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August 26, 2011


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Hey, what do you base your comment on? I don't recall any of the three seniors given the real opportunity in prior years. I think if you go back and compare stats at high school for any of them you would have a different tone. Make sure you look at all the variables.

!!Ssab Mud

Good points but Banyard is a proven starter and Myers has proven to be a good number 2. I can see jeffrey playing against stony brook or eastern new Mexico as a trial run. After all, UTEP is going to lose it's three seasoned backs after this year. Price has no real choice but to try a new face in the backfield to gain a little experience.

Good blog Joe.


The high school coaches in the DFW Metroplex told me Jeffery was the real deal. I have never seen him play, but they got me excited that he was going to UTEP. Good luck to all Miners for 2011.

Zach Roberson

Funny, I was on the sideline at Camp Socorro behind the team and I didn't see you there. Yet, you say he did so great there as if you saw him first hand. Do you even know the statistics for Jeffery during the final scrimmage? (Which, by the way, you forgot to mention his first name, Nathan, in the whole blog, too.) This is from media relation's director Jeff Darby: Frazier had five rushes for 108 yards and a touchdown and deserves to be the second-string RB. Jeffery had eight rushes for 39 yards and a score. That's about four yards a carry against the second-team UTEP defense during most possessions. Can you just leave the football opinions to Bret Bloomquist? Thanks...

Joe Supporter

Dear Zach, Im sorry do you have some kind of degree or some kind of power that entitles you to ATTEMPT to belittle Joe? I guess you took a crash course on being an @$$ what is that a doctorites right? Joe and Bret are both very talented editors, he brings up very valid points in our running game.. So unless you have a degree in something higher than your major i suggest you leave the bickering to lil kids

Jay Dogg

Nate Jeffery is wicked fast. Turn him loose in a stadium, in a real game. not practice, not a scrimage, a real game, and watch him burn. Joe is right.

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