strong!

Melvin Scott

I have no doubt in my mind that this team will make an NCAA Tournament appearance in the near future!!

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