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December 23, 2011


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The six early losses only hurts the Miners' chances in getting in the NCAA tourney as an at large team. Pretty much, the Miners will have to win the CUSA tourney now to have any chance, which was expected. The NIT is certainly within reach still. The CBI will be available too.

The real season begins with conference play. With CUSA being weak this year, the Miners, even with their young team, have a good shot at the title.

Steve Fischer

You're right Joe .. we are going to gag. First let me say one can be just as much a Miner Fan yet admit we suck as a rah-rah "We are looking good" person. I was in the dorm with Nate Archibald and have been rooting for them for over 40 years. One could argue a good fan demands more from his team.

UTEP was ranked #228 in CBS , and #166 in Sagarin BEFORE last night's loss, obviously we will fall further now. Kansas State is decent but not a ranked team- they will finish in the middle of their conference.

Even this Bill guy is mincing his words. "Pretty much have to win the Conf USA to get a bid" LOL No team in Conf USA is ranked. Memphis is a shell of its former self and UTEP is picked in the lower half. UTEP would have to beat the Spurs and Mavs if it doesn't win its conference to make any post season.

Joe it does no good to puff the Miners when we are horrible. You will get two results 1. Those who believe you will be awfully let down when it comes to tourney time 2. Those who can think for themselves and know the first number in their record are wins and the second are losses are going to stop reading.


I wouldnt give all the credit to Floyd. Last night vs Kansas St he got out coached down the stretch. His team played to much one on one ball and never got the ball in the hands of their top scorer. Bohanon is playing good ball if he can keep his attitude in check and stay out of foul trouble. Perez is playing great ball now that he is logging his minutes and not looking over his shoulder. Floyd never gives him credit as hr mentions two other team member before Perez ever comes to mind. Check other articles on the internet. No wonder the kid lost his confidence.


all of you are nuts if you think the Miners are going anywhere this year. They are a young team that is going to be competitive for the most part but who will also take thier lumps. We are lucky - LUCKY to have Floyd. Don't run him off like some of the idiots in this town who are trying to run off Price. UTEP can't get/pay top notch coaches to come in here so appreciate the coaches we have and go out and support this team. They are young and they are going to make mistakes but I'll bet you that by thend of the year they are going to upset some teams and they'll be fun to watch.


Congrats to Mike Perez who was just announced to the All Tourney Team. Hopefully the kid will get the credit he deserves and bring respect to the UTEP Miners Team. Go Miners!!!

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