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April 29, 2009


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Tom Carrasco

Hey Joe, ok so no takers this season, but what about the last 3? Thomas Howard, Higgins... Palmer... They were not transfers...


Another negative blog by the man who is so high and mighty and was an stellar athlete in his hay day. Your the reason the swine flu started.

Swine Vaccine

Don't generalize transfers. You forget two of the most beloved Miners in recent memory, Fili Rivera and Omar Thomas, were transfers as well. Transfers are necessary for schools from non-major conferences like UTEP who can't recruit 5-star talent straight out of high school.

Another thing, the best talent on next year's hoops team may very well be Culpepper or Stone, not Caracter (I used the correct spelling of his name).

Kareem Cooper left the team because he needed to go pro ASAP to support his new family. That's why he left for South America right before UTEP played Memphis. Who would give up the opportunity to play their former team unless their reasons were absolutely imperative?

Safety Sam

Joe, you talk about athletes that come and go to bigger and better things. You, on the other hand, still use the same pic? Perhaps there is no wide-angle lens big enough to cover that cranium, never mind the GUT! Go to North Korea and play Cricket with your Twin Flame Kim.

just a thought

Joe is correct that in GENERAL the best UTEP players are from out of town although the best pros from UTEPIA have actually been local guys. No ex-UTEP football player from outside the city has had more longevity than Paul Smith and Brian Young except the great Don Maynard. When the current wheel 'em and deal 'em NFL system allows for just a 3 year career, Brian and Paul have done exceptionally well lasting nearly a decade each.

Basketball is a different story. I'm sure CLEO can provide some history but UTEP NBA-ers always come from out of town. If Cliff Tucker improves dramatically he could be the first to make it to the NBA from an El Paso high school.

Joe is just picking on some of you guys. He knows that it is extremely difficult to be drafted to the NFL or NBA (even more difficult) and many schools are shut out from time to time. Look at the entire state of Minnesota -- none of their colleges had a single player taken in the NFL Draft this past weekend. Stanford had none this year or last. UTEP has actually done well over the years.


I think Jackson has a shot in the NBA. He might not get drafted, but he certainly could find himself with the opportunity to play.

just a thought

Jackson is a great talent but sometimes our subjective hopes rule out objectivity. I would love for him to be the next Rip Hamilton (as he's been compared) and while he's the best player in El Paso you have to look at the big picture or even the basketball world in the southwest. The Lobos have possible draftee Tony Dandridge and Arizona/ASU have guys too.

With Europeans being selected at an ever growing number every year a college kid must be that much more spectacular these days. Most of those guys have been playing pro ball for years. The mock draft I looked at did not have Jackson listed and after looking at the list I know why. The Americans were those frequently covered on the National (not local) highlights. Commentators (professional haters) said Jackson could only drive with his right and our own bloggers said he took a backseat too often when the team really needed him. Imagine what the scouts are saying...


NBA is drafting Euros because they are more schooled in how to play basketball. Utep doesn't play basketball, I have been saying this for years. Basketball is about defense (when it counts in the NBA) and ball rotation, the Miners just play street ball. Although the average fan thinks the NBA is just running and shooting, there is a more complex system to


Stefon Jackson's biggest problem is that he didn't develop his shot over the last year. Scouts tend to look at cold hard facts when determining draft stock. 7 ft is a good sign for a potential draftee just like 4.3 is for a football player. Jackson's shooting percentage from 3 tells a story.

Occasionally, a player will transcend his numbers by hitting clutch shot after clutch shot ala Keith Van Horn. He was already a potential high round draftee and his buzzer beaters helped to distort his draft position. Stefon has hit some big shots, but as JAT said, he was passive too often.

UTEP has produced a few NBA players from within and a few who were transfers. Same goes for the NFL. Pedigree plays a huge role here. There's no great mystery. Check NBA rosters and track each player's history. You'll find that these guys were high school all americans and then college all americans. They've been good for a long time. Check NFL rosters and you'll find the same. A few players will come out of nowhere and become stars but most become role players. That's just the way it goes.

Examine UTEP's 1992 team. Prince Stewart and Eddie Rivera were too short for the NBA. Marlon Maxey was a 6-8 stud but needed to be 6-10. David Van Dyke needed 50 more pounds with no loss of speed or jumping ability. Ralph Davis was a tweener. Just like Stefon Jackson. At 6-7, they would have been NBA locks. At 6-5, eh not so much.


I think the arguement can only be applied to basketball. joe is trying to make it seem that this is the case in football as well but it really isn't.

UTEP has had great success getting players drafted during Mike Prices time here.

04 Trey Darilek (Out of Football)
05 Adrain Ward (Out of Football)
06 Thomas Howard (Raiders)
07 Johnnie Lee Higgins (Raiders)
07 Jordan Palmer (Bengals)
08 Oniel Cousins (Ravens)
08 Quentin Demps (Eagles)
08 Marcus Thomas (Browns)

Every year Price has been here he has had at least one player drafted until this year. (and if Robby Felix hadn't suffered a stroke he too would have been drafted)

On top of that, 3 of the players drafted are either starters or recieving extensive playing time.

Finally, not one of these players was a transfers.

So UTEP miners ARE Being drafted to the NFL. And like Joe mentioned, there are more on the horizon, like Vitattoe.


what about BIG JEFF


If acie law is with the hawks stefon jackson can come off the bench for the bobcats...

John Franco

I think Stephon Jackson has the talent to play in the NBA, but he needs to get stronger and needs a little more experience surrounded by guys that are actually used to winning, unlike his former team. A couple of years in Europe and we could hear some good things from this guy.


This is off the topic, but did anyone notice that Chasey Stangel, that D#@$%^ bag QB from Cali who reneged on his pledge to the Miners a couple of years back to go to Ariz. St. has quit? Apparently, he was unable to get beyond fourth string in the Devil's backfield. I guess we dodged a bullet there with a guy of questionable character:).



Toasted Whitebred

Caracter is more talented than Moultrie? UTEP graduated very few players off last year's football team, one of those had a stroke and the other tested positive for that performance enhancing tour de force, marijuana. That might explain why no footballers were drafted this year. The next two years will be different.

NFL Rocks!

The Miners have had some success over the years in the NFL. The NFL teams are looking for players with "smarts" on and off the field. The Miner kicker tested "stupid" by showing up to the combines, knowing full well what that he would be tested there. He sealed his own fate and I hope he never gets a chance to kick in the NFL.

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