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August 16, 2010


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Shouldn't it be riddance?


"good riddens!" hahahahaha

El Paso journalism is faaaantastic!

Memphis Blue

Guess they had to move it to a Texas city.

jumping stilts

Very entertainment full of adventures.Thank you for sharing...

miner niner

Lets see if they'll get 10,000 people to that sham of a game...

I remember that day last year when the promoter was crying about the low attendance...Well that day UTEP was playing Tulsa in a sold-out home basketball game for the outright #1 spot in C-USA. Let me see, awesome basketball game or crappy football game, which one should I have picked? :/


Reports are BYU will go independent in Football and join the WAC for all other sports next year!

This could signal the end of the MWC, Ive said all along UTEP should not accept a possible MWC bid if BYU and UTAH were not there.

Stull needs to act quick and get the other West Div CUSA schools to form a new Southwest conference with UNM and NMSU.


Amen, brother!

John C.

If MWC implodes-----then there will be pieces to pick up at a bargain!!

It has been also reported that Fresno State and Nevada turned down a recent MWC invite to stay in WAC.

AFA will want to also go independent as they are obligated to play the other two service schools who by the way are independent in at least football.

Then there is New Mexico who will want to align with more of a regional conference. Probably the WAC.

All along it was rumored that if MWC implodes than the remaing MWC would form a Super WAC. This might intice UTEP!!

John C.

Let's not forget that TCU is not happy with MWC affiliation. They are the next that will probably bolt.

TCU has committed to a $105 Million upgrade to Amon Carter Stadium. It currently holds aprox 45,000. It appears that the upgrade will put Amon Carte on par with other smaller BCS schools like the Big-12 minus 2.

However, some in FT Worth/Dallas area are talking about a return to CUSA to rekindle former rivalries with SMU, Rice, Houston, and possibly UTEP.


John C, the TCU stadium upgrage will actually drop capacity to 40K. They will have more of the all important luxury boxes for DFW big shots and the ability to expand seating capacity in the future.

Just when it looked like the dust was settling on conference realignment, BYU goes out and drops a bomb. I know Stull had been in talks with the MWC and the WAC just to keep UTEP in the mix. It will only get more interesting.


Who cares about the Wac and MWC, CUSA should try to grab UNM and TCU and form a 14 team conference.

Tulane could go to the east division, UNM and TCU would join the West. That would be the best of both worlds for UTEP, keep the East Texas boosters happy and add the Lobos into the mix.

Im done with the old WAC/MWC teams, our rivalries now lie with UH, Tulsa and a much improved SMU team.

Its not worth playing Fresno, Nevada, etc...when you exclude the strong alumni fan base in east Texas.


This also rachets up the pressure on CMP and UTEP to have a strong year in Football. We all saw during the summer that Football is king when it comes to conference realignment. UTEP needs to make a strong case this season just to show it can compete and fill the seats

John C.

It is official:

BYU to go independent in football and rejoin WAC in all other sports to include basketball.


John C.

Former El Pasoan and a Haskins player---Bobby Dibler is the current director of basketball operations at both the MWC and WAC.

The MWC is headquartered in Colorado Springs and WAC is still headquartered in Denver.

Bobby Dibler who now lives in Colorado is a former NCAA basketball official as well as a player for one of Haskins early teams. He has officiated several NCAA final four games.

He has plenty to say about this situation. Someone from El Paso Times should contact him to get his feelings about this.

Some in the MWC see a Super WAC with the remaining schools.


Now this is interesting. The WAC lost Boise and became much weaker in football. They now gain BYU and become stronger in basketball and a bit better off in football.

The loss of Utah left the MWC weaker in basketball, and only slightly stronger in football with the addition of Boise. The loss of BYU makes the MWC much, much weaker in basketball and, now, cumulatively weaker in football.

I don't see any BCS bid for the MWC in the future. It will be interesting to see if the WAC now goes after other schools...UTEP, Houston...who knows.


John C.

Boise State could change their mind and not move to MWC!!

There is no penalty if Boise State changes their mind prior to Sept 1, 2010. In fact there is no penalty at all in MWC. MWC commissioner indicated that this is a possibllity now that BYU has announced their plans.

Check out the Idaho Statesman website (Boise, Idaho)on this subject.

I see MWC imploding!!!


Sorry, the WAC stays weaker in football. I looked at the Boise newspaper and their president is saying it's a good thing that there is time before their move.

Could there be a reversal for them? If so, the WAC just gained a bunch and the MWC is in the crapper.


This is a quote from the Idaho Statesman,

By Brian Murphy

2:04 p.m. — Dug up this quote from Boise State president Bob Kustra while trying to track down some sources for our coverage:

"That's why it's a good thing there's been this delay," Kustra said when the Mountain West Conference first passed on inviting the Broncos this summer, "because it not only gives the Mountain West presidents a chance to see what the landscape looks like over the next couple weeks but gives Boise State a chance to be reassured the conference we've been anxious to join all these recent years is still the same conference for the most part.

"I would not be nervous over one or possibly two teams leaving, but if
there's some wholesale shuffling I think you want to be very careful."


Seems like Boise's president is rethinking the move from the WAC. Interesting.

tio Tomas

TCU is NOT at all interested in the WAC or MWC. The goal is the BIG 12. There is no reason a nationally ranked TCU would want to play UTEP and the rest of the remnants of the MWC. The Amon Carter will be a a great venue and the wealthy TCU alums want nothing better than to stick to UT and OU. They can schedule SMU every year for the DFW rivalry without joining the tier 2 conference UTEP is in and the MWC is becoming.

I think it was smart on BYU's part. They can join the PAC 10 when it all shakes out.


tio Thomas:

There is no question TCU doesn't want to join a lower conference, but guess what? They have no other choice right now. UT already owns the DFW market and there is no way they are sharing that pie with the Frogs.

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