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August 25, 2010


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Evan Davis getting arrested is not a reason to panic. It hurts but we should be ok at that position. Players transfer from every team across the nation. Nothing new there. Unfortunately, every team across the nation has arrests and suspensions. Nothing new there either.

Joseph McMillan

Last year UTEP was picked to win the Western Division of C-USA. We ended up 4-8. If the logic of illogic holds, if they don't predict any success for the team, we will run the table on the entire conference. How's that for a prediction.

Wild West

Houston and SMU are UTEP's biggest games of the year so we will see Sept 10 in Houston how good this football team is........cant over look Rice or Tulsa to win the West division championship.......

tio Tomas

Uh-Oh there goes my only WR. Typical UTEP ball. Is any one really surprised. Price should once again be ashamed of himself, yet no one calls him out. YO STULL and NASTYLICIO why don't you have someone do criminal background checks on these guys. They are wasting the scholarship dollars I send back to UTEP athletics.


Out here in wacko Arizona, Arizona State first reviews the mandatory mugshots and then sends out for transcripts, if any. At least you guys haven't had your star running back murder the next in line running back or your starting quarterback arrested at a local high school girls basketball game the night before a ASU home game.


When has a critical member of a UTEP basketball or football team been suspended for more than one game for any transgression?

Guys. No worries!


anyone bother to wait and see what really happened instead of convicting this kid.


Agree with Bill. The likelihood that anything will happen is nil. Slap on the back of the hands and it's back on the field.

just a thought

Uh oh is correct regarding a football team that is only so-so. I've said this before but many UTEP starters are for the most part as good or better than other players on Division I teams. In fact, this happens to be the case for most D-1 colleges otherwise the NFL would consist only of players from a handful of schools.

Mid-majors and low-majors like UTEP have huge depth issues. Davis was a starter for a reason and there will be drop off of some kind (route timing, offensive chemistry, etc). Strategies and team roles change as was the case when Toraino Singleton, David Terrell, and other players were out of the starting line up over the past decade.

This type of publicity also does no favors in converting wishy-washy fans.

John Franco

Well, it is surprising to see the cautious postings this year, maybe you guys are catching on to the snake oil Price and Stull have been selling you for the past few years. Heard Price on KROD the other day with quotes like "We scheduled teams like Buffalo, but we didn't know they would be that good last year." "We thought we would better at that point (2009)." Caplowitz and Price were already counting UNM and NMSU as sure wins this year, so we'll see. Glad Price is making a million a year to to make such prolific assertions, while the Miners continue to lose. For my part, once again this year, I will listen to Teicher's play by play, as I refuse to put money in Price's pocket by going to the games. I predict a 5-7 record this year( I was right about 4-8 last year by the way).

just a thought

Game week people! But first the preseason prediction game by game:

Arkansas-Pine Bluff: Big W. Expect their skills guys to make some plays in the open field but OL/DL is the real difference between D-1 and lesser divisions.

Houston: L. They will have a game plan against Buckram this year and their crowd will be seething.

NMSU: W. The Aggies are headed in the right direction but still a few years away.

Memphis: L. SEC country is loaded with leftover talent. We always get pushed around by bigger kids.

New Mexico: L. Trap game and we come up short.

Rice: W. You Tube their running back Sam McGuffie. He will make plays but not enough.

UAB: L. Once again SEC country and they are returning a few playmakers. Plus, we're far away from home.

Tulane: W. Tulane is just not very good.

Marshall: L. The roller coaster continues because Marshall has serious depth. Plus, its late in the season very far away from the Sun Bowl.

SMU: L. Senior night is a sad night because most fans have already looked to the new basketball team for solace.

Arkansas: Big L. This is the Arkansas-Pine Bluff Varsity squad.

Tulsa: W. Yes, I said W. They pull off a huge win leaving MPs job intact with fans just knowing "next year is our year"!



My prediction for the season...
Sept 4-vs arkansas bluff. a good crowd of 35000 show up as utep easily runs n passes over the weaker team. W

Sept 10 @Houston. tough heartbreak loss utep shows heart nationally televised game el paso watches n like what they saw even in a loss. L

Sept 18-vs nmsu. beautiful night the crowd shows up 48000 loud n proud to much pressure for faggies. W

Sept 25-vs memphis. the basketball rivalry transfers to the sun bowl. almost sells out 50000. memphis cant stop utep on this special night. W

Oct 2 @unm. utep presence is felt at abq. strong crowd of 10000 make the trip. utep is on a roll. W

Oct 9 vs rice. my bday!!! with a chance to improve to 5-1 the sun bowl sells out n we eat fried rice. W

to be continued....

w. olivas

I'm waiting for Joe and Ruben and Jay to do their first podcast.

I really enjoy the podcasts guys. I listen to them every week.

Keep up the good work.

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