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May 13, 2009


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Tom C

one of the many troubles of El Paso, always late on the "bright ideas"


What does this have to do with UTEP?

UTEP is NOT a baseball town.

Kentucky Fan

Tucson lost its PCL team. It was sold and moved to Reno.


El Paso's bandwagon ways drove Utep baseball away, the Diablos to Missouri, and into the Independent league!!

Diablo baseball is not the same as it used to be when I was kid. Which was not that long ago either.

Too bad Utep doesn't have a baseball team. It be another rivalry sport in which to own them.


UTEP is not a baseball town? I don't even know what that means. I do really think El Paso is a perfect baseball town, especially a Double A town at the minimum. Yes, I also remember going to the Diablos and having a great time, somehow it is not the same anymore. Look at the success soccer has in this town, the demographics are ripe for baseball. Yes UTEP made a name in basketball 43 years ago and in the eighties, but El Paso is not a "basketball" town, even less of a "football" town. Just out this morning:

"El Paso is now 81.77 percent Hispanic, according to the estimate."

Rolli = retard


You are a retard.

El Pasoans love the Dallas Cowboys and occasionally jump on the UTEP Football bandwagon. How many people do you see at the Diablos games? Or wearing Diablos jerseys? You said it yourself, "somehow it is not the same anymore."

El Paso had its shot at baseball and FAILED! El Paso will always remain a basketball town as that's what we're known for, we just needed a little bit of rebuilding.

Don Haskins, Billy Gillispie and Doc Sadler all had great seasons here. Tony Barbee is barely experiencing the "Don" but I'm sure there will be many more sellouts in the near future.

How much talent does it take to play baseball? NONE! You just need to take steroids and hit a ball with a bat. There is no excitement in a sport that involves absolutely no tactics.

I would make a case for soccer because of the 81.77% Hispanic community. But even soccer is a sport with a bunch of panzies acting hurt and getting yellow cards. But even that, my friend, requires alot more skill than baseball.


El Piss Hole Texas does not deserve a baseball team or the star on the mountain


El Paso could never have a AAA Baseball team, Cohen Stadium is not even close to AAA standards. Have you ever been to Albuquerque's AAA stadium....WOW!!! It's like a mini Major League Stadium. As for AA Baseball, Cohen is far behind some of the newer AA Stadiums. The $$ and desire just isn't here. Take a drive up to Albuquerque which is only 3 1/2 hours up the road and check out a AAA game, I did & it was great. I'm planning on going up again soon this season to catch another game. Forget this Independent crap!!



Who plays basketball in El Paso besides old men in the 6'2" and under league (get it), How many big time recruits come out of El Chuco, how many local kids play basketball for D1 schools, Who was the last kid to play on the UTEP Basketball team? Utep has had some success, but besides the Top notch CBI tourney where was the support? I rarely see kids sporting NBA jerseys, some Lakers some Spurs that is it !!!!!!!!!!



I agree with gonow. I make the trip to ABQ at least twice a month and whenever the 'Topes are in town that's where I start my nighttime activities.

I'm born and raised in El Paso, my family actually had season tickets to the Diablos dating back to Dudley Field, and I have only been to Cohen 3 times since they left the Texas League.

Rolli = retard


They get more support than the Diablos don't they? Enough said.


They get more support than the Diablos don't they?

That does not even explain Why UTep is a basketball town? They may get more support because there is nothing else !!!!!! The circus gets support, but is El Paso a circus town??

What is a basketball town? My answer can be totally different that yours. For me this is it:
1. Strong high school athletes, a mecca for young talent, recruiters coming to El Paso to look for talent. EL PASO DONT THINK SO.
2. A strong college or Pro program that has a great following, die hard student fans or die hard community fans? EL PASO HAD IT OVER 25 YEARS AGO.

Double or Triple A baseball will he El Paso next passion if soccer doesn't take over first.

El Paso will never be a "basketball town" in the next 50 years.

Rolli = retard

You're right Rolli, El Paso was already a basketball town, hopefully one day an El Paso Baseball team will win a National Championship.


You probably still wear your Letterman jacket from high school, living the good ole days!!!!!!! No one remembers your cheerleading days, give it up.


"El Paso kids aren't being seen. With something like this, they will be seen," he said. "There's no question, its got to help. Nothing else is helping."

Kids are playing baseball in El Paso high schools.


El Paso's Diablos battled and scrapped and hustled and appeared on the verge of victory Tuesday night, much to the delight of the 5,645 fans who gathered as witnesses in Cohen Stadium.


What would Double A or Triple A draw, Mr. Basketball town.


Three El Paso baseball teams win in playoffs

Tom C

Joe any fresh blogs?

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