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August 04, 2009


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Joseph McMillan

Joe, if you can actually predict a UTEP win
against Buffalo, you can stick your neck out and predict a better finish than 5-7.
I figure the Miner's could go 6-6 even if they lose to Buffalo. There are still a lot of if's defensively for our Flying Miners but they are getting better. Go Team.


Muench will be wrong again.

NMSU aggie

sorry UTEP, but i predict that UTEP will lose to us once again and go 2-10


Yep, that vaunted Miner defense will once again be prety, CRAPTACULAR!!

If a BAD team like NMSU can constantly put over 500yds on Osia Lewis' team. What do you expect from Kansas, Texas, etc.?


Buffalo doesn't have a chance against UTEP! If we can stop the run we will easily beat Buffalo since they only completed 10 passes last year. EASY MONEY, hopefully Vegas likes Buffalo!!!!


I think the Miners will see the benefits of having some experience with the defensive scheme that was installed not that long ago. The first four games of the season will tell us how good the defense will be.

I will be interested to see how the Aggies do with their defensive scheme, new this year, and how it matches up against our offense. Should be an entertaining game. I do not believe they will put 500 yards on the Miners because 1) the Miners are more experienced defensively and 2) the Aggies don't have that kid Holdbrook or all those good receivers.


NMSU Aggie--- I think that's the record your team will have by the end of the season. YOU LOST ALL YOUR OFFENSE! (Holbrook and Williams).

Joe- 5-7? name the five I'm curious to see how much of your mind you have lost.

7-5 is my low end prediction.

Toasted Whitebred

Even with a poor defense, we almost became bowl eligible last year. One of the reasons for that was that our offense was good at times in controlling the clock. The longer an offense controls the ball and the clock, the better the defensive stats will be. Would anyone say our offense will perform worse this year than last? I think our offense will be improved if only on the running side. Price has addressed some of the need for short yardage power running. Translation - the Miners should be able to control the clock better with a veteran OL, QB, receivers and backs.

BTW, the Defense improved under under Osia going from giving up +500 to just under 470 per game (no great shakes) despite playing 10 freshmen at various times, learning a new system, injuries to key players (Amy and Walker).

Based on those variables, I predict that the defensive stats will improve significantly this year to around 400 ypg. That would put us in the "Bowling league" compared to 2004 and 2005 when we went to bowl games.

My prediction is 8 - 4.


you're on the right page toasted whitebred. and rooster, don't look for joe won't name his 5, won't happen.

John Franco

I would say the more important record for me would be the C USA won loss record for the Miners along with beating NMSU. If Price can't have a winning record in conference and beat NMSU, he should be sent packing. Lets give someone else a chance to take advantage of the new facilities and all the money being pumped into the football program.

Pick Ax

We will take down.


For all of those keeping score, mark it down.

Pick Ax


UTEP has a favorable conference home schedule, a quality-veteran quarterback, a good group of receivers and a year of experience under Lewis defensive scheme.

Problems could arise if too many injuries occur, the running backs don't step up, and the players and not the defensive scheme turn out to be the weak link.

NMSU Phantom

here we go again with the WHINER fans!!!!! Cry me a river why don't you. You guys are going down up in Cruces this year again. We will try to make that a habit!!!!


NMSU Phantom, why are you commenting on our message board? shouldn't you guys be prepping up your 1 star players and JUCO transfers for a F-aggie buttt pipe drilling when we play you in your own measly 20,000+ stadium, hell it should be called the "S.A.C 2.0" LOL.

NMSU Phantom

I can comment on any board. We still live in a free country!!!! We are not the JUCO capital of the Southwest. It is still YUTEP and its need to fix itself fast. As for our stadium: I wouldn't trade it for the RAT infested cesspool you call the Sun Bowl. You haven’t beaten us in two years. We will make it three come September 19th in our 30,343 seat stadium with the biggest scoreboard-screen in the area.

Proud El Pasoan

2-10? Hey NMSU Aggie, didn't the last time you got a new coach your team had a winless season in his first season? Without Chase Holbrook it could be the same this season. HA!!!

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