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April 08, 2009


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Toasted Whitebred


Isn't this the same post you wrote last week just with different words? How about posting something fresh for a change? Have you been out to see the football practices? Any word on the basketball recruiting process? How does Stull feel about the success of the CBI tournament in terms of attendance? How should UTEP admin retool its ticket policies? Anything???

Joe Olivas Gutierrez

As moronic as ever, Muenchy-boy! Pendejadas as usual.

Roberto Estullo


2010-11 is make or break for Barbee, baring a collapse in 2009-10. UTEP will have 1 million Seniors in 2010-11, if Barbee does well off he goes. The cup board is left bare for the new coach in 2011-12, and the saga continues.....and back to another 14 win season.


I don't think Kentucky will offer the job, but if it did, certainly Barbee would have to consider the offer. He'd be silly not to.

I think Barbee is a pretty good coach who should be given at least one more season to bring the Miners to a conference crown or at least an NCAA bid.

OMF (oldschool miner fan )

Barbee will be given another season and probably another one after that !! The question is does he want it? I agree with Joe, Barbee should take the job if offered. I have said here is the past, an assistant at Kentucky is a far better short and long term opportunity than head coach at Utep. Utep is only an good opportunity for us here in El Paso and Utep fans, the nation has forgotten who Utep was in 1966 and the eighties !!!!

I still think we should support Barbee and Thank him for his service here in El Paso, there are not too qualified people lining up to coach here.

jim johnson

barbee is horrible, hopefully somebody offers him a job elsewhere. he's not a good fit here. move on barbee let us get a coach who wants to be here.


The Barbee situation. There is no Barbee situation until he goes off and interviews somewhere. Until then, he is the UTEP coach and there is really no use in speculating. On to other topics.


Thats what this blog is about "speculation" what fun would a blog be if it was all facts !!!!!!!! None of us are really in the know, so we speculate. What other topics should we discuss "that is not speculating"?


Ok I'll speculate. Maybe there is a big time recruit out there who is tired of the tug of war that UNC, Duke, Kentucky and UConn are putting him through. He decides he wants to get out of the spotlight and go play for UTEP. Then he talks to his AAU buddies and tells them he wants to be a trailblazer and win a national championship at UTEP. He gets other 5 star guys to back out of their commitments to play at UCLA, Kansas and Louisville. UTEP goes 39-0 and wins the National Championship. I like it!


I would hate to see Barbee go. He is a good coach but Im afraid he is too good for El Paso. Once he gets them to the tournament the offers will start pouring in. So dont be so quick to run him off Joe cause then you'll be crying when he does leave. Let's enjoy him while we have him. UTEP has turned into a stepping stone for up and coming coaches. Until they are willing to pay the big bucks they will always be second tier. SAD BUT TRUE!!! Dont get me wrong I love the Miners and live and die with each game but facts are facts. Just look at the last two coaches


If you type Barbee to Kentucky into google the first two results you get is Joe's blogs.

Thats right, this is Joe's speculation. This rumor is getting no attention from any other media outlet.

First of all, Barbee has said he wants to stay at UTEP. He has even talked about his vision for UTEP basketball several times. The man has a plan.

And yes, if you throw enough money at him he will leave, but name me one coach at any University who wouldn't.

But because people are speculating, lets really break it down.

If he leaves for UK he will take a significant pay cut. He will be making half the money he is making right now. Second, it is a demotion, every coach strives to be the guy in charge and where do you think mid-major schools get their coaches anyway, thats right, from Big time schools like UK. Why move backwards in your career for less money?



Now thats just a story, not a good one at that. Since when does UCLA, KANSAS, Louisville get the star recruits. I would have gone with North Carolina, Duke, Uconn !!

Anyways Dave, yes UTEP is a stepping stone, Barbee is not too good but will leave eventually because I don't think El Paso will grow on him, UTEP will never pay the big bucks because they don't make the big bucks.


Btw, its official, Calipari has his 3 assistants at UK and Barbee was never even considered.

And rightfully so, I'm sure Barbee and Calipari talked about Cal's new gig, but Cal would never have the audacity to ask one of his former assistants to take a demotion and pay cut after he fought so hard to get him a Head coaching gig.

So hopefully the rest of you are done believing this made up story by Joe.

Here is a link to the story. There are many more out there if you just look.



I did not seriously think Kentucky would offer Barbee a spot as their top or even bottom assistant. Not enough wins, and too many appearances in the tournament of all tournaments, the CBI.

Notice that Memphis didn't even throw a backward glance toward the west Texas town of El Paso. They went after half a dozen other head coaches and ended up with a 31 year old assistant coach who has never won a game as a coach. Wonder why that is?

Son hey

Barbee has not proved himself PERIOD !!!!!!!! You all worry too much about Barbee leaving. Let's get some tournament wins (real ones) then worry about it later. Right now Barbee needs to win some meaningful games to be considered anywhere.


There's more to the Barbee-Memphis situation than Wins and Losses at UTEP.

Bottom line, Memphis wanted to go in another direction away from Coach Cal's regime.

And I understand Pastner was under Coach Cal for a year, but he's more of a Lute Olsen disciple than Coach Cal's protege.

One year with Coach Cal compared to about a decade (player/asst) with Lute Olsen.

Calipari dominated that Athletic Dept. When they didnt get the big name coach they wanted, they did a complete 180 and went with the young guy.

And the Barbee to UK thing was ridiculous from the beginning...its a demotion.

Ive been one of those Barbee supporters, but I'm going on the record and saying i would be very dissapointed if UTEP did not win the conference and make the NCAA's next year.

Memphis is in a transition period, UAB lost all their starters, and Tulsa could possibly lose Jordan to the NBA.

No reason we shouldnt be back in the tourney next year, then CTB may bounce.

just a thought

Just wanted to point out something that RJ used in his argument regarding UTEP basketball next season. Some bloggers look at what the rest of the conference returns in players/coaches and then make a judgement -- in basketball.

For some reason this goes out the window when prognosticating UTEP football. UTEP fans like to look at what players we have returning but what about them? One cannot just look at a football team and say W/L without knowing what they're up against. If a team returns players that ran, passed or caught all over us, or the rest of Division-1 for that matter, the year before -- chances are...


UTEP has a football team?



John Holliday

It seems to me that only Muenchy Pendejadas would continue to wollow in such a topic simply because he wants Barbee out. He figures by bringing up such a topic as this one might create some frenzy with those who don't understand what Barbee brings to UTEP basketball. College basketball has evolved but DEFENSE is what wins games along with good shooters. That's all you need and Barbee knows that very well. The fact is, the one who should quit here is Muenchy Pendegadas-All talk and no substance. I would like to see him play defense for Barbee and see if he would like it.

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