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April 16, 2009


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Agree with Joe on all points except on Barbee. I don't think that his intention is to build with transfers and then walk. He has shown in his first two years a heavy reliance on bringing in a strong freshmen class. This recruiting class (or transfer class) is really a matter of seizing opportunity. You have to take the best available players.


It's a sign of getting nervous. Yes the plan was to bring in freshman, build a program, but it really hasn't panned out for Barbee. He needs to win NOW, or no other schools will ever come calling. He canot afford another string a "rebuilding" or "buiding" seasons..

What have you done for me lately approach.


Joe it is "by" not "buy" Mr. Sports Editor. On another note, Why is everyone so sure Barbee would jump ship. His dear Memphis didn't want him, remember? What if there are no open coaching spots that he can find desirable? What needs to happen is people need to support what we have now. Raise some capital and pay the man if he becomes a successful coach (trips to the NCAA).

Toasted Whitebred

The writing is on the wall gentlemen! Eleven of 13 athletes will leave the program in two years. What kind of team do you think we'll have in 2011-12?

Barbee is setting himself up for two good seasons and then he bolts for a better job. Hopefully we have two years of great success, get a good coach to come in and rebuild and the cycle starts all over.

At any rate, enjoy the ride with me for the next 2 years. It ought to be fun.


I agree with cleo, I think Barbee is seizing the opportunity. He has a great core of players and is recruiting these transfers to plug in the wholes and transfer are more ready to contribute now then freshmen out of high school unless the freshmen is a 5 star recruit. Which if that were the case he would only be around for a year or two anyway.

And so what if he wins big the next two seasons. Isn't that the point?

First everybody bashes Barbee for not winning enough and now everybody is getting worried that he might win to much and leave.

Make up your mind people.


Barbee is in a must win position. He knows it. His best player is gone. He doesn't have the luxury of waiting another two years for an NCAA bid, so he has to take a chance on short term success at the expense of the team in the long run.

If he wins with jucos and transfers, no one will care and life will be good. If he loses, look out. It will put the Miners on a losing track that will last some years.

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Let's see how old boy handles the pressure

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