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November 19, 2010


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When do you retire Joe?
We've had our fill of Joe Muench bad mouthing the Miners and writing biased, agenda driven editorials.
You are tired, old, boring and are single handedly responsible for 90% of the bad press ever written about UTEP Athletics in this city.
Drive your sorry a** back to New Mexico and don't ever come back, you are not welcome here.


are you kidding me? turn down a bowl offer, if and when it comes? what sort of message does this send to the returning players? why should we bust our butts and then have the school say, thanks but no thanks!! and for players being recruited here, great message to send to them too! likely most schools that go to bowl games make little or no money, and no doubt even lose money unless they are in a new years day game or better.


The Miners will most likely get a bowl bid considering how many teams there are with similar or worse records. Gotta figure a double digit loss to Tulsa, but so what.

Do the Miners deserve to be rewarded with a bowl with a mediocre 6-6 record, probably not. Mediocrity shouldn't be rewarded. Should they go? Definitely. It's good experience for the returnees. Some nice press for the school. Plus, it's a chance to get a winning record for the season. Of course if they lose, then the Miners would have another losing season to add to the other 35 or so in the last 40 years.

lee howard

Joe, in order for you to answer your own question of how do so many offensive linemen get hurt, you need to suit up and go out on the field and find out. Maybe after a couple quarters, or in your case downs, or realistically in your case one down, you will have your answer.

lee howard

UTEP has been absent from a bowl for how long now, 4 or 5 years or more, and now everyone is rationalizing in one way or another why they shouldn't go, unbelievable! Has any of these nay sayers ever thought about the possibility we just might win the darn thing! Lets say it cost UTEP initially to go to a bowl, any of these naysayers ever calculated how much of a return the Miners would get in TV exposure for recruiting, extra practice for next years team, and publicity for El PASO's tourism industry. These naysayers haven't calculated the total return because they are to busy hating UTEP. I agree with ROB's post on 11-19, we have had enough of Joe...Joe's gotta go...should be the chorus line around EP.


Hey Joe! Well youv'e really done it now! Your little black heart has awaken the masses! The TRUE ORANGE has begun to rise. Kuddos to the folks and thier comments. Stay with the program, be resilient, shake off the "naysayers" courage will win the day! Good luck MINERS, play like champions today! No Fair Weather Fans Needed! Go MINERS!

tio thomas

Vittatoe like Favre, pull your head out, it will hurt only briefly. As for the 35 college bowl games, this is only somewhat smart comment I have seen you write. Yes everyone gets a trophy even for mediocrity.

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