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October 22, 2011


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boomer sooner

"Last week UTEP's defense gave up only 7 points at Tulane. Saturday, Colorado State's offense was never in control. After a field goal and a touchdown in the first half, the Rams went six straight possessions without nothing."

ummm were you at the game? those 10 points you refer to were given to them by the miner offense. in fact the touchdown was a pick six for CSU, and then the next offensive play for utep they fumbled it back to CSU, which after a tremendous goal line stand resulted in the field goal. so for all intents and purposes the utep defense gave up at the most 3 points.


UTEP can beat Southern Miss. They are on a streak and believe in themselves. Their defence has to play good, which they can, and the offence has to have a good game. I know that sounds obvious, but we're at home, with a good crowd we can pull it off. I wish I could be there but I'm to far away. GO MINERS!!!

Mr. Hampton

Dear “Fat Sow” Joe Muench,
I said it before and I’ll say it again, you better thank the economic recession for your employment at the El Paso Times. If not for the recession I truly believe you would have been fired or been assigned to eight grade girls volleyball coverage. You stink and you’re coverage of Utepia stinks. You often write negative blogs on Utep football. I’ve read several other blogs from Conference USA teams and each writer for each respective team often writes positive stories on each team they cover, even when they lose - not you. You go out of your way to write smack even when Utep wins, like tonight. Be a man and please retire from the Utepia blog. You can always fall back on your sophomoric Sunday El Times Borderland entries. You are a waste of space and a shell of a man to always put El Paso down. If you don’t like El Paso then leave. We don’t need you here.

Mr. Hampton

your coverage


I am sorry, but this is one terrible article. It's filled with a lot of pessimism and discouragement for UTEP and the city of El Paso. Just because UTEP came out with the win with four large scoring plays doesn't mean it's a fluke. If UTEP would've won with 4 scoring plays that were each less than 20 yards, would that have made a difference. Everyone wants more support for UTEP and wants the Sun Bowl to fill up. Horribly written articles like this not only prevent that from happening, but falsely influence those who debate whether to spend their hard earned money in going to a game. Think about these sort of things before you write such a degrading and low-blow article about UTEP and their hard-earned victory. There is a different between a realist and someone who just comes off as pompous and ignorant. Your work does get published in El Paso after all.


Typical Meunch article. No surprise with the tone of this commentary. Why get upset, he's been writing the same drivel for ever. How are the Aggies doing Joe?


I'm very impressed with this team and the display of coaching thus far. The offense is as explosive as it has ever been.

The defense is better than it has ever been under MP (Patterson) and special teams is very talented with a good kicker, punter and returners (save the oops kneeled kick-off).

When has a UTEP team been this solid on offense, defense and special teams? Maybe once -- ever? Not even Price's 8-4 tackled this well as they didn't have the same defensive attitude this present team does.

Continued consistent game planning, confident play and smart game day coaching will not only get this team to a bowl game but more importantly some respect that last years team lacked that even with a bowl bid.


If you don't agree with Joe article just explain so, no need for the personal attacks.

And I agree with Joe that for the miners to have a winning season Lamaisin needs to step up his game, his passing has been erratic and we can't win just by running the football.


What I clearly saw last night was a dominant team that let CSU stay in the game because of a severe lack of discipline (which I put solely on the coaches). Unsporstman like conduct after celebrating the first touchdown, running into the punter (for a first down), unsportsmanlike like conduct 40 yards away from the ball when CSU QB is sacked inside his own five yard line on 3rd down (for a first down), 2 blatant blocks in the back on a kick return, a personal foul behind the play on Lamaison's TD run, and a kickoff kneel down on the 4 yard line. Do that next week against Southern Miss and see what happens. I understand there is aggressive play and kids will make mistakes, but please get your heads on straight miners. You all have to good of a team to give games away on stupidity.

As for Lamaison, he reminds me a little of Brett Favre. He will make a spectacular play and then follow it with mediocre or turnover. Just needs a little more consistency and time to keep improving.

Fill the stands miner fans. All talk and no walk isn't going to cut it if you want a consistent winner!


Let's see, the team is doing well, but we can't even get 20,000 in the stands for homecoming. The poor attendance should be blamed on the tailgating rules. It is no longer a fun atmosphere.

just saying

I dont think Utep is in the same class as Southern Miss. I hope im wrong. As for filling stands David is right. Dont complain about how crappy the Miners are if you dont even go. Bama gets twice as many people at a spring scrimmage red and white game than we do at a regular season game.


Good game miners. By the way, attendance was over 30,000!


As an old UTEP grad I would love to go to the games if I did not have to walk so far. I am all for the tailgaters. We need to do all we can to encourage people to go.

Joe's articles are always downers. We need someone who makes people want to go to the game.

So what do I know? After all my degree says it is Texas Western.


No need to listen to a guy who can not even run ten yards with out fainting, (Joe) on UTEPIA Go MINERS! maybe it is time for him to pass the torch to the guy who does the EL Paso Times live play by play Evan Mohl?


Sloppy play but it's a win. If the Miners can clean it up they have a good chance at another win against Miss.


Excellent win for UTEP.......

Hopefully UTEP can catch SMISS rejoicing in their victory against SMU and over look UTEP

If UTEP can win two more games, then they will make it to another bowl game which helps recruiting football talent.


It is actually painful to read the writing of this man.
Why does our paper accept and publish poor writing and negative, bigoted columns by Munch and Ramon Renteria?

LC Ray

I'm optimistic of the Miners chances for post-season play, yet I maintain that the Miners have a ways to go in order to be considered a good team. I'm optimistic because the defense, the running game and special teams are winning games. In the games that remain, I see two likely wins by beating Rice and UCF; for at least a six win season.

Lamaison's passing, other than in the Stoneybrook game, hasn't been outstanding. He's a skilled athlete but at times not so smart with his throws. If they can fix this aspect of their game it should help them reach their full potential.

As boomer points out, in the Colorado State game, 10 of those 17 points can be attributed to offensive turnovers. If the offense can fix their turnover problems, UTEP will start winning against the better teams. Could of, should of against the AP's #18 Houston.

Now we have Southern Miss next, which just beat SMU, 27 to 3; USM is now #25 in the USA Today/ESPN poll. How about ECU's QB Dominique Davis, which has just broken Cal's Aaron Rodger's record of consecutive passes without a miss. Then there's Tulsa, which is undefeated in CUSA and has losses only to three highly ranked teams; Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Boise State. So why is Joe wrong in pointing out that UTEP has just finished it's last easy two game streech?

UTEP is a good team, they just happen to be in a conference that has some pretty good teams right now. Let's hope that the Miners can jump to that next level. Go Miners!!

fafafa fan

utep can beat S Miss. Give Nathan Jeffery more that a carry or two... Let him have 15 or 20 carries....


Joe Munch is a joke--a bad one.

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