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November 14, 2009


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How can UTEP continue to lose to other bad teams?
Because UTEP has worse players than the other bad teams they play and lose to!
Worst of all they have no heart, no fire, and no desire to succeed!
Trevor Vittatoe showed what a wuss he really is when on the last drive on fourth and six, he could have run to his right, he had a lot of running room to probably pick up the first down, but this moron ran right back to his left where the teeth of the SMU defense was, and the final outcome is, they lose!
If Vittatoe continues to run right, he would have drawn the defensive backs toward him and that would have let a reciever free in the end zone! What an idiot Trevor is, this guy is not a winner! Coach Price should really analyze that last UTEP drive and look closely at the game tapes so that he can see that Vittatoe is not the QB coach Price thinks that he, (Vittatoe), is!
Vittatoe made a very bad decision then, and that cost UTEP the game!
He got sacked in the Tulane game at the end, and he gets sacked again in the SMU game, and what was the outcome of those games?
However, the bottom line is that UTEP has no answer on how to stop any opposing team! This has got to be the most inept defensive team ever! If UTEP had at least some semblance of a defensive scheme, they should have, as Mike Price lamented, "a better record than 3-7"!
Mainly the woefully inept defensive scheme, and the defensive coach! Obviously Price made a mistake, and it's time he owned up to it! Why continue to deflate your players, coach, with a system that doesn't work?
Scrap that D, it doesn't work!!!!!


I've said it before, I'll say it again. These kids are STUPID! I go to school with them, I know half of them are failing and they cook the grades. Trust me, these guys are morons. One thing is to be big like them, but they have no brains to play the game. We need some Academic All-Americans and maybe we'll start producing some All-American football players.


I just hope the basketball team brings a little more pride to our school. Geez.

Devon Daniels

The Basketball team doesn't look that much better than the Football...maybe we can make a softball team with both players...division II of course though...I agree with David, I have althletes in all of my classes and they pass with no work or even attendance. Nothing there between the ears. Dr. Natalicio should look into this and stop the corruption.
Mikie is done...done...and done. Now, if only Bob stull could get some courage to replace him...or perhaps maybe we should replace him too. Dr. Natalicio please look out for our city not for the personal interests of Mike, Bob...John Tiecher...get rid of all of them! John always does color commentary to satify The UTEP head honchos...not for the common fan.


Its apparent that the UTEP football program is not keeping up with the other football teams in CUSA not to mention the state of Texas(Texas, TCU, Houston and now SMU). Over the years, How often has UTEP qualified for a bowl bid and how often do they participate in bowl games, Big or small bowl games,it doesnt matter. Maybe UTEP is basketball school first and football is second? Its a shame because UTEP has one of the finest football stadiums in the country.


SMU is a bad team that is 5-1 in the conference.

SMU Mustangs

That "bad team" is going to a bowl and you aren't. Enough said. Unbelievable. Sore losers.

You RB is fantastic. Why Price didn't use him in all 3 of the last plays is stupid, not the players.

mr hate

The bad season boils down to the coaches. If the coaches can't instill discipline in their players or coach football for that matter than how can this team win? Clean house of the slop coaches starting with DEFENSE.

John Jacob

You guys can pretty much have a Peruna t-bag. Sore losers.


Being a Miner football fan takes 5 years off your life. I'm convinced. Just too much stress.

And don't generalize all the football players as being one thing or another. I've had a few football players for classes that were actually good to really good students (Dane O'Neill, Donald Buckram, Marcus Thomas a few yrs back). It's not fair to those guys to call all players dumb.


UTEP Football is amazing! (in futility that is) For sure, we need some coaching changes. If not Price and all, then at least everyone with the term "defensive" in their title. Starting with that sorry Osia Lewis as coordinator.

The last home game will have more of those yellow jacketed event staff idiots than fans in the stadium. Even if UTEP gave away free admission, they'd be lucky to have 10,000 show up. But it is all the fault of Athletics. They know that this town only comes out to support winners.

Remember the Humanitarian Bowl season under Gary Nord? We packed the stadium in November, for the simple reason the team was winning.

We need big changes for 2010, or we can expect more of the same. Price is no genius coach for sure. This is his team, 100% recruited and coached by him. And 4 consecutive losing seasons later.....................


And by the way, another pet peeve as if the stupid game was not bad enough!

Every break on MetroSports (cable 24) had the opening commercial for the EL PASO ELECTRIC COMPANY !!!!!! WTF?

Like I have a choice in electric companies. I shall assume they were the major sponsor of the telecast, but give us a break on those commercials.

If El Paso Electric has so much to spend on advertising that they do not need, due to being a monopoly, then give us all a rate reduction on the high bills.

El Paso Electric sucks just about as bad as the Miners. They have that in common at least.


Devon Daniels is an idiot. The basketball team looks awesome, and they will win conference regular season. And what's with hating on John Tiecher? His play by play and commentary are great. He acts exactly as the voice of the miners should act.

just a thought

Lots of complaining about football so here is the solution. You want the Sports Illustrated 10-2 record to actually come true? Do this:

MP remains head coach (good with media, city and boosters). Gary Nord comes back and is head recruiting coordinator and co-offensive coordinator with Eric Price. Younger Price goes back to being a position coach where he is best suited.

Charlie Bailey was a freaking drill sergeant and he will come back as the defensive coordinator. When he was head coach/defensive overseer UTEP's defense won them a few games (held BYU to 3 points)! Today's Miner defense couldn't hold BYU to 30 in a half. A shootout to Bailey meant 21-20.

Hey, I didn't say it was feasible I just said it was a solution. Do it, do it.

Joe Muench

Re: [Joe on utepia] just a thought submitted a comment to Why always UTEP?.

Good one. Nord is now with Purdue — more money. Bailey’s wife dragged him to retirement on his boat in Tampa Bay. But these two did do good jobs at those respective positions.


Did you see SMU fans storm the field after they beat UTEP? Not classy! I had myself a good belly laugh at those hicks!

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Donald Buckram ran for 236 yards. He's have a year most teams could ride to a winning season and a bowl.

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The last home game will have more of those yellow jacketed event staff idiots than fans in the stadium

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