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August 13, 2009


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John Franco

Just when I thought this blog was getting some pretty good conversation going about UTEP football, we get two days of talking about the turf. C'mon, lets hear about training camp in Socorro!!


Good, one less thing that Joe can cry about. Hopefully he got this turf thing out of the way.

NMSU Phantom

---Let's hope it doesn't rain a lot, or there isn't some reason the crews can't get it down in time. Or, UTEP might be calling old pal New Mexico State — "Can we use your stadium for a game?" --- That would be ironic Joe. I hope it does rain and it is hard and disruptive. That way Stull can suck it up and go begging up North. That way we can either stick it to them with a high price for what happened in 2001 with the scheduled game in Cruces or they can always go begging Socorro ISD to use the SAC!!!!

Viva Morrissey

I'm new to the area (from Phoenix) but has UTEP & the Sun Bowl considered installing & playing on GRASS??? It's just as sunny & relatively warm here in EP as it is in Phoenix.

Viva Morrissey

NMSU Phantom

Viva Morrissey-- They won't put grass cause it is supposedly to expensive to maintain!!!!! That is dumb thinking cause they "soccer sized" the stadium yet they can't get FIFA sanctioned games their because of the turf! Just money wasted expanding it for nothing.

Viva Morrissey

I didn't know they expanded the stadium... ASU hasn't played here for a few years. And too expensive to maintain? You gotta spend money to get better. I guess that's not always true... i.e. NY Yankees... highest payroll in baseball but when was the last time they won the World Series? I wouldn't blame FIFA for not coming to the Sun Bowl. Turf sucks!

Viva Morrissey

Pablo Villa

Not that anyone asked but the Sun Bowl wasn't expanded to accommodate a soccer field. It was actually downsized.

The Sun Bowl sat 52,000 before the addition of Field Turf in 2001. To make room for soccer lines, 500 seats were cut out of the corners of the stadium.

You can see these slots when you go to the stadium now. The one in the southwest corner of the stadium is where Bevo, the University of Texas mascot, was corralled during the Longhorns' visit last season and also where San Jose State running back Jarmar Julien urinated during a game in 2001, resulting in a citation.

You can still see the Sun Bowl's old stadium map in this year's phone book. Only been eight years, you'd think they'd update it by now.

Grass Roots

First, yo Franco you wanna hear about the camp. Well then go up up there or do a little back clicking and look around. Stories all over the place. Its just camp. Thank you Joe for talking about this! And Viva Morrissey, Grass....are you kidding??? NEVER! That would be too easy for El Paso and UTEP!

Grass makes everything better!

Joe Cole

Joe is fantasizing about his old school somehow providing UTEP with a favor that the Miners would be forever indebted for. Stop it Joe. If UTEP wants to play at a high school stadium, we'll go to the SAC.


Hey John Franco, to answer your question, you have to actually be in Socorro to report on it, question is are any of these podcast guys up there? I am, and this camp is the best I've seen and I haven't seen Joe or Jay up here. They're back in El Paso looking at the turf. Ha !


I too prefer grass. However I bet that cost to maintain the field and drainage system after each game may be a problem. The turf current setup allows the field to drain efficiently a system of drains. Did we forget that the Mountain is made of impermiable Andesite? Soils and grass material will clog the drainage system during a typical summer storm, and flood the field.

A side note, I wonder if Desert East Driving Range will be getting the old turf like they did back in 2001? For anyone that does not know, the turf that was removed in 2001 is out there now growing weeds and remaining a target. That retention pond needs another section for the far side.


Joe is too lazy to show up in Camp Socorro... instead you get this stuff.

John Franco

El Paso Times has horrible coverage on anything relating to local sports. I can't ever find schedules for UTEP basketball, luckily the football team only plays 12 games, so I can memorize that. As for Grass Roots saying that Socorro is just camp, I would like to hear about new players to the program, how are players coming back from injury, is the team grasping the defensive scheme better? GR go back to smoking your bong and playing Madden 10 in your parent's basement!

Pick Ax

I happened to glance at Phil Steele's college football preview at a local store and he has us finishing first in the West Division. He has us ranked very high right now (40's) and predicts a #23 AP poll finish which will put us in the top 25.

I don't what to make of any of this. A lot of mix reviews out there. We are predicted to finish from 1st to 3rd in our own division.

I am hoping for a winning record and a bowl win...

Pick Ax


and SI has the miners finishing 10-2 and 8-0 in conference, playing Auburn in the Liberty Bowl. if only that would happen!!


Joe, I saw that two Austin Panthers (twin brothers Marcus and Ray Calhoun) are on the UTEP roster. Can someone covering UTEP post an update on them (and other local high schoolers who are walking on)?

I think people would want to read about that...

Robert Rivera

Pablo I think what phantom was talking about was not the expansion of the stadium, but the expansion of the floor area...making it wide enough to accomadate a wider field for soccer! It's just a matter of time before we get some good soccer games here. Last year America played Cruz Azul here. (On Turf) The Mexican National team played in the new Cowboys Stadium. (On Turf) Grass fields are nice but they definitely are expensive to maintain!! Look at all the high schools in the El Paso ISD, they are all getting turf fields. They will save millions in the long run.


F**K yhe faggies theyre 2 poor to afford food for their players!!! LOL!!! N the that crappy stadium only sells out once every two years n thats cuz the Miner fans buy 15000 of the 29000 seats. Good luck with "the biggest game of the year" faggies


Want to talk about the turf not lasting, that completely falls on UTEP's shoulders. If they had taken care of it, ie swept it, replaced the rubber pebbles, on a routine basis it would have lasted the 12 years! KANSAS put the SAME turf in as UTEP, the SAME year, take a look at their turf, it looks and responds as if it was brand new! See what happens when you actually take care of something!! UTEP needs to get off their high horse of excessive spending and take care of what they do have!

NMSU Phantom

utepOPEN--You have to take into consideration that UTEP also rents the facility for the monster truck shows every year. That is ridiculous to do because they cover the field with many tons of dirt!!! You also have the haters that will say because of the sun. Well they could have covered it up everyday it wasn’t in use!!!!

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