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January 26, 2009


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I agree!
This team will have to pay to get some post season play, again!
Fire Barbee!

Give coach time to get his players and build his system. He has already given u randy and sm respect around the league. Wat was utep doing be4 barbee came?



If your so smart joe than why are you writting stupid blogs instead of taking UTEP to the final four? Fire joe!!!!!

john dooright

Joe can do just as good as coach barbee is doing right now...

Coach Barbee = Coach Rabadeux

Wanna see a change on the team? Get rid of Kareem Cooper (he is the apple that poisoned the bunch!!!)


Cooper is a big reason UTEP struggles on defense. I've never seen a big man play defense with his hips the way he does. Anybody who's watched him knows what I mean. On the other side of the ball the only reason he scores is because he's 7 feet tall. He has no low post moves. Coach needs to use the more athletic Britton. With claude they have a shot blocker. The guards can go for the steals like they usually do but with confidence someone is there to back them up. He's not great on offense either but I'll take him ANY day over cooper!


No one is happy with the Miners' record, not the players, nor the fans, and especially not the coach. I say give Barbee until the end of next season, when he has an experienced group of players combined with some exciting newcomers to put on the court.

If the team isn't performing then, then maybe UTEP should start thinking about a new coach.

just a fan.

before barbee? I believe the Miners were in the big dance and the NIT... Now, with barbee, alot of home losses and the CBI.

john dooright

i just heard that there will be a new tournament this year...
and now the collegeinsider.com tourney at another 16

That has taken the fun out of post-season college basketball




UTEP basketball is different than UTEP football in that it has a glorious past. Not to say that we should have lower expectations for our football program, though we should temper those expectations with a dose of reality of where UTEP football is and where it has been.

In basketball, we want wins and if we don't get them, we will find someone who can get them for us.

The Miners lost to Tulsa on Saturday night with a Haskins style effort from Tulsa. They controlled tempo, played position defense, forced a low shooting percentage, and ground out an ugly win. This used to be a constant complaint from so many about Coach Haskins' teams. Always asking "why don't we run more like UNLV?", "This is boring! Always looking for a good shot!"

The truth is that Haskins style basketball works night in and night out. Barbee style works when shots are falling and the opponent is not able to dictate the tempo to a half court game.

We have coach Barbee until he gets to the NCAA tournament or until UTEP completely falls off the map. We prefer that he leaves on a high note with the program in good shape.

As fans we need to suck it up and continue to support the program. You may not like coach Barbee and you may not like his style, but you must love UTEP basketball.

john dooright

It's hard to respect a man who thinks his turds don't stink and who treats the utep basketball fan as someone who knows nothing about basketball...

But you are right...we must love utep basketball...

although, not until barbee leaves or until he fixes his attitude about el paso...an affair with Tim Floyd's team is looking pretty good.
Tim Floyd, just reminds me of HIS COACHENCY COACH DON HASKINS

Paydirt Pedro 13

I don't ever remember watching a bigger waste of talent than these UTEP Miners!! This group has UTEP's all time leading scorer (DJ), a seven footer (Left Handed Cooper, he really needs to develop some semblence of a right handed shot), a scoring dynamo (El Juevo-Culpepper), a 6'11 super athlete Freshman (Moult), and about 3 really athletic kids who are 6'6 (Stone), 6'7 (McCulley)and 6'8 (Watts), Barbee is dangerously tip-toeing the line as that coach who can recruit like hell but can't coach a lick. Never in my 15 years of attending UTEP basketball games have I seen so many uncontested lay-ups. Never do I remember the crowd getting into the game and the opponents getting so many open jump shots because of our stupid decision to go trap high. Do you know the name of the building these guys play in? Just shut the hell up, lock the guy down in front of you and stay between him and the basket, it's disrespectful to Mr. Haskins!!!

john dooright



and that's why my panties are in a bunch over barbee and his staff


That would be disrespectful to COACH HASKINS, RICHARDSON, FLOYD, KNIGHT, HENSON and so forth!


