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August 19, 2010


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I have to say, I think Meger will win that position!!!


What would happen if Bob Stull and Joe Muench played each other in a game of Risk? Stalemate of stupidity, methinks.

Toasted Whitebred

Meger is THE guy. Even last year as a redshirt he was making plays in the spring. They need to get him a scholie though.

The transfer from UNM also looks good.


I thought Tim Curry had the look of a big time quarterback but I guess he wasn't making plays. It also means that everything we've heard about Meger is true. I've also heard good reports about Hall.


Put Dumb Donnald I mean Javia Hall in and see what you got. We will find out very very soon. THINK HEMIGHT SEE A CRAPPY TEAM THAT WILL NOT WIN AND COACHING CHANGE COMMING???


Jump the Ship is sinking!!!


Better pay?

Andy Springer

In 2009 UTEP lost 6 games by an average of 6.6 points. They lost big to Kansas and Texas. UTEP won 4 games by an average of 19.5 points. Non-conference and in conference games the team was very competitive and should have beaten Rice, SMU, and UAB. That would result in a 7-5 season. Nay sayers for the 2010 season don't give the team enough credit for the up coming season. We have a tough schedule, no doubt. We have tough road games.
Put your negativity aside and go out to the games and support the Miners Football team. The goal should be to fill the Sun Bowl every home game. Win or lose support your team.

Andy Springer

SMU, Rice, Tulsa, and ECU all looked extremely good this weekend. We don't know yet how good the Miners will be this year. We do know Houston is one of the top teams in C-USA. They will be wanting to avenge last years loss to the Miners. It will take an enormous effort to beat Houston. Mistake free, full effort, and good execution will be the key to a victory. Play hard and try to stay injury free in this ball game. Wish you good luck Friday night. Go get'em Miners.

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