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December 01, 2011


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We should compete/win against Ole Miss next year. They were underdogs at home to La Tech this year. We have enough talent to win. If we can compete against Houston (At home granted) we should compete in the league. Although we looked absoultely horrible the last two games.

tio tomas

"It is not going to hurt UTEP's football program to have Mike Price back for 2012." – Joe

Joe settling for 7th best. Nice... don't blame the boos(t)ers for drinking with Price. They like the celebrity or lack thereof. Here are some ideas for Joe. Instead of writing the status quo.

Natalicio and Stull take a pay cut this year and next year. Save the difference and apply both portions of the cuts to the new coaches salary for the 2013 season. I believe Natalicio and Stull draw salaries from the general fund. If Natalicio and Stull are so inclined to make the UTEP program better this is where it starts.

Nat and Stull can be incentivized like Price was, except now they have skin in the game. For every coke they each get a nickel, etc...

As the business managers of the program they are at fault for letting this losing business proposition continue for so long. The massive failure of their hiring decision should not be allowed to continue. If Natalicio and Stull are to be judged as business managers and CEO's they are proven to be failures.

It is a travishamockery that this can continue.


Unbelievable that they can force feed us this crap year after year. This decision isn't the right thing to do. They can easily afford buying out a year year contract. Hell, Mr. Rubin could pay that with his pocket change. Donors want to keep supporting Price? Fine, you will be the only ones in the stadium next year...have fun

Satisfied with Price

NOBODY WAS IN THE STADIUM THIS YEAR. Everyone who is a Miner fan needs to wake up. Alabama hired this guy knowing he could coach, but not knowing he was gonna go nuts with a stripper. Utep Fans need to be satisfied with Price. He is the best your gonna get. He has done well under the circumstances here. Alabama gets 90k at a Red and White scrimmage game in the spring and we cant get more than 20k to a game that if we win might send us to a Bowl game. There is no Home Field advantage at Utep. We dont have enough fans in the stands to make enough noice for it to matter. The only person we could have hired to replace Price would have been Leach and that's because everyone is scared to touch him because of his lawsuits with Tech and the NCAA. Question: do any of you Price Whiners even go to the games ? I doubt it.

Joe John Sr

Posted by: Satisfied with Price | December 01, 2011 at 04:10 PM<--- you said it best! This University will never, ever, ever get a better coach than Mike Price!

Richard Keenan

Bottom line is the Mike Price era is one of the most successful in UTEP football history. I'm glad he's coming back, I even hope he gets an extension. UTEP has to relax and let the fans have fun. Let's go back to the old tailgating rules and stop having the "sit down, shut up, and watch the game" attitude the last few years. The "sponge-bobs" (security) contractors need to go and be replaced with more friendly staff. Come on UTEP let's make going to football and basketball games more fun for the fans!!!




You want to win? Poney up the bucks. WSU just paid a cool $2 mil plus go get Leach, even with his checkered past. You want to win? Dump another million into assistant coaches salaries? Want to win? Find another $500K for top recruiters. Want to win? Spend another $400K on an advertising budget that sells the team and school. Want to win? Truly upgrade your facilities to the tune of another million.

If you don't have the cash to hire a great, high-powered coach, keep the guy you have and help him be successful. Otherwise, go through the routine of finding another guy, keeping him for a few years and then buying out his contract.

a fan

Why UTEP isn't a winner on the football field:

1. Lack of funds
2. School is too far from fertile recruiting grounds
3. No winning tradition to sell
4. Facilities are just "ok"
5. Host city doesn't have great reputation or appeal
6. Host school doesn't have great rep or appeal
7. So so recruiting
8 Dismal marketing
9. ...


