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August 11, 2010


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Did Joe just turn a new leaf? No bold statement to stir it up? Actually having faith in Buckram. or are you just being nice cause it Ramadan and your fasting by not being negative from dusk to dawn?

Any who.... Word on the street is that after multiple failed drug test Price said enough was enough and suspended TV (allegedly)


I wouldn't say Joe is being positive. He's applauding Miner fans for having low expectations.

Dayton Flyer

Set your expectations low, and when the Miners come through, it will be a pleasant surprise.


I'm going out on limb here,(insert sarcasm here), and predict maybe four wins for UTEP!
And no, no blue chip linemen recruits!
These guys are average as usual, and those players that nobody else wants! This is all that UTEP can recruit!
We fans have finally come to the realization that not even Jesus could resurrect the UTEP football fortunes!
We anointed Mike Price way too early!
Sorry fans, more of the same in the cards for UTEP, unfortunately


Way to go, Joe! Contradict yourself about Camp Socorro just two days later.

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