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October 28, 2011


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Toasted Whitbred

I give you a c-. the Mountain West is adding Fresno State, Nevada and Hawaii next year...so if its balance you're looking for...

MWC holdovers:
Fresno St.
San Diego State
Colorado State
New Mexico


Hawaii is for football only.

The other sports will play in the Big West.

LC Ray

How about this combination. This makes the new alliance two conferences with even number of teams (8 ea) and puts conference teams into geographically closer proximity.

Make MWC:
Fresno St
San Diego St
Colorado St
New Mexico

Conference USA:
Southern Mississippi
East Carolina

Of course the the above would entail turning Hawaii' entrance into the MWC down. I wonder how many MWC teams would rather have the shorter trip to El Paso rather than Hawaii?


UTEP will probably come out of this shake-up better off simply because they were patient and didn't bail on CUSA for the WAC or MWC like so many urged them to do. The wosrt thing is UTEP ending up in a conference with no other Texas teams. We are in Texas people, like it or not, and need SMU and Houston for the UTEP alumni and recruiting.

Losing Central Florida is bad because of the Florida connection. Florida, like Texas, is a major football state. If UTEP could establish a recruiting pipeline to Florida I think everyone would be happy with the Florida St., Florida, Miami, etc. leftovers. UTEP could use the leftovers from the leftovers.

By the way. This "football only" crap has got to go. The NCAA needs to put an end to that. Either your in or you're out.

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