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January 19, 2009


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UTEP is going to lose @ UAB sad but true & also at Houston and like i said before no NCAA, only via the automatic ticket and thats doubtful at best.

So is frustrating to be looking at the NIT as the only real hope, i want to be proven wrong but reality says otherwise!


As much as I hate to admit it, we may be the 5th or possibly 6th best team in the CUSA right now.

Don't forget Southern Miss, they just beat Houston at home over the weekend.

I really thought this was a multiple bid league, but no one really got any good OOC wins, so it may be one and done again for CUSA.

Schedule makers didnt do us any favors either so now's the time to make a move if you're UTEP.

We still have a chance for big wins, but cant afford too many more losses.


Like i said UTEPs lost im writting before it ends, they dont have what it takes to be a postseason teams!

It hurts but its true!!


UTEP's season down the toilet aka (toledo) i hate it so bad, now its Tulsa beating us at home and then Houston.

It doesn't matter that Culpepper and Jackson are scoring 26 & 24 if it means a loss who cares, again the season as far as im concerned flushed down the toledo!!!!

Now JAT OR LOWERCASE; give reason to believe otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still sad but GO MINERS!


I wonder if our opponents have figured out that only two Miners do all the scoring. Just let the two Miner guards have their combined 50 points and hold the rest to single digits to get a fairly easy win.

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