Hey "satisfied with Price" its because of attitudes like yours that we (the miners)cannot get better. Ive played at every level of football except the pro's. When people have the atttitude that we cant get anybody better and we have to settle for Price is the same attitude that Price uses to his advantage. NO ACCOUNTABILITY! It does not take a huge name coach to win. There are many coaches out there that bring a winning attitude and hold themselves and their coaching staff ACCOUNTABLE. How do you think the great coaches started, at the top???? The bottom line is that humnan nature dictates that the wins have to come before the stands fill up. You nor I may like it but its a fact. I don't mean any disrespect to you but you cannot compare us to bama. I live over 1000 miles from El Paso but I have been willing to go to lengths to watch my miners. They were also televised on direct tv every game but one (thats great exposure when your winning. However, The team constantly looks unprepared, unmotivated and definately going into halftime they look flat after halftime having made zero adjustments. They must be "coached up" before the game and at halftime and at least look prepared for the bowl games. One time I watched the Miner players laughing at Coach Price while he was forgetting what to say during a pep talk. Thats bad! Coach Price needs to hold his son, his best friend (Patterson) and himself accountable each and every day of the season. Heres a thought (I say sarcastically), get the players on the sideline cheering and picking up those who are playing. The sideline is always dead with their heads down. Almost every coach Ive had demanded that the players on the sidelines get into the game and cheer and I know it helped because I played first string and it constantly picked me up if things werent going right. These things ive mentioned have to be accomplished and then they will have built a winning program from within and I guarantee the fans will come. Ive been a fan for 40 years and Ive seen the stadium full on many occasions when they were creating excitement early in Prices tenure and in Stulls tenure, but again its got to start from within! ACCOUNTABILITY!!



Excuses, excuses. UTEP and the community are NOT doing everything in their power to push academics, research, and athletics to the limits at UTEP. it's so sad but a reflection of the administration and the community.


No excuses, just reality. The "suits" in El Paso send their kids and their money to (Alphabetically) 1. Baylor, 2. Texas A & M, 3. Texas Tech, 4. Ut -Austin. Until at least one of them steps up and ponies up some money for the El Paso school, it will continue to be the least successfu FCS school in the state. And remember the Miners will soon be surpassed by both UT - San Antonio and Texas State because the Suits in San Antonio are willing to spend money at home.


Yes, it does hurt.
It hurts recruiting. Would you want go to utep, knowing Price had only one year in his contract and no extension?

Imagine this:
A HS kid arrives on campus in August, get's his red shirt for the season and Price is gone in December.
He then has to wait to see who the new coach will be. If he likes the direction he'll stay if he doesn't, he will transffer and have to sit out another year.

Kids want to play not sit around for a year or two. No contract extension means no security balnket for recruits.

satisfied with price

"hey rickjet", i played also. my question to you is did you take any classes while you were in college other than phys ed ? How about economics 101. Take the price of the tickets and then multiply that by attendance. Thats where the money comes from to hire you a Leach, Rodriguez, or someone better than Price(maybe). Why not see if you could join the big 12 ? might help recruiting. again, our attendance may not qualify. Until you can get 94k to a spring game, dont expect a Saban or a Stoops to want to come here. We have a town of really a million people and then add Juarez to it even more. That's more people than the state of Idaho has total and Boise gets more people to games. Ask Washington State if they wish they still had Price since he left. Price is a good coach. Its hard to get kids to come here. El Paso itself is not loaded with major college football talent. Our size hurts us. I played on a 3A high school team in Florida that had more Major college players on it than we have had in the entire city of El Paso. This means nearly all recruiting is gonna have to be done outside El Paso at very long distances. Thats gonna be tough for any Coach with the budget we have and lack of money. Its also means we are gonna have to settle for athletes with problems and hope Price can turn them around which he has shown he can do here and did at Washington State. Let Price retire when he wants and go to the games. Want someone else ? Get attendance up First.


