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December 28, 2011


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Coach got outcoached.


The bad news is that like Haskins, Floyd will always be playing against more athletic teams. The Miners under Haskins frequently played more athletic clubs like BYU, Utah, and New Mexico. It was only because of his coaching ability that we sometimes beat those teams.

Floyd will be like Haskins in that he will recruit the defensive minded players rather than the athletic ones. In the end, the Miners will be decent and we will all praise Floyd's coaching ability.

In the mean time, other schools will have the more exciting basketball teams and more championships.

Mark my words. Floyd will NEVER win CUSA championship.


Colorado State was Not good! Yesterdays Championship game was boring. Colorado State was very unimpressive! They only reason they won that game against the Miners was because of all the turnovers! This young team needs to learn not to turn over the ball as much. Adrian I disagree with you, all the players Floyd has recruited have been very athletic, like Lang, Washburn, Streeter. Next years recruits may even be more athletic than this class! So you may have to eat your words Adrian! In the next couple years we will be C-USA champs and MARK MY WORDS Final Four Bound! GO MINERS!


Yep, I agree. I beleive we lost because we were tired from the Hawaii trip. You could tell Perez and Cooper's 3's were off the mark because of tired legs. I believe we have a very athletic team. I wish we could go up and down and run with the best. I keep hearing about Washburn weing the most athletic but I dont think you have seen Perez in the open court. This kid was the 2 time AZ state slam dunk champion in high school. check some you tube video's. We need to run....


There is some athleticism on the team. The problem is that Floyd won't allow them to run and gun. The biggest difference between Barbie and Floyd is that Barbie let his players play. Floyd always wants to control the game.

Floyd is a far better coach than Barbie or even Gillespie but they are better recruiters. If you look at the college game today, the blue chippers want to play a couple of years to showcase their talents and then move on to the NBA. Floyd isn't that kind of coach.

Adam Sandra

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