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November 25, 2011


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Could've told you six months ago that it would end this way.

Would've saved everyone a lot of time and trouble.


Captain Kangaroo produces yet another $h!t sandwich of a season. Enough is enough!



I have a suggestion for a name change. They should just be called the Quitters. To be perfectly honest, what are you going to say about a bunch of guys who day in and day out prove why they were passed over by bigger programs? How can you respect a program with a bunch of guys who have zero pride in themselves? Two straight games they rolled over and died. It is hard to believe that this is the same group that took Houston to the limit, a Houston team that humiliated Tulsa today, the same Tulsa team that made UTEP look like a DIII JV. I wasn't a great athlete in college, but even when I lost in my sport the other guy never had a cakewalk. No one in the UTEP community expects you to win all the time, but I believe we have a right to expect you to actually show up for an in conference game. You clowns made Tulsa and UCF look like you were playing Oklahoma and Florida. If you really wan't to know what pisses the fan base off, it is the fact that come November there is only one event more predictable than Thanksgiving, the absolute collapse of the UTEP football team.

another fan

The Miners' season is about what was predicted to be. Lots of new faces and youth and a subsequent lack of wins. Oh well.

As far as Price, I think he did fine and has done fine when you factor in what he had in the larder. You want more wins? Take out your wallets and put more $$$s in the coffers for better/more assistant coaches and full time, top recruiters. Upgrade your facilities. Upgrade your athletic programs all the way around. Fill the stadium for Christ's sake. 800,000 people in El Paso and we can't get 40K regularly?

For all of those who forget where the Miners have come from --- five winning seasons in over 40 years. FIVE! How many different head men were there? How many were successful? You can change coaches as much as you want, but you can't change not having enough bucks to fund a good program if you want to win. And even then, you're going to have bad years or decades. (Ask Arizona.)

The Miners --- like the Lobos --- like the Aggies are what they are; lower level schools in mid level conferences. None are in a good location to which to recruit. None have the funding necessary to raise itself up. None have the best coach on the planet. None have a fan base worth a squat. That's just the way it is.

Be happy for the occasional winning season. Be happy you have a pretty decent basketball program most years...


Don't have any words. Gil said it for me. Same routine for me. Grief for a week or two, get disappointed by the basketball team, then when August comes around next year....eternal optimism. Go Miners!


All of these comments about being happy with a mediocre to bad football team and that is all that should ever be expected. When are the fans going to stand up and say enough is enough. Ten years ago the University of Houston was 0-11 and today they are 12-0 and on the verge of playing in a BCS bowl. Is accepting losing just a mindset in El Paso?


What bowl game would a 6-7 team gone too?


The Occupy Losers Bowl.



All of these comments about being happy with a mediocre to bad football team and that is all that should ever be expected. When are the fans going to stand up and say enough is enough. Ten years ago the University of Houston was 0-11 and today they are 12-0 and on the verge of playing in a BCS bowl. Is accepting losing just a mindset in El Paso?

Posted by: Dodson | November 26, 2011 at 10:34 AM


Houston is not El Paso. Houston is smack in the middle of one of the three the best recruiting areas in the country. Houston has more quality football schools withing 50 miles than El Paso does by a long shot. Houston has a lot (LOT) more money to spend on its athletics than El Paso. Houston has a larger fan base than El Paso.

What don't you understand?

Rick Sanitesteban

I am a diehard UTEP miner football fan. For the life of me I cannto understand these people like Joe Meunch who consistantly say, "well before we had Price we were nobody and a losing team". Heres some news for you sir, when you continue to settle for a so-so record year after year and make it to a bowl and lose year after year then you are settling for being a loser. See Mr. Meunch I have rooted the Miners on for 40 years and yes I was happy the first few years of the Mike Price era. however, I will not condone a free ride to a guy who sounds and acts like he is completely out of touch mentaally. has anybody noticed on his press conferences how he makes no sense and his pep talks to the team are pathetic, he even forgets his lines promoting the team to laugh at him. No sir Ive had it! He gets a free ride because of people like you who consistantly settle for less and act like we can do no better (and yes I remember the years before him). I live in Wyoming but I am a proud El Pasoan and Utep Miner fan. We do have the ability to lure young and older talent to coach us but if you continue to give this guy, his son and his best friend (Patterson) a free ride based on "we are a nobody school and a nobody city" then you my friend do not deserve the position you have. Promote us like we are deserving better beause if you don't give us a positive voice we will continue to be the losers we demonstrate we are under the coaching of "free ride Mike"! (I truly dont believe you will print this.)


