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March 26, 2009


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just a thought

Anyone else think UTEP was at least NIT material this year? This series should be a very entertaining Championship.

What excuse can I use to get out of Footloose on Wednesday night? Hmmmm....


UTEP was NIT material this year. It's too bad that they underperformed so many times this year. If they had beaten Houston and had another good showing against Memphis, they would have probably been in.

But if they had taken care of business on 4 or 5 more occasions during the season, we wouldn't be talking NIT vs. CBI.


"...Anyone else think UTEP was at least NIT material this year?..."

Not really. In my mind, you have to win the CBI to be considered NIT material. If you're playing in the NIT, you have to win it to be NCAA tournament. You get the idea.





Maybe it's the March Madness in the air? Maybe it's the $10 tickets? I think it just the fact that El Paso fan and fair weather fans and for the first time in a long time this time is on a good win streak when it matters and playing wonderful basketball. What ever it is keep showing up to the games and I hope they take this for some validation that this team does have heart and Coach isn't as bad as he seems at times. Thanks Joe for not being negative for once. GO MINERS!

El Hijo Del Santo

You Still Suck Joe! Go Miners!


Lets sell out the Don Haskins Center and bring this Championship home!! We are due another banner! As far as me I know ill be there with my boys!


Is Joe suggesting that season ticket holders like myself are not real Miner fans? Am I not a true, loud, cheering Miner fan?


As much as I hate to admit, Joe is right on this one. The loud and crazy fans are in the student section and in the rafter seats...those who can afford to buy a ticket. The season ticket fans (except the 2 or 3 crazy ones in this group) for the most part, sit on their hands. Thats the way it is and has always been. Maybe the caviar crowd are too well-bred and classy to go the native route like the rest of us. Like I said though, this is nothing new.


Hey Joe,

...and when the Miner fans speak, SHUT UP!


Good Lord. You Miner fans that post on the elpasotimes comment section and on these blogs are idiots. Quit praising mediocrity and this completely ridiculous tournament.

When UTEP can do something worth celebrating, like get into the NCAA tournament, win a Conference USA title, or hand Memphis their first conference loss in over 2 years, then you can go dancing in the streets. But for being the 98th best team in the country? WAKE UP!! UTEP will not get anywhere with fans that do not get upset when they perform poorly.

Save your money and do something worthwhile with it instead of handing it to UTEP for an underachieving basketball team.

84 UTEP'er

Pack the Don on Wednesday, I already got my tickets! I am not a season ticket holder but know that they provide a valuable monetary base for all athletics. UTEP is playing for a championship and has competed against quality teams in the CBI. Stop labeling this as 3rd tier, do you label all pre-season tournaments as such? I like Jack's comment for Joe, "when the Miner fans speak, SHUT UP!" At least we haven't made the national sports news by having our mascot's fake mustache torn off by a bull, HA! Aggies can't do anything right including it appears growing a mustache.

Toasted Whitebred

A = Season ticket holders that help pay coaches salaries, travel, uniforms, meals, etc. but that don't show up to every game.

B = rabid fans, probably with kids, that can't shell out $300 for them, mom, jr. and little goyle and have to sit in section xx 39 seat 15 when they can afford to take the fam out to the game a couple of times a year.

C = Empty seats

D = wins

E = losses

F = Fun

((a+b)-c)/(d+e)/d = F


'84 UTEPer...you say theyve played quality teams in this CBI? You must not be watching the same tournament, because the team UTEP is playing in the finals, Oregon St., HAS A LOSING RECORD!!

UTEP will never become anything by playing with the likes of Richmond, Northeastern, and a Pac 10 team that isnt even over .500 for the season.

Your argument is piss poor, just like UTEPs performance this season for the talent they had.

You want to pay coaches salaries and whatnot by buying a game ticket? I WOULD IF THE COACHES WERE DOING A JOB THAT MERITED ME BUYING A TICKET!

By the way, I am a UTEP alum also. UTEP needs to stop being underachievers and EARN THE MONEY FROM TICKETBUYERS!

84 UTEP'er

Are we having a bad hair day? Stop being a hater and do something constructive with your life. Aside from DJ, UTEP played with freshmen and sophomores this year, no junior players. It's a team building year, not rebuilding. Stay home Wednesday, we don't need fickle fans, including (disappointed to say) alumni that think like you. Take a chill pill.


The first 6 teams in the Pac 10 made the NCAA tournament. The 7th place team went to the NIT. The 8th (Oregan St.) and 9th place teams made the CBI. every team in the Pac 10 except 1 made post season play. The Pac 10 is an extremely talented conference.

Richmond was a 20 win team in the A-10, another conference rich in basketball talent.

Northeastern won 19 games.

Oh yeah, and sean neglected to mention Neveda who came in second in the WAC and who many thought would hands down beat UTEP at Home.

This team has won 22 games. that is the most since coach sadlers first season when he had seniors Fili Rivera and Omar Thomas.

And this team is extremely young with 10 out of the 12 players being either frosh or sophs.

It's not UTEP's fault that the NCAA only gave 4 at large bids to non BCS conference teams.

Sean, keep your sorry, bandwagoning arse home. I'm also an Alum, and fans like you make me sick.


Just a some quick comments,

Randy Culpeppers Dunk was featured on ESPN's first take this morning

and Andy kats Talked about the CBI championship game on his blog at ESPN.com.

UTEP has also not lost a penny on this tournament thanks in large part to the great turn out last week at the Don and expect the university to make even more cash when OSU comes to town.

Top that off with the national Coverage UTEP has been recieving on HDnet (which is provided to anyone who has HD service around the country)...

And I would say UTEP has done pretty good for itself. It has built great momentum for next season and is only one of 22 teams still playing right now. Not bad for playing in a 3rd tier tournament.


Joe, I'm not sure that tickets prices are the sole reason for the increase in attendance. A lot has to do with the fact it is 'postseason', alas, in a rinky-dinky tournament.
We just want to see these miners win...


To be realistic UTEP has a long shot to win the NCAA championship. if Memphis cant do it neither can any other Mid major team even come close to it. Our best bet to win any kind of championship is gonna be the NIT or CBI. lets use this as a stepping stone. i gurantee for the next couple of years were going to be making noice in the big dance and NIT. but it all begins with confidence that we can win tournaments. what better way to begin than by winning the CBI


UTEP beat 3 NIT teams st mary, UNM, UAB. and came very close to upseting #2 Memphis n #4 Wake Forest. Pack the Don and we would of gone undefeated at home

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