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October 24, 2010


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Of course the Miners will win again. Just not this season.


sad but true. I still have hope for 1 more victory. Let's hope they get some coaching in atleast 1 more game this season.


Fuget abot it!!! How much more wussier can UTEP players get?
UTEP is UTEP, and never the twain shall meet!
UTEP is the very essence and definition of futility, despair and hopelessness!
Thank you UTEP for the many woefully painful memories!
To wish for better quality athletes is like wishing to turn lead into gold! It just ain't happenin!


Monchis, turn down the melodramatics, please FFS.


Joe, I've never agreed with you before, as you are pretty much wrong on everything you write so badly about, but here I have to give you my complete agreement. It's even readable. Let me guess, you had an intern write this one?


Ive been supporting Mike Price since he got here. But this is gettting very frustrating.

Look, throughout the last few years, whenever Mike Price has felt that there is an area of concern, he's been quick to get rid of certain coaches immediately.

Well, maybe its time the change comes from the top. no hard feelings, he was a good guy, but everyone knows in this business, if you dont win, you should be out. I dont know how long Price has left on his contract so i dont know if its possible.

** What do you think Joe? You've said before that we shouldnt fire Price, what about now?

Edward Valverde

Is there anyone that can coach at UTEP??!! Are there any foot ball players that care or can play football at UTEP???!!! Get serious! Make some changes! Fire the defensive coordinator if needed; at least humor the fans and pretend you care by making some serious changes. If it's not the defensive coordinators fault for the teams poor defensive performance, then find out who, or what it is, and fix it! Is it the players that can't play or can't follow coaching or directions? If it's the players, then sit them down and let someone else try, but do something, but some one (COACH!!!) needs to make changes now or......


Oh come on, seriously folks, why defend Price? He starts off decent, but here comes the end season slump. It's going to happen and it has happened continually. Why do people give him such a pass whenever his teams fall like this? Being a student at UTEP I really don't see the guys amped to play. They look "ho hum" about the games and don't have alot of enthusiasm when they try to get people to come. I don't blame it 100% on Price this season. It's also the fault of our dearest UTEP head, Natalicio. What the hell is she thinking with the tailgate rule change? Try that in a Big-10, Pac-10 or even anywhere else in Texas, she'd be laughed at! But around these parts, cutting tailgates, also cuts the lifeline of any football team, their fans. Its sad to see the attendance drop so much. But oh well, way to go UTEP I guess.


Price has never been gotten the Miners to play good, when he got here he was coaching Gary Nord's players and hasn't done much since those players graduated. I think it's well past time for Price to pack it up and sucker some other program into believing he's a good head coach. Bama was lucky they got rid of him when they did.


This game was pathetic, and if Price has some decency he will resign, at least the fans will have some hope with a new guy. Hope is lost with Price.


Let's hear it sheeple! Shout out a loud "BAAAAHHHH" for jUtepia!

I heard the Tulane charter flight had mechanical problems last night. Rather than wait for the plane to be fixed, coach Bob Toledo decided that his team would run non-stop back to New Orleans. They actually made it back home in record time!

Seriously, a team that averages 85 yards rushing a game TRIPLED it last night on the Miners! Absolutely horrid!

And once again, Trevor Favre (or is that Brett Vittatoe), throws a beautiful pass completion to Phillip Davis. Only problem is that Davis wore a white jersey and plays for the other team!

But the faithful jUtepia fans (what's left of them after another dismal attendance) still have hopes that one more win, JUST ONE MORE WIN, will make the Miners bowl eligible.

at Marshall
vs. SMU
at Arkansas
at Tulsa

What cratered first? The Titanic, the WTC, or jUtepia? We wonder why!

Here's some exclusive video of Coach Idiota's post game conference:



When its competition is a combined 17-33, it’s hard to know what to expect of a team. We have some indication now. That said, with this weekend’s loss, UTEP needs only one win out of four to be bowl eligible. Two wins and the Miners have a winning season, the sixth since 1970.

At 6-6, an invite to the lowest of low bowls, like the New Mexico Bowl, would be heaven for us fans who have low, low expectations. I predict one more win this season and the “Bowl Eligible” announcement to be heard throughout El Paso.

Mediocrity, gotta’ love it.


Does anyone have Mike Leach's number?

Sick of Whiners

You all complain way too much and talk like you would make better players, or coaches.

The cost of a single-game ticket for the Oregon vs UCLA game was $73. What most people pay to watch UTEP football is nowhere near and they probably wouldn't pay that much to have a better team. You are getting what you pay for.


I finally agree with Joe. The Mike Price era appears to be dwindling down. 5 straight lossing seasons all with different excuses from the coach. 4 games to save a legacy really places Coach Price between a rock and a hard place.

Marshall is a must win, period.

just a thought

"Good thing UTEP usually plays well at home. We're gonna need all the help we can get if a shaky TV goes down. It's going to look like the anemic offenses of the 90s real soon.

Scared just in time for Halloween.

Posted by: just a thought | October 19, 2010 at 12:33 PM"

I told ya so.

Yes And No

It is time to move on. Bob Stull you need to wake up and realize that the friendship with Coach Price cannot protect his job any more. That is way anybody in business will tell you not to becoem "friends" with your employees. Coach retired 4 years ago and is milking the system. Season tickets sales are very low and will be going lower. WAKE UP BOB -


Pretty interesting. All so true other than the players. There are really quality players, many had bigger schools calling for their talents. So get off the kids. The kids have not been put in the right situation by the coaching staff. Price has always been about a sub .500 coach. Price must go!

just a thought

Though I'm not a Dallas Cowboys fan I have to admit the Miners and Cowboys have lots of similarities:

1) QBs that started with promise early in career now look to be faltering after high hopes. That means you Romo and Vittatoe.

2) Musical chairs of talented RBs are always hurt and/or unproductive. Barber and Felix Jones look good on paper as do the Miners' Buckram and that TCU transfer but none of them have carried their teams this year.

3) The Miners and Cowboys both have talented receivers make plays when you least expect it and make none when you need them the most. Dropped passes galore yet they walk around like world beaters.

4) Swiss cheese defenses with a sprinkle of big plays here and there. The D Line of the Cowboys really looks good at times just like the Miners Secondary. But most of the time they're busy missing tackles.

5) Nice-guy player coaches (Phillips and Price) that look like teddy bears. Neither can seem to stop their teams from making moronic mistakes. The Cowboys and Miners have veteran players (Seniors) but they're more likely to make the "Come On Man" segment on ESPN than not.

6) Clueless management. Jerry Jones and Bob Stull need some help. Nate Poss doesn't even coach a position and he's the biggest moron of them all -- and Natalicio is on that list.

7) Unspecial special teams. Kick coverage is not good for either team (See UNM return for TD). Kickers are ehh...

8) High hopes pre-season. Jerry Jones built them to play in his stadium at the Super Bowl. Miner fans thought this was the big year with Buckram and Vittatoe returning for their senior years. Some writer even picked UTEP to win C-USA West.

9) Bandwagon and die hard fans alike. Both the Cowboys and Miners share an annoying bandwagon. The die hards for both teams remain clueless and are just along for the ride.

10) Both need to win their next game or else. The Cowboys play tonight and if they win, Wade is okay for now. If the Miners win Saturday which is their last real good shot at victory, MP is forgiven.

Lou Aguilar

All these comments are correct. This Reject we got for a bargain price has got to go. We need a quality coach.

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