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March 27, 2009


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Pick Ax

There's already a blog on the Houston Chronicle encouraging the hire of Gillespie to University of Houston.

Look, I believe he will take a year off before deciding where to land. I believe he will have many suitors out there. What about this scenario.

Say Barbee is on the hot seat next year (I believe he should be). If he doesn't get this team into the NCAAs or even NITs, do you even want Gillispie back? We know he had success here and would definitely duplicated it again. Then again, I doubt coaches want to come back to the same places to coach (i.e Rick Pitino) but just throwing it out there.

Pick Ax


Why is Joe commenting on this? Oh that's right; he comments on things that he knows the LEAST about.


Just say "NO" to BG. The Miners have a coach who isn't leaving at the drop of a hat.

Let Houston have this guy if they are foolish enough to take him.


Good lord! Clyde is not coming back to UTEP. I did not know that Penders was on the hot seat at U of H. Maybe Billy will replace Pat Knight at Tech.

Jay Smith

Hey Joe, you still suck! So does BG.

Jay Smith

Ju Steel Csuck!

30 yrs of watching BIG BLUE NATION

Bcg is a good man, and a decent coach who if given one more season, would get his 5 players and maybe make sweet 16. They would win at least 1 game in ncaa. He would't buy in the old money bullshit around uk and Lex. He will have title win he find a school that fits.


Coach Barbee is on no Hot Seat. Not even close.

Actually the seat is very cozy right about now.

Can't fire a coach that just had a 20 win season and who's teams have imrpoved every year he has been here. Tony Barbee IS UTEP's coach.

As for BG, he will find another job but don't expect him to go to a non BCS conference team. Look for him to go to a school in a major conference not known for winning much like a Texas A&M.

Also, he will never come back to UTEP.


Joe is an idiot why do you people even respond to his blogs? GO MINERS!!!!!


Wrong, Billy never signed his contract at Kentucky either, much like he's done at every stop he's made!
There will be some kind of settlement, but not the six million he thought he would get!
And you thought you were so slick didn't you, Billy?
Pay backs are hell aren't they, Billy!
Can you say, comeupance?


Houston fans want Penders out. They feel they are going in circles with him.

Barbee is not on the hot seat but he will be hot. When the Miners improve their record again next year, he will be on the for-hire list.

Billy G. is a very good coach and will find himself in another high paying job at a big school.


how about SMU, or Memphis. That's when Coach Cal leaves for Kentucky.


A general observation. There's more to being a good coach than just winning games. There's the teaching/teacher aspect, setting an example aspect, and acting with the best interest of the university, community and team in mind aspect.

BG, a good coach? Maybe. Great coach? Nah. Worthy of a top job like the University of Kentucky job? Ask the folks at UK...



Coach Cal is not leaving Memphis anytime soon, the guy has 2 of the top 5 recruits in the country coming in next season (possibly 3 if John Wall signs)

He makes about 2 million a year, another million because of Nike's contract with the school.

He can schedule anyone he wants out of conference, dominates CUSA, and is always a 1 or 2 seed come tourney time.

Give all that up to go coach at a school with unrealistic expectations.
I would be shocked.

CUSA needs Coach Cal, i dont even mind the fact that Memphis dominates because the other teams in the conference need to get better.

And who cares about BCG anyway, he was at UTEP like 4/5 years ago, get over it.
The only scenario where i would care about him is if he lands at SMU or UH. Then its an issue, but he wont because he is too good of a coach to stay out of the BCS level.

GO MINERS, beat OSU! I wish I was in EP for those games, hopefully the DHC sells out.

C. Stanley, utep '87

An earlier post already touched on what I wanted to say but it deserves underscoring ...
Billy works UTEP into a winner (never signs his contract; you know, keep your eyes on the future)
Billy works A&M into a winner (never signs his contract; you know, keep your eyes on the future)
Billy works at Kentucky (never signs his contract ... oops! ... guess he didn't keep his eyes on the future)
I'm not slamming his ability. He can win. But he went into a different situation at UK: win BIG or be gone.
And so he gets the big adios. Minus a huge buyout clause that was no doubt in his UK deal.


Arizona will likely open up and will be Gillespies most likely destination.


Billy is not coaching at Houston or SMU hes only gonna coach at BCS schools period.


FYI fellas, the "Joe Sucks" comments provide no value to this blog. If you don't agree with what Joe says, and want to express why, take the 5 minutes out of your day to write a comprehensible response that attempts to make a point. It's called not being an idiot.

As for Joe's post, I completely agree with it. His practice of completely working his players to death didn't work at a place where the recruits wanted to be pampered and handed wins based purely on their own talent. BCG is universally known as the hardest working coach in college basketball. If you ask me, Kentucky's loss will be another programs gain. The guy is a born winner who will get a job at a school in a major conference.

If he could take UTEP into the NCAA tournament (Yes, UTEP of the CBI fame), then he obviously knows what he's doing. If he could take A&M from an 0-16 Big 12 league record to the Sweet 16, he knows what he's doing. He will never go back to UTEP, though, but people around here seem to like not running an offense, winning 20 games against the weakest teams in America, and playing in a tournament where you have to advance $60 grand for the right to play and hopefully recover the cost. Yes, you have to pay to play this tournament. Billy G had UTEP challenging Maryland in the tourney. Barbee has UTEP playing undisciplined garbage basketball. Amazing what a win against Northeastern will get you, at UTEP, it gets you job security and $10,000 or so for the program. Maybe enough to cover office supplies for a month.


Miner Charro

Joe like Billy but doesn't like Barbee.
Joe is a Ripofflican = KKK


I think the experience of UTEP/A&M/KU where there's no signing of a contract by the coach speaks volumes about a guy who keeps one foot in and one out of the door. He was lucky enough to get one of a handful of premier jobs at Kentucky and pissed it away by not being cognizant enough to understand that coaching is more than telling 5 players what to do on the basketball court.

I also think there was a certain amount of embarrassment caused by his actions. And the whole recruiting of 8th grade kids is just nasty business. (To say it's right because a person can do it, doesn't necessarily make it right.) There's also some buzz about off-court antics, which, if true, are not something an organization can be proud of.

I understand he made some noise at UTEP, but for the most part, he did it with players that were already here. Billie took off before we would see just how good the team would be with just his recruits and under his direction. Funny how that works, because we know the senior record of that class, and it was not that good under another coach. That could be Sadler or it could be who he recruited. We'll never know if Billie took off because he knew the players he recruited wouldn't get it done. Similarly, when Billie went to A&M, he had the nucleus of a pretty good team, much like he had at UTEP. Two years later, he's off to Kentucky. The difference? Kentucky didn't have the ponies to start to start with. And with that being the case, Billie was just a mediocre coach after all.

The jury is still out on Barbee. Even so, I'd take him over Billie any day.

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