As I have said before, THIS TEAM IS NOT UTEP! There is no heart, desire, or toughness. They play as if it was some sort of pick-up game and to hell with winning. Oh, the fans? We are just a bunch of stupid morons without knowledge of b-ball. At least that's what Barbee thinks and acts. This guy is the absolutely the worst! His tap dancing and hollering throughout the whole game is shameful and ridiculous. What, are your players that stupid, Barbee? Wait. Don't answer. We know they are. What other explanation is there?

Man, today the Don is such a depressing place to see "Miner" b-ball. It is like watching paint dry. Gone are the days when we would scream so loud that we would be proud and didn't mind that for days we all had sore throats and laryngitis. No so with this team and coach. UTEP b-ball is no more.


Utep basketball might have died along with COACH HASKINS.

love and basketball

I agree with you fans that is starts at the top with Barbee. If you go to his practices all he does is curse his players. He doesn't care about them.But,yet he expects them to be motivated come game time. lol! All he wants to do is make the Ncaa Big Dance and leave Utep. He is not loyal to the local community. Him and Coach Dickey should be replaced asap!

Mike Bond 04

What can you say these days about UTEP basketball? I mean I just was reading other blogs and all have one major similarity: UTEP Basketball isn't what it used to be and it has taken a turn for the worse. I've wasted my breath in saying how our team is under utilized, how it is the coach's fault and how is it that we no longer play "UTEP" basketball the way Coach Haskins made it for UTEP.

I must say that this is no coincidence that both our football and basketball teams are failing, maybe the guy we should be loooking at is Bob Stull. After all these coaches just didn't appear here, they were hired. UTEP has disappointed me in every which way that I really do feel that maybe we have seen the best that UTEP had to offer for basketball.

What I wish is that Coach (if you can call a guy who gives this as his profession) Barbee would read these blogs and realize what he is taking away from us, other than the price of admission per game. He is taking away our team, the blue-collar, defense oriented, and turning the people away from the team we would get excited to go see play. He has taken our history and has produced such mediocrity that he still has the guts to call himself a coach.

UTEP must find a way to resurrect itself before it becomes unrepairable. The way to do it, hire a coach who respects the history of UTEP basketball, connects with the community, and who will make our team the way it once was, hard working, never-say-die, will do whatever it takes, just like the late Bear KNEW the way basketball is SUPPOSED to be played.

Toasted Whitebred

Successful basketball coaches don't grow on trees. Especially not the Don Haskins type. He was an anomoly. Perhaps the best coach in the history of college basketball that wanted nothing more than to stay in this dusty, working class town with little excitement and lower than average pay.

We will NEVER see anything like that again in our lifetimes.

Now this whow is me attitude from some of us is disgusting. We have high expectations from our teams which is great but not to the point where we denegrate the efforts of our coaching staff and players.

Stop feeling sorry for yourselves, put Haskins to rest, and lets get on with the business of filling up the Haskins center and Sun Bowl for each home game.


OK Whitebread. Haskins will be put to rest. So, how about the excitement Gillespie brought to his teams? THAT is what we are talking about. Sure the W-L record is important. But what is more important is the WAY they play the game. Yes, we have expectations. What we expect is a team that cares to win and a coach that inspires and delivers a team that is prepared to win. Even Gillespie's first losing season had a team that played with heart and we fans loved it! We filled the Don. So far, with the current team and coach, for the past two-and-a-half seasons this has not happened. How much longer can we, or should we, tolerate such mediocrity and arrogance?


Arrogance = Barbee.

He might produce a winner in the next couple of seasons but then he leaves, i truly believe he doesn't care for El Paso is an intangible, he can say otherwise but i dont buy into even if next year we are in the big dance, Im not a suck up and i never will, i will give him credit in the recruit department but thats pretty much it.

Im not comparing to Haskins, no hell no there is an abysmal difference one is a Hall of Famer, while this arrogant fool never ever will even be considered for that.

Enough im sick and tired of this crap, again at least we will go to post season after all the collegeinsiders whatever crap WOW awesome way to finish your career DJ, lookout scouts will be all over that Tourney!!!


you people sound like people who whine about the presendent but dont vote. like i hate barbee, i hate where utep bball is going but im goin to stay home. whatever

good win by the miners good look on saturday

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