El Paso fans are more knowledgeable than given credit for. Enough. Fire him now. Good enough, is not good enough. I gave up my season tickets two years ago and refuse to go to another game until he is gone. In those two seasons not one thing has changed. Not one.
I dont care if the new coach loses every game if I believe they are going in a new direction which will benefit the entire program in a few years. Price got lazy. Straight up. He sat back on his comfy behind and watched the team fall apart every season and gave us his best "shucks, this is the best team I've had here," speech every year. Well sir, I'm not a sucker. And UTEP has not received one more penny from me in the last two years and won't. I don't want to root against my school just in hopes of the AD taking some action, but it has come to that.

Price=fools gold. Period. Stop the money and he will be gone. I've been going to UTEP games for 35 years and I'm sick of it. Sick of the complacency. It's enough.

And as for this media heads who come up with this awesome insights such as the "real" UTEP fans of the 80s and 90s have moved away and that's why there is a disconnect...no sir. I was a die hard. I camped out for Basketball tickets, been going since I was a child. No sir. The disconnect is I'm not a sucker. Im sure many of my fellow Miners feel the same way.

Price...his time is over.

Rick Sanitesteban

Hey Morgan, when you win your bowl games you don't need to recruit people within 50 miles of you. you can recruit nationally! Another thing my friend and I know this for a fact the University of Texas system and UTEP has alot more money than the University Of houston!! That is what I'm talking about, constant excuses from El Pasoans for not being able to do something positive. Stop looking for excuses and start expecting better for yourself and your team. I pay for tickets and travel all the way from Wyoming to watch my Miners play. Remember the last time we went to a bowl game prior to Mike Price. I do and that team was coached by none other than Bob Stull. Maybe Athletic Director Stull should consider becomming the head football coach again. Its been done at other schools with great success and I guarantee fans would get excited about it and buy tickets. (and yes I remember we lost, but our team was much more competitive under Stull) "Free ride Mike" will not sell tickets next year and I for one am not going to buy tickets and travel to see them if "Free ride Mike" stays! Please people, we are a good school and a supportive fan base, LETS insist on another coach and quit giving this guy a free ride based not on his current record but on our past record!!!! A program cannot and will not be successful under those circumstances!!!! ( hey Morgan, no hard feelings Bro, lets cheer on our Miners together)


No hard feelings or offense taken; just stating the facts as I know them.

The University of Houston had a $1.3 billion dollar budget for fiscal year 2011 according to http://www.uh.edu/news-events/stories/2010articles/May2010/05182010FY2011Budget.php

UTEP has a budget of $360 million. http://admin.utep.edu/LinkClick.aspx?link=Operating.Budget-FY.10-11.pdf&tabid=42826&mid=150491 . Now, I'm not a math wiz, but I think $1.3B is about four times more than $360M.

As far as recruiting...Houston has 100 public high schools. How many does El Paso have? 30? 40? How many potential D1 football players do you suppose there are within 200 miles of Houston, and not within the Houston school district? El Paso? It doesn't take much of a football recruiting expert to know that Houston has a HUGE recruiting advantage due to its proximity to high schools. Heck, Houston has the largest population in the state of Texas. You don't think that's an advantage?

You must remember differently from me about UTEP's last bowl victory. As far as I remember, Stull lost the only time he took UTEP to a bowl game and that was in the late '80s in the Independence Bowl. As a matter of fact, I don't think UTEP has won a bowl game in about 45 years. How many coaches have come and gone in that time? You talk about Stull.

I don't think UTEP is a particularly good football team. The record, at least in the last 40 years, would support that contention. I do think that we, the fans, tend to delude ourselves about Miner football prowess. Our team is pretty mediocre, and has been for a long timeStull or no Stull.


Morgan, What does the school budget have to do with the football program? If you are going to post numbers post the actual athletic budget. And as far as your question of how many potential D1 football player there are within 200 miles of Houston, how many other universities that recruit D1 football players are there within 200 miles of Houston? The University of Texas and Texas A&M are both within 200 miles of Houston and recruit there heavily. LSU nabs its fair share of players from the Houston area. And your other statement about the size of the fan base, you are correct that Houston's is bigger. But then the fan base numbers are split among many more things to do in Houston than in El Paso. Lastly, if you think the comparison to Houston is unfair, let’s use Boise State as an example of what can be done. El Paso is bigger, better climate and closer to recruiting centers but yet it is Boise State that is in contention for a BSC bowl game for the last several years while UTEP and its fans are happy they didn't finish last.

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