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December 30, 2011


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Why don't we convert the Sun Bowl Tournament to be a classic like the event UTEP went to Oklahoma City a few years ago. We can partner with New Mexico State. We can either have it still be a two day event where games are played both nights at the Haskins Center and Pan Am Center or just have a one night event where games are played at both venues. They can call it the Haskins/Henson Sun Bowl Classic.


Good idea Chris, but thats why it will never happen. UTEP would rather roll out this crap tourney than play a good schedule.


I like Chris' idea a lot. Have a tourney that both sites could benefit from. Have a round robin deal going. Have fans from Las Cruces traveling to El Paso and El Paso to Las Cruces. Why not.

As far as the tourney with CSU and two patsies, why even schedule patsies in any part of the tourney? The fans aren't going to be interested in watching sacrificial lambs going to slaughter. Why not just get good teams in town to play and let the Miners win, or lose, as they may?


Joe, can you ask your computer techs to modify this site so that we can can like or dislike comments, you know the thumbs up and thumbs down deal you see on other sites? Thanks.

Yewtep Reyes

"Asking people to come to a basketball game two nights in a row is too much the week between Christmas and New Year's, and just before the Hyundai Sun Bowl."

If people can't attend back to back games, they have no business attending games in the first place. Is it really that much of a hardship? Oh I forgot, this is "El Chuco", where everything is expected to be cheap, or better yet, gratis! 100 years ago El Paso was a burro town. Today it's still a burro town. 100 years from now? You guessed it, a burro town!

boomer sooner

cheap?? goodness, you can buy tickets to all 4 games for $20 thats it!! 5 dollars a game. these people will not get any better deal. these are my favorite games to go to every year.

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