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November 11, 2011


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Not panicking at all.. first game of the season. Arizona got beaten up pretty good by a Division II foe in their exhibition opener AND the Wildcat faithful were panicking. U of A is ranked 16th in the country. That and there is just simply too much parity in today's game. At the end of the day, I expect this team to find its way into postseason conversation.


preseason really doesnt matter when you have a new young developing group of players, oh it does if you are Kansas or Duke but not UTEP this year....what really counts is how UTEP does in CUSA and towards the end of the season...my hunch is they will get better and finish in the top 4 to 7 of CUSA..

lots of partiy in CUSA now


I seriously think UTEP needs to get their act together very soon, young team, first game jitters or not, if they want to be somewhere near the top. Memphis of course, Marshall and now Houston have scored some of the nations top recruits.
So witnessing last nights game, I think UTEP should be a little worried. They really need alot of work on shot selection, rebounding and blocking out on defense. Is it me or does it seem that this UTEP squad isn't as quick as last years squad?
Come on UTEP bball get it together soon. P.S. I live in San Antonio TX and nobody down here apparently gives a ratt's a** about UTSA bball, lol go figure. GO MINERS!!!!


I cant see how three games in with a completely new team (besides Bohannon and Perez who really didnt contribute last year) one can make conclusions about the entire year. Barbee left the cubbard dry because his intention was to win and then move on, not build a program. Floyd and Johnson have made no bones about the fact they want to build a program for the longrun. When you have twelve visits and you need nine players, you take what you can. The coaches have been very open about this. UTEP will be lucky to reach .500 this year unless they really come together. I am willing to be patient and keep supporting because I know UTEP BB has a very bright future.

UTEP fan in SA

It should be understood that this is a rebuilding year. We lost too many seniors last year and only have 3 guys from last years team that actually saw quality minutes on the court. I think there will be early season struggles but this team might surprise us by the end of the season. The team looked sloppy Friday night but don't forget we were without our lone senior, McCulley, due to injury. Don't press the panic button yet people. We also have a very solid recruiting class coming in. Twymond Howard is going to be a beast for UTEP next year!

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