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October 29, 2011


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Its easy to throw your hands up in a loss against a far more talented team, (i.e if UTEP played OU) but we seemingly were just as good as this team.

Even when UTEP spotted them points after a fumbled kick-off return we still held our own. In our blame game society I have to throw this squarely on the shoulders of our coaches.

So. Miss noticed how UTEP played them and made adjustments offensively and defensively at halftime. It looks like our guys just went in drank Gatorade and patted each other on the back for a good half.

We have the talent to beat Rice using this same "keep up the good job" coaching philosophy but to reach that magic win #6 we need to learn from the Jedi mindtrick So. Miss just used on us. The players didn't quit, they just stuck with the same old gameplan that worked in the first half.

miner maniac

Is there no more Miner Talk after the post game show on KOFX? Fans use to be able to call in and voice their thoughts about the game.


As I said last week, this team is poorly disciplined and is more focused on making stupid mistakes than playing smart football. Even coach Price mentioned his frustration regarding this issue after the game. I just wish he would do something about it! For example: whoever it was that jumped offsides on that USM 4th and 1 should sit in a recliner while the rest of the team runs stadiums in the sun bowl until they vomit. I bet you that crap won't happen again.

LC Ray

Rice is one of the two teams that I said UTEP would need to beat in order to get to 6-6. Rice may be 2-6 overall but one should keep in mind that they've played a much tougher non-conference schedule than has UTEP. Hopefully the Miners will come back from the Rice game needing only one more win to become bowl eligible. The last three games of the Miners' season will be against teams which will probably be favored over UTEP. The Miners just don't seem to be getting any better as this season goes on. Have they become as good as they can become? They'll need to put a complete game against one of their last three opponents if they are to go bowling this year. God knows this team can use the extra workouts that the NCAA allows only if you're going to a bowl.

r garcia

Haskins would have benched springer right at that moment. It was obvious what so. miss. was trying to do on 4th and 1 at their own 26 yd. line. Springer is one of those left overs from the loser attitude of the last three years. Just cant get it right. The younger guys are smarter and more talented. Looking forward to next year when all of our seniors with losing mentality are gone.

LC Ray

R Garcia, I'll agree that Springer should be made to do some extra work at practice. This is a perfect example of the problems that this team has. He did take full responsibility for making such a stupid mistake and hopefully he'll play more like the senior he is suppose to be.

You should know though that Springer happens to be our second best defensive player on the team. He's got 50 tackles just behind DeShawn Grayson's 55 tackles. He also has 5 tackles for a loss, just behind three other players who also have 5 TFLs. Then there is an interception, QB hurry-ups and pass breakups. It is frustrating to see such mistakes hurting the team, but I wouldn't be in a hurry to get rid of him just yet.


Jeremy knew they were going to try to pull UTEP off sides and he jumped anyway. He was looking at the QB instead of watching the ball. If he watches the ball, he won't jump. Win 2 of the next 4 and we have a "go bowling season". I think we can do that. Fortget the November jinx and quit feeding it to the players and anyone else that will listen. UTEP played well against S. Miss for 3 quarters. That jump off sides on 4th and inches was very expensive. Look what it led to instead of a punt.

A. Luevano

I was very disappointed with the fan turn out to the Sun Bowl. As a UTEP alumnus that does not reside in El Paso I take it as a privilege to be able to cheer for the UTEP Miners in the Sun Bowl. UTEP will never become a major contender with out the support of El Paso. This year's team is breaking all expectations and can make a run with support from fans. A packed Sun Bowl would have made a difference in this past game, and blaming Springer for one bad play is ridiculous, one play did not turn that game. GO MINERS!!!

One more thing: Ms. Natalicio, UTEP tailgating is a joke, fix it!!!

r garcia

I agree tailgaiting is a joke. For ex.forcing rv tailgaiting to be so far from the sun bowl deadens the spirit. RVers provide visual excitement for fans. Ms N check out other colleges with winning programs, etc.

r garcia

Coach Price figure out a way to instill perpetuel winning attitude a la Boise State. Cant continue to build a winning program otherwise.


Rice was a win we let get away. After the win over ECU, we should already be Bowl Eligible. Tulsa will be tough with or without Nick Lamaison. UTEP does have a reputation for upsets in the Sun Bowl. We gave Houston all they wanted and we will have to have a tremendous effort to upset Tulsa. UTEP has improved a great deal on defense. Our mental toughness seams to be much better. Carson Megar did a wonderful job at QB. We left points on the field that we will have to have against Tulsa. Our pass defense and pass rush will have to be much better to beat Tulsa. Enjoy the ECU win and get ready for Tulsa. We could do it. Go Miners.

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