As a matter of fact "satisfied with price" I graduated with a 3.8 grade average and a degree in bus. admin. But again if you read my comments I didn't mean any disrespect to you so I'm not going to go there with you and your insults. My biggest point is that when you build a winning program from within the players and coaches that hold themselves and their staffs accountable, the fans and recruits will flock to the school and the stadium. Furthermore I never said I was wanting a big name coach. You mentioned Idaho, do you know who had great success at Idaho, A man by the name of Dennis Erickson who by the way won a national title with Miami and was indeed a good coach at ASU. My OTHER point if you read, is that the great ones (coaches) did NOT start at the top schools! Urban Meyer for instance @ Utah. Not to long ago we were playing Utah on a regular basis in the WAC. It takes a solid effort on finding the young talent at coaching and a recruiting staff by our athletic director. I just thought of another school who recently had great success with a no-name coach, Northern Illinois who was 11-1 last year and have had consistent success prior to last year, (northern who???)See what I mean. I cant think of the guys name right now but I know he is no longer there. Human Nature (reality) is what we are dealing with as far as filling the stands and we cant change human nature and its desires for wanting to see if what they are paying for is worth it. Don't you agree?? Listen I just like everyone else have gotten tired of Price not holding his son and his good friend and himself accountable for the lack of preperation, the lack of motivation, the lack of halftime adjustments, the lack of motivation on the sidelines and definately the LACK OF A DEFENSE (which I addressed with "lack of accountability for his good friend" Patterson and the terrible play calling of his son)!!! Hey I know we don't have the kids locally but my friend when your successful with "coached up" mediocre talent that is somewhat successful and coaching staffs that are held accountable, you don't need local recruits you can get them nationally. ESPECIALLY if you win your BOWL GAMES on National TV!! (and don't flop 52 to whatever)!! I am going to stick to my guns and continue to support whoever the Miners field but it would be nice if at some point both you and I get rewarded for our efforts and just maybe we will run into each other at
sun bowl while we are high fiving a win at the end of a 10-2 season! Merry Christmas my Friend!
P.S. Opinions are like you know what but I think we both want the same thing, success for our beloved Miners!

satisfied with price

rickjet, We missed out on Leach then, but could we have afforded him ? I doubt our school prez is gonna give up any of her overpaid salary to get a better coach, but if we dont have the money, we dont have the money. Players coming back to support the program helps too. Seth and Kevin(passed away) helped in the past. Leach would have come i believe, but Ole Miss and Texas A&M missed him too. Erickson is available, but do we have the money ? If you cant get people in the stands you dont have the money to get someone better than Price. Thats really all im saying. I bet if the COWboys played a pre-season game in the sun bowl it would be packed. This is not a college football town i hate to say. again ou, bama, and the rest would get 90k to a game even if they were 0 and 10.


UTEP does not have the money. Price has the lowest salary in CUSA. All of our assistants are the lowest paid in CUSA. We couldn't afford Dennis Erickson. It's not like we're not trying to win. We just don't have the horses. If lineman A is 6'5", 315 and lineman B is 6'3", 290, lineman A is going to win every time. We have lineman B and sometimes C. It's not Prices fault that we have these players. We have very little local talent available so it all comes from hundreds of miles away. Our recruiting budget was cut last year as was our marketing budget. Why? No butts in the seats. No money. No players. No winning seasons. We need to show up to games win or lose. It goes counter to human nature as you say but it's the only way to turn it around.


UTEP was the WAC co-champion in 2000 with TCU.

satisfied with price

Cleo, agreed.


Here's the deal:

MP can coach but UTEP/El Paso diminish his ability.
Yes, he has friends and family on the staff but think about it -- are you really going to fire them when the program is decent? Would you fire your friends/family? 90% of El Pasoans have a job due to family/friend hook-ups.

The elephant in the room nobody will touch is the fact that the Latino culture for the most part is uninterested in American football -- college football in particular. This includes you too El Paso Dallas Cowboy fans.

Mexican youth see players they can 'identify with' (looks, talks like, plays like me) on soccer or baseball fields which is why soccer games are aplenty around El Paso. Those kids turn into adults that care little about football. And stop bringing up the 1 million Juarez residents already -- they care less about American football than the average El Pasoan does.

When you don't care much about a game culturally (recent UTEP athlete criminal activity doesn't help either) and the average El Paso has less free cash to spend you won't have butts in the seats for UTEP homes games.

Despite all my excuses, El Pasoans will eventually show up to UTEP football games. But no matter how many times CLEO posts the request, they aren't showing up until UTEP wins football games first and consistently. That means starting a season 3-0, 4-1, etc. When consecutive seasons begin 4-1 for maybe a decade, you'll have a strong foundation of fans. When that money meets a University willing to spend more on athletics (not just booster donations directly to football/basketball) you will get that program similar to the ones covered regularly on ESPN. Until then, sit back and deal with what you have...

I'm a former Miner football player (Pre-Price).

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