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January 28, 2012


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Young team getting into overtime is pretty good. There's still more games to play. All is not lost this season.


I was there in the first row screaming my head off. A couple of things that really swayed the game. Of course i though the last second shot in regulation was good! But in OT lack of experience took affect. Bohanon had a monster game, but was shakin when UH went to a full court press on a inbounds and threw it away. I believe it was streeter had a path to the basket, only to charge into the center who seemed to be ready for the charge once the play started to run. Finally one play where we were up, UH guy clear path and we jump in and foul and he gets the and one and the lead with the free throw....that one really through me for a loop. One thing that got to me was all the pick and rolls with Bohanon, he clearly could have posted up his defender ever time him and Lang were on the floor together, UH player #2, dont know his name was no match.


There will be games like these as the Miners gain experience - and with all the injuries, the Miners just don't have the depth to hang in there when their top players get into foul trouble. The positive (as I see it) has been that the Miners keep battling and manage, in their losses, to keep it close right to the end. In a season or two we are going to be watching a good team win a lot of games.


Joe, can you write normal sentences ( like the rest of us), so we don't have to decipher, your so-so comments ( about the "frosh-sophs") ; whatever that means?


A fan

I'm impressed that the team is good enough with the young uns to be able to do as well as they have. Bodes well for the future.

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