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October 15, 2011


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LC Ray

Miners were OK today; I say that because Tulane is not a good team. So a 44-7 route of Tulane doesn't mean that UTEP has broken through. UTEP is pretty much where I expected them to be at this point in their schedule. They've beaten those teams I expected them to beat and lost to those teams I expected them to lose to. For those games I expected them to lose, they at least made games of them. It was in the final quarters for USF and SMU where those teams separated from UTEP. It was the usual culprits, turnovers and lapses in defense that did them in. Against those teams they've got left to play, they've shown me that they have enough to get to 6-6 or perhaps a winning season. I truly see us being able to compete well with these teams. I know that there are some that think we should be another Boise by now, the reality is that we are who we are; just one of about 100 other FBS teams that are striving to be where Boise is at. At least for this week UTEPIA should be happy place.


7-5 is looking achievable. GO MINERS!


Excellent win Miners!

Six games remaining and UTEP should win a minimum 3 more games over CSU, Rice and ECU to be bowl eligible; It all starts with Colorado State in the Sun Bowl...


Not 6-6 or 7-5. Lets go 9-3!

Miner Niner

I go to every game anyway! You can sure bet I'll be there this saturday Mr.Price! ;)



One game at a time. CSU is very beatable.

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