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December 11, 2011


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What a crock !!! with a friend like you, who needs ememies.


Paul...Joe's not a friend. He is an Aggie. Hence he loves talking smack about UTEP. I've really stopped reading this idiots blog. I just came here to make fun of this hack. Joe, your Aggies are no class thugs, your alma matter is a joke. And you're a joke of a "writer". Swallow that bitter pill you hack. Now I can go back to ignoring this blog till the Miners beat the Aggies again ;)

miner maniac

Does John Bohannon know that Floyd has more players than he needs? That with the new recruits that will be coming in next season, Floyd will have to cut some existing players from the roster to make room for them? Apparently not! Bohannon is a very immature kid, and he's going to soon find himself off the team. I was actually surprised he returned this season after his NIT blow up with Foster. Bohannon needs to grow up or ship out!


Q: How does a taller, more talented, more experienced, deeper team lose to a bunch of freshmen???

Utep has a good one in Tim Floyd and NMSU is coached by an idiot, aka, Marvin Menzo!

This is a typical Marvin Menzies team.
Unprepared, immature and will play .500% ball the entire season before making a small run right before the WAC tourney to get our hopes up, in vain.

Is it Football season yet?


Good Win Miners!!! Now, let's go out and get the third!!!


That's too bad the Aggies are hampered by their coach. They are a talented team but play too much street ball! I hope this provides the Miner freshman with confidence! Let's go and beat UNLV!


A win is a win is a win...whatever flavor it is. We know the Miners are young, so any win is a good win.

The Aggies are puzzling, and probably puzzle themselves.


Hey Joe,

Are you actually going to comment on the suspension of one of your precious Aggies, or are you going to stay quiet as usual when NMSU looks bad. I wouldn't doubt when I check back if this posting has been removed, that is typical of your weasel like behavior.

miner maniac

I saw the student section get irate at Kabongo. I sit on the opposite side at The Don. What did he do, flip them off or something?

The watcher

Hey Mike,

If you want to read about the Aggies so much, why not go to the Las Cruces Sun Times and read about them there. I'm more interested in reading about the Miners.


Hey The wanker,

Why doesn't your fat butt buddy, who spends his time lionizing his phaggies and rarely misses an opportunity to launch a low blow at UTEP, move to the Las Cruces Sun Times. I for one would love to see this sack a misery get his walking papers so that at the very least we'd get a neutral sportswriter as his replacement. I don't want to read about livestock fornicators, but since Aggie Joe keeps on injecting them into the conversation, I would like that worthless orca to actually demonstrate some even handed objectivity. It's not gonna happen and since Joe is a grade A masochist, I'll continue taking potshots at Mr. Micro-soft... which I hear was his nickname in the locker room.

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