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August 18, 2010


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Watch to see if Boise decides to cancel its move to the MWC. If it does, expect to see more teams leaving the MWC.

Maybe UTEP will get that coveted invitation to the MWC now. Of course, it would be much like getting into CUSA right after all the good teams left...

John C.

TCU will not go independent!!!

TCU has already rumbled about the problems being in MWC. However, TCU has a goooooooood football program as does BYU currently. TCU wants a conference arrangement closer to home field. CUSA looks to be the best fit if it is true that Texas 10 (Big 12-2) will not expand in the near future.

The question is UTEP thinking about helping keep the MWC in tact or staying where it is??

I like UTEP staying where it is not coming to the rescue of the MWC as they snubbed us some 12 years ago.

UTEP has a lot to prove this year on the football field and whether CMP and STull will be with UTEP in the future. Alot of ifs at UTEP right now and bolting somewhere else where we were not wanted when the MWC was formed seems to be a bad move.

UTEP should stay where it is and get better in football, basketball, get a baseball program on the drawing board, etc....


I hope Mike Price reads this or his intentions to lead us to a losing season will come true. Somebody please alert Mike Price to Joe's memo.

little peter

Hello my dummies! UNR and Fresno State accepted bids to join the MW. Would have been nice if UTEP joined.


They have both received an invite but no decisions have been made.


Hey Joe! What do you think the chances are that UTEP goes back to the WAC now that Boise, Nevada and Fresno are headed to the MWC along with BYU's independence/WAC move. The WAC will have to add at least two quality basketball schools like UTEP and Houston. It would be nice to see the Miners and the Aggies battle in Jan, Feb, and March rather than Nov and Dec. That would help both schools with non conference scheduling as well. What do you think?

tio Tomas

UTEP adds nothing to any conference in football except another win for the other teams. Lets be realistic, UTEP has a winning season on average every 11 years in football. UTEP should stay in CUSA for the sake of the Basketball program. That is were the money is made. Heck UTEP fans can't even sell out the 52K stadium for 6 home games.

By my 11 year calculation UTEP should have another winning season in 2012 which coincides with the end of time according to the Mayans.

Fact Guy

The WAC is dead. Why would anybody join that league without Fresno and Nevada? BYU might stay in the MWC, but then who would be the 12th member? Houston? UTEP?

wild west

UTEP needs to stay in CUSA however if they joined the WAC, their football/basketball programs would dominate that league and go to bowl games every year....HHhmmm?

Houston Cougars are happy in CUSA but will entertain offers to the Big10 or SEC but not sure they are interested in MWC because TCU wants to bolt....too risky...

UTEP should stay in CUSA and get a baseball program going in 5 years...can you imagine playing Rice and UH each year and then scheduling non conference games with TCU, Texas, Baylor, ASU, UA, UNM,etc....


Stull has repeated several times that most of our alumni base is in Texas,so why would we leave.The WAC is toast,and the MWC will lose both BYU,and TCU.UTEP is better of in c-usa with more viewers in the central and eastern time zones,and better rivalries with houston,tulsa,rice,smu,and maybe tcu.


The best rumor I've heard is the 20 team super conference that will be comprised of c-usa,and mwc,that would leave out the eastern teams of c-usa.This would be great keeping the texas teams together.

wild west

Merging CUSA and MWC makes great sense.....It could be called 'SUPER CUSA" and with the caliber of teams in it be a BCS bowl elgible conference.....Lets make it happen and the smug BCS conferences that look down their noses at these litle schools wont have a say so because there would be too many high quality teams in the new conference...

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