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October 22, 2010


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Joe, UTEP was supposed to lose to Houston and Tulsa last year. They were supposed to beat New Mexico St. Tulane and Rice. You can point to November trends but we smashed Marshall in the last game of the year. UTEP isn't battling trends from the past. They are battling injury and some tough road games. Tulane has athletes that could very well beat on a lumping Miner squad. That is UTEP's battle.

Big Country

You must always remember that on any given day any team can beat any other team. UTEP has already proven that when it defeated # 12 Houston last year. This simple fact is the reason why people watch college football. It is the most unpredictable sport in the world!


Can't believe they actually pay this guy! Wow what a no brainer. Joe isn't it time to retire? Same old tired retoric. UTEP @ 7-5 will have had a good season and yes will be rebuilding. GO MINERS

wild west

UTEP will beat Tulane at home and be bowl eligible with 6 wins; The only games that UTEP can win is Marshall or Tulsa and that would give the Miners 7 wins......UTEP needs to get to a bowl game period and then think about a coaching change.....
The CUSA is getting harder and harder to win games because all of the teams are pretty equal in talent except for East Carolina and now SMU seems to be taking over the West division ahead of Houston....

ffxiv gil

that sked, too — and I'm not so sure it would have defeated Ohio, as did Marshall.

Orange Jedi

Please mark this post and come back after UTEP’s last regular season game. By the way, you better not copy my themes Joe, you phat- so (not fat, but phat with a “ph”).
First of all, Coach Price better work his work horse Buckrum until Buckrum can’t run no more. Buckrum is not coming back next year so Price better utilize his best player.
Second, should UTEP beat Tulane and Marshall, UTEP has a chance to beat SMU and Tulsa. Run Buckrum until he can’t run no more.
Third, the running game will open up the passing game. Look at the Houston and UCF losses. UTEP could not stop the run and when UTEP started to contain the run, each team starting passing and then running again after UTEP started to contain the passing game. Do the same Coach Price! You got the running talent to do so unlike previous years. Run Buckrum until he can’t run no more.
Fourth, no bowl game, no Price next year, which truly stinks since Coach Price is extremely likable. I like the man, but fans buy tickets for a winning team and not for a losing coach. Sorry Coach Price, El Paso is not Penn State, and unfortunately, you are not Joe Pa. Don’t get me wrong, Coach Price is the man but a single man cannot financially sustain a football program unless the man is responsible for producing winning seasons. I still appreciate you Coach Price, but the bleeding must stop.
Finally, Coach Price will pull it off. Coach Price is the Orange Yoda. GO UTEP! I haven’t seen a post from the EP Times asserting Coach Price can pull off an acceptable winning season. I believe…remember that mantra of seasons past?


Is it basketball season yet?


If UTEP can play with some consistency UTEP can beat every team with the exception of probably Arkansas... The problem is that UTEP is plagued by the same problems we had last year. Dropping passes bad tackles yatta yatta...

John Franco

Great points, Orange Jedi. I'm not sure if Buckram is still hurting, but HE WAS THE TEAM last year. If he is 80% or better he needs to get at least 25 touches per game for the rest of the season.

Also, Joe, it seems like you took the setting up UTEP for failure approach this year, by guaranteeing a 7-1 start. Then when they lost to UAB, which I had predicted a month ago, you can start the UTEP doesn't deserve a bowl speech. You gotta stay consistent or you will gain no legitimacy on this blog. I predicted a 5-7 season, but will take a New Mexico bowl bid at 6-6 or 7-5.

The Shadow

UTEP sucks and Jon Teicher has to go. Why would he say that Tulane will probably "go for it" on fourth down ahead by seven and looking at a chip shot field goal that would have (did) put the game out of reach. He also hardly ever gives the score of the game even at time outs, etc.

Andy Springer

UTEP should be 7-1 right now. Penalties and turnovers all self inficted has been our down fall. We might add better tackling would help. We can't complain about effort. UTEP played hard against Tulane. UAB was a flat effort. We could win 3 of the next 4 games if things go our way. Marshall, SMU & Tulsa are beatable for us. Arkansas is a money game and we just need to remain healthy in that one. I am hoping for a positive end to this season. 2 out of the 4 would be great.

Hector Salazar



Let's hear it sheeple! Shout out a loud "BAAAAHHHH" for jUtepia!

I heard the Tulane charter flight had mechanical problems last night. Rather than wait for the plane to be fixed, coach Bob Toledo decided that his team would run non-stop back to New Orleans. They actually made it back home in record time!

Seriously, a team that averages 85 yards rushing a game TRIPLED it last night on the Miners! Absolutely horrid!

And once again, Trevor Favre (or is that Brett Vittatoe), throws a beautiful pass completion to Phillip Davis. Only problem is that Davis wore a white jersey and plays for the other team!

But the faithful jUtepia fans (what's left of them after another dismal attendance) still have hopes that one more win, JUST ONE MORE WIN, will make the Miners bowl eligible.

at Marshall
vs. SMU
at Arkansas
at Tulsa

What cratered first? The Titanic, the WTC, or jUtepia? We wonder why!

Here's some exclusive video of Coach Idiota's post game conference:



While it is understandable that everyone would like to see UTEP winning all its games, don't forget that the players are both human beings and -mainly-students. We should be respectful of their effort and time. I am pretty sure they never go to practice with the objective of showing up to a game to lose it. In the end, they owe nothing to anyone. Their main priority should be their studies, not pleasing the crowds.

Firing Mike Price would require finding another coach willing to come to El Paso for the same salary. Most certainly, UTEP would end up bringing a young prospect that, once successful, would be out of here after one or two good seasons like all the latest basketball coaches. You want to see UTEP competing with Oregon and Boise State? Then be ready to start paying ridiculous amounts of money. Your complain then will be that you aren't able to afford taking your family to watch a UTEP football game.

Be nice people! Joe deserves everyone's respect as well. At worse, his comments help some of us improve our critical thinking skills. Give the guy some credit.



Raindrops keep falling on my head....!
Oh the humanities!!!!
Leave it to UTEP to let another opportunity slip by!
Losing to Tulane was the nail that..., well you know what I mean!
Stick a fork on the Miners, they're done for this season! AGAIN...!!!!!!!
Mr. Teicher, what was all that hype about UTEP becoming bowl eligible?
UTEP's woes continue et-infinitum!
How truly lamentable, sad and frustrating for Miner fans! We must endure another in the long line of UTEP losing fiascos, ineptness and just plain futility!
How truly sad and disappointing!
Is there anything UTEP officials can do to stop the incompetence?
How I wish there were!


Joe & COACH PRICE ; You both should retire & shut up. coach you are way too old and joe too stupid like Mr. paul & stull.---- r bahle

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