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August 09, 2010


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No soldier in training likes boot camp either. You should have discussed the camp's effectiveness; not whether it costs more or whether "many players" have come back and have not said they liked it (whatever that means).


Thats true. And from what i've heard keeping players in Camp Socorro is actually CHEAPER than keeping players in El PASO. But do camps like Camp Socorro actually help teams win football games? Im sure most of the big schools dont even do it.


Sometimes Joe sounds like Andy Rooney.

"Is Camp Socorro really any good? Why do they do it? It must be awfully expensive. Do the players even like it? Well what about the coaches? Do they like it? Why do they do it?"

I don't know for sure how many programs leave the campus for a camp like atmosphere like UTEP, but I have heard it is not uncommon. Maybe some posters know of some other schools that do the same thing. Maybe we can poll them and see if they enjoy it.

Dayton Flyer

I didn't know it was a democracy at UTEP football. Maybe they should form a committee; gain consensus; take a vote. Do the same during the game. Certainly enough guys in the huddle for a quorum. The center proposes a play, there's a second...then a general referendum before final approval by the proletariat


Maybe the coach should decide.

Toasted Whitebred

The Miners have been attending camp socorro for about the last 10 or 12 years. In that time, the Miners have been to more bowl games (3) than in their previous 30 years without camp socorro.

Maybe there is something to it.

Andy Springer

Camp Socorro is unique. It keeps the players focused on football. It gives them an opportunity to bond as a team. Two-a-days are hell no matter where you are. The greatest thing about 2 a days is when they are over. Continuity, close quarters, easy access, all of these things are pluses for Camp Socorro. Who cares what other teams leave campus for football camp. UTEP does and that makes it unique.


The coach is the Coach. Let him coach! The players can be divas IF they get to the NFL. I've spent a few days in Socorro before. There is absolutely nothing going on there. Great place for a coach to avoid distractions. Of all the problems with UTEP's football program, this is the one you wasted time writing about.

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