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December 06, 2011


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UTEP should just join the MWC and get it over with. I don't know what the "alliance" gives to either conference. BSC doesn't care about either conference anyway (even if a team goes undefeated). It's all about money and power and always will be when left up to the BCS.


BTW. Why in the world would the big east want SDSU in football and vice versa. I might slightly understand basketball after last season but that is still a huge stretch. Completely ridiculous! A team next to the pacific ocean playing in the Big EAST?


I don't see any value in it other than maybe some reduced travel costs for the team.

How can anyone seriously lament for teams from the WAC days?

I remember back when we were part of the WAC, everyone complained about the mediocrity of the quality of the teams then and how we should be playing in a "better" conference with better teams, so why do we want to go back to that now?
We're supposed to get excited about playing who? New Mexico? wow..lets all get in line now for those tickets.

Face the facts..most of the die hard Miner fans that filled the Don back in the WAC days have moved on, passed on or simply don't support the program the way they used to.
I understand much of what is going on in realignment is out of our control but its a bad thing that we are losing the games with Houston and SMU...we have very large fan bases in those cities and had really developed good rivalries with those Texas teams.
I guess the situation we find ourselves in is our only option, but its not a good one...

The watcher

The MWC was, WAS, a decent conference when the likes of Utah, BYU, TCU and the addition of Boise...it was the best place to be. Now, no Utah. No. BYU. No TCU. No Boise. And Bob Stull wants us to believe that, all of a sudden, what's left of the old WAC is better than CUSA?



I can't stop laughing at Boise, Fresno St. Nevada and Hawaii. They left the WAC because the Mountain Waah was supposed to take them to new heights. LOL!

Turns out it's a directional move. With TCU and Boise leaving, there goes any chance of that Automatic bid they so long whinned about! LOL!


Bottom line is this is the best possible move for UTEP because it's the only move. We are lucky to not be more of a victim of realignment and fall back into the current WAC. Maybe the old Mountain rivalries renewed can liven up the fan base again and while I'm disappointed about losing our connections to the fan base in East Texas, this is where Stull, Floyd and whoever is the Fball coach in the future need to make smart decisions about scheduling teams from North and Central Texas. We can still schedule UH and SMU for OOC games, UNT, UTSA and Texas State are all D-1 programs as well. It's not the end of the World, but I am interested to see how this plays out in hoops scheduling and the almighty TV dollar. We're losing some major markets, gotta get a TV deal locked down to survive in the future.

tio Tomas

Bob Stulls wait and see where we get a hand-out attitude is pathetic. Instead of proactively trying to get the program a better conference, he is satisfied with no real expectation of improvement. Bob knew all this was going on and he took his place in line at the back. No wonder utep will never get better. UTEP gets what bob Stull says it deserves and he is pleased with the table scraps.

Realistic expectations are at least to try, seems bob does not even do that very.

Joe you are pleased with this too. You guys must be related.


OK...Getting Crazy out there...San Diego State in the Big East for football only????? I guess they can become Rutgers Great Rival???? I can understand Houston and UCF and maybe even maybe SMU though their athletic programs are sub par in all sports... can u see SMU in Big East basketball???? HELP !!! caio to all... OK...glad to see UTEP maybe playing New Mexico again in all sports..I love to hate the Lobos..


FIRE Stull, He is an idiot. When are we going to wake up and realize he is the demise of the UTEP program? All those coaches who left us without a contract, the poor seasons created by his visions. We can blame the coaches all we want and yes a good portion of it is their fault. We will never get into a better, more exposed conference with Stull at the helm. He gets paid well to smile and put on a good face. We have no money because we have no attendance and we have no attendance because Stull ran them all away with his theories. Think about it, this was one of the better years in football per say and attendance was at a low? He took away tailgating, he raised prices, he took away a fun environment at the games, he moved the game times. The guy has killed UTEP athletics. Get rid of him while we have a chance. The teams we would play are crap. That is just Stull trying to sell his daily dose of "dumb@$$" again. Can him and watch the program succeed.


Finally I can make some road trips!


Realistically, UTEP has no choice. Their best and only bet is to get into the MWC. If there is one thing that will make me go back to UTEP games, it will be facing the old rivals from the glory days.

CUSA doesn't provide any sustainable rivals. IF UTEP wants to improve their fortunes and someday be considered for a better conference, they need to have better coaches and better records in football and basketball.


Do you really want to join a conference that doesn't really want you? This is the MWC that left UTEP and other WAC schools to create something better for themselves. This is the same conference that invited Boise, Nevada, Fresno and Hawaii to join and didn't give UTEP a sniff. That's what we want to aspire to?


why not try to join the big 12. ut austin surely wouldn't mind since it would give them another blowout conference win. ut austin was too chicken chit to ask boise,byu, and notre dame to join.


Both the MW & C-USA should simply merge as a 16 team football conference and 15 teams in all other sports (Hawaii is football only member). I highly doubt Memphis is getting an invitation if Air Force decides not join the expanded Big East.

In football, biggest competition left is incoming MW teams Nevada, Hawaii, Fresno St. In C-USA it's Tulsa, So Miss, East Carolina, and Marshall.

In basketball, a league that has UNLV, UNM, UTEP, Tulsa, Memphis, UAB, among other up and coming teams. Should be a solid basketball league.

Point blank, UTEP should find a home where they can compete and be a part of what should be a merger of the best 2 Non-AQ conferences out there. It surely beats being a Sun Belt or WAC member if for some reason Stull screws it up.


If the Mountain Waah is so great then why is Boise St. moving all it's other teams (minus FB) back to the WAC after one semester in the MWC?

I bet Hawaii, Fresno and Nevada are kicking themselves for leaving the WAC and having to pay that $5 million exit fee to join the Mountain Waah and pay higher conference fees. LOL!

These schools got caught in the realignment frenzy and are paying a hefty $ price for being hasty.

"patience is a virtue."


Maybe Utep go Division 2... I agree Stull has a wait and see attitude, and everything is passing us by.... UTSA just became Division 1 and I guarantee in 5 years they will be 10 times better positioned than Utep will be!!! Utep or Utsa....... mark my words the type of athlete they both go after will choose Utsa..


With the Big East robbing both C-USA and the Mountain Waah. Don't be surprised if Nevada, Fresno St. & Hawaii return to the WAC.

Why not?
With all the losses, the Moutain Waah is now void and these schools would save $5 million each in exit fees.
Plus, I think BYU might still join the WAC if these schools come back to the WAC.

The Mountain Waah will counter by going after Utah St. SJSU and possibly NMSU. C-USA will probably go after logical/ logistical choice in LaTech. But, I think all schools with the exception of LaTech will stay in the WAC.

The WAC is alive & kicking and just won't go away!


Yeah, I like the old school feel to this move. I wish BYU and Utah were still in the mix though. I never liked the C-USA feel anyway.


I think the alliance is a big benefit to both conferences. What we don't have in individual strength, we have in numbers. A merger and dual-conference championship will give us a very strong argument for an automatic BCS bid.

UTEP rejoining our old rivals is a side issue. I personally like it. I liked beating up UNM and Fresno State. I would like to see 4 more teams added...Louisiana Tech, Texas State, Utah State, and UT San Antonio. It would be fun to play some of out old rivals again...Wyoming, Air Force, Hawaii, etc.

Also, this arrangement will allow us to continue playing some our newer CUSA rivals. Like Tulsa, Memphis, and Southern Miss (avoid lowly Rice because they always beat us).

We can continue to play NMSU because losing to a bunch of sheep herders is a learning experience.

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