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January 12, 2009


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Oh Please Joe, your anti UTEP bilge is getting old!
Just give UTEP credit for winning.
In the end, that's the bottom line, isn't it?
Who cares how they got the W!
How about writing something negative about the NMSU misfortunes, you nit wit!

Toasted Whitebred

When you get more rebounds, take aways, steals, blocks. When you take care of the basketball and limit your opponent to one shot. When you shoot 80% from the foul line and get there as often as the Miners. The opposing team can shoot 60% from the field and lose.


Hey Joe,

Good teams find a way to win on the road, especially in conference play. Remember when SMU lost to Memphis by 3 at home a couple of years ago? Memphis went to the Elite 8 that year. So was Memphis not a good team that year? Your lack of basketball knowledge just makes me wonder how you still have a job.


This SMU team is not as week as Joe thinks. They have been playing some good basketball lately and Mouhammad Faye just started playing for them a couple of weeks ago. He did most of the damage against UTEP. I do agree with Joe that we need to score more points in the paint.


Joe, just admit it. You like watching Randy play as much as anyone. He makes it more than he misses it. From anywhere.
Downtown. Uptown. I have even seen him fly past the basket, reverse course, and still stuff it through.
He gives this team a spark when the Miners are sleepwalking down the floor.
So, grudgingly give it up to this young man, Joe. You know you like him.


"and likely would have won had time not run out"? that's about the dumbest thing I've ever seen you write, & that's saying something. that's the whole freakin reason for timing sporting events in the first place. the Tennessee Titans would've beat the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV if time hadn't run out. does that mean the Titans get the Lombardi Trophy? No! UTEP also "almost" beat #3 Wake Forest. almost doesn't count. Memphis "almost" beat Kansas in last year's Finals.

on another note, here's an update: St. Mary's has made it into the top 25 in the Coaches Poll.

Brown Sugar

I agree w/ Joe, Culpepper will shoot you out of a game.
This has to be the year as DJ is gone and Culpepper will shoot the ball like crazy next year before looking for his teamates.


Randy may take some wild shots and play outta control at times, but he also brings intensity and hustle on the defensive end and playmaking ability on the open floor.

Its clear Coach Barbee has given him the green light to shoot because he knows when Randy's on..hes really on.

Plus who else is going to score on this team?
I hear the argument for some inside play, but none of the post players have proven they can be the go to guy inside...(maybe Moultrie next year) so I quote Denny Green when I say

"we are who we thought we were" or something like that...

We're a perimeter team who is going to attack from the wing and get some interior play every now and then.

It may not be ideal or old school, but this Coach Barbee's style of play.
And I think right now, its good enough for us to a contender this year.

And its not like every other Cusa school has a dominant big man inside...Tulsa with Jordan may be the closest thing.


What our big men bring to the team this year is a step in the right direction from the last two years. They bring size, rebounding, shot blocking, and depth at the forward position.

They are not reliable scorers at this point in the season, but that may change by the time postseason rolls around. Britten continues to improve and Moultrie may not see his senior year if he continues his develepment.

We may not have a Hansbrough or a Griffin, but not many do. We do have explosive scoring from two guard positions which, when combined with the improved inside game, will lead to a lot a wins.


As long as the Miners win with Randy blasting away, great. They will win many games that way and lose some as well. The problem is there isn't much room if the Miners win and lose games in the same ratio as they have thus far. Going 20-10 might get the Miners into the NIT, but that kind of record won't get a penny's worth of consideration for a shot at the NCAA tournament unless there's a tournament title win.


I said it in a previous post, I think 12-4 in CUSA play and at least a runner up in the CUSA tourney is needed to get NCAA consideration without the auto berth.

I dont really know what to think of this conference right now...Memphis survived their last two games, last night's win over Tulsa was lucky. TU looks like they're on their
game now, Memphis not looking so hot, but they keep winning, and our early season sked is more difficult than what I first thought...

So tonight's game is pretty big in my opinion...absolutely can't lose at home, because we weren't done any favors by playing the next two on the road and Tulsa back at home.

And by the way...has this matchup against UH become a big/decent rivalry now?

It seems like these two teams are starting to dislike each other more and every game with Houston seems bigger than the previous year.

I have to believe Penders is still fuming because we beat them twice late last year to really crush their NCAA hopes...

What are we looking at tonight attendence wise... maybe 9k or 10k at the DHC.

Seems optimistic for a Wed night crowd, but i think this is the closest thing to a rivalry we have right now in this conference.
Thoughts anybody?


It should be a good crowd, its now or never when we must support the Miners. Conference play, UTEP had a great non conference schedule playing very good teams thus well prepared to fight for the top 3 spots i think.

As far a Randy i always liked him; but there is a rik reward facrtor with him, if he gathers the concept of team play and is more selective or should i say takes good open shots Miners are in good position to give it a try to postseason, but if selfish i want to score more than Stefon wins the UTEP loses, I dont care that he takes the open shot and we go down but thats the questions seems that he has learned somewhat to play the good way. Tonite is realy a must win game to keep NCAA chances, if not then only the auto ticket will be our only hope.

Last i really wish we can make it is been since 2004 we havent gone to the Big Dance, but like i said before is not Stefons play that finally determines that but rather Randys playing ways the will play us in or out!


Bad, bad loss last night...86 points at home and you still lose, unbelievable...I know Houston was making some ridiculous shots, but there's no way u give up 90 something, especially at home!!!! Coach Haskins has to be rolling around in his grave.

I hate to over react to one loss to a team that may have been a little underated, but these losses are racking up and our bubble is starting to leak some air.


And one other thing--

Explain to me how Jackson doesn't get the ball on two straight possessions when we have the chance to cut their lead to 2...wtf

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