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October 04, 2011


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What about in the years 2013 and 2014, who will be hosting the C-USA tourney then? Maybe we need to start upgrading both the DHC and Memorial Gym (especially the scoreboard that is for volleyball only and not multisport w/ no stats board, new floor and sound system) as much as can be afforded to buy.

Anthony Salom

I think more than anything its about location and facilities. Memphis has NBA facilities, and no matter what facelift Memorial Gym gets, it just can't compete. Also, Memphis is just so much more centrally located for the entire conference. Sure we sold tickets last year, but only because of the package deals that were given. Nobody was really at a ton of those games, and that factors in as well. Many more people will be able to travel to see their teams in Memphis, that wouldn't be able to make it to El Paso. I'd love to have the tournament back, but when you think about what makes the most sense for the Conference, and not from the perspective of what makes the most sense for El Paso, Memphis wins by a longshot.


The bigger question is will Memphis still be in Conference USA in 2015.


gotta agree with the last 2 posts, unfortunately.

Sorkh Razil

Why didn't we duplicate our $1 million guarantee? Because this is El Paso. Small town mentality.

As far as Memorial Gym is concerned, it's time to put aside nostalgia. 1966 is yesterday's news. Time to move forward. Tear the building down and build a new mini version of the Don, say about 4,000-5,000 seating capacity. It would be a great venue for women's basketball and volleyball. UTEP could also use it for concerts and other acts that wouldn't normally fill the Don.

Your Mom

Memorial Gym was fine for the women's game. None of the men's or televised games were from there.

Nobody travels to the CUSA tournament regardless of the location except for a couple hundreds fans total from all the schools combined.

El Paso sold the most amount of all session passes in the history of CUSA. Who cares if the arena was empty for Rice vs Tulsa.

2012 is in Memphis. Nothing has been announced for 2013 or 2014. Why are already worrying about 2015?


Maybe we should wait until the city breaks ground on the new downtown arena (whenever that will be). That will give two venues that can hold 12,000+, and play the smaller games in Memorial

paul j strelzin

Brian Kennedy, head of the sports commission, is the best at putting together a bid...Joe investigate if he was fully involved. the CVB likes to take all the credit but without bringing in Brian they failed in the bid attempt.

Your Mom

Whether it is Houston, Orlando, Memphis, or even El Paso, two 12,000 arenas are not needed for the CUSA tournament. No city in this conference is going to pack a stadium for game not featuring the host team. El Paso's facilities are fine.


The Don is really outdated and looks old compared to other facilities. It really needs a facelift and videoboards that are bigger then a big screen TV. Lets face it the Don still looks like an 80's style arena.

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