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July 11, 2011


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Congratulations to the EP Sports Commission on at least making an effort at bringing an NCAA event to the ELP even though it would be women's basketball either next year through 2015 since the guys do not have an opening until the year 2014. But there are other events that the EPSC should also consider in bringing here: cross country Mountain regional, men's or women's golf regional in 2014 and if Kidd Field gets renovated possibly a regional in 2015

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I wish you could've gotten him to talk about his relationship with Janet Jackson, though, as well as the stabbing incident in Philly a few years ago.


It would be nice but it's just wishful thinking.

We can't even sell out UTEP games.

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The Sports Commission would work with UTEP and the Sun Bowl Association. That would be a strong team.buy apb cash:http://www.playerassist.com/apb/

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Nice post shared by you here. Congratulations to the EP Sports Commission. I think they should work with UTEP and the Sun Bowl Association.

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Great post. Thanks for truthful information to explain this. I feel fairly strong about this and would like to read more.

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Thanks for this event. NCAA pays its own costs and take the profits of the tournament. Host city provides a meeting place, the hotel and catering and the city reaps the economic benefits of out of town money.

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No matter where the action is, the entire country will be watching as this continues to be one of the best events in sports, not just college sports. The sports world stops as the first round of the Tournament gets underway, and for good reason.

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I would have liked to see UNC make a run at the ACC crown and take some momentum into the playoffs, but I don't think Virginia's winning the ACC really surprised anyone.

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Sports commission are really doing their job improving NCAA sports activities. And it's what makes them great.

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