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November 15, 2008


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Ultimate Miner Fan Ryan Guzman

I think you're totally right on this one. And by the way, did you see the Houston Tulsa score? I'm not sure we'll be able to match up with the Cougars well.


joe you are full of you know what... I hope you eat your words...


Don't worry, we'll remind you next week after your predictions go straight down the drain. The ancient Aggie fan hates when the Miners play great. Blogs don't get any stupider than Joe's.


UMMM, let's see. Tulsa put up 77 points and over 700 yards on offense a couple of weeks ago right? Yesterday, Houston put up 70 with over 500 yards in offense on Tulsa and you think we have a chance? I love my Miners, and I know a lot of you guys out there do to, but be realistic in your thought process. And get off of Joe's back, jeez. You know Joe goes to the Sun Bowl and sees the huge pink elephant in the middle of the sideline and on the field and points it out, those that don't want to thing about the pink elephant messing everything up moan and groan about being told to focus on the pink elephant because you really don't want to see the pink elephant. I know it is a far off metaphor, but it works for this situation so quit your qhining on someone telling you the truth.
You know what was really really sad? The recruits that were at the game yesterday were all these guys that were from average of 50-70 on Rivals and to not have a big home crowd out there hurts UTEP's recruiting. The crowd that showed up was great but all the other fans that don't show up hurt our recruting prospects because the players see that there will not be that much fan support.

Lowercase Ray

It wasn’t quite the game I’d hoped to see from UTEP, but I’m not as pessimistic as Joe is about our chances to get bowl eligible. I liked that UTEP’s defense dominated again this week, even though a case had already been made that SMU basically came in without a credible offense. I was more troubled that Jose Martinez had five field goals in that game. If we’re kicking FGs while Houston or ECU are going down and making TDs, we're going to come out on the wrong side of the scoreboard. If we’re going to play in this high offense playground that is CUSA, then we need to find a way to score big ourselves.

I was hoping that if Houston should beat Tulsa, thereby getting bowl eligible, that maybe they wouldn't have so much to play for when we play them next week. The bad thing is that now Houston, Tulsa and Rice are locked-up in a tie for the West Division Championship. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe if Houston finishes the season by winning their next two games, they will be the West Division Champ by reason of beating Tulsa head to head. That gives Houston quite an incentive to beat UTEP next week.

In an earlier post, where I tried to predict who'd be fighting for bowl eligibility, I dismissed USM from that race by saying that ECU should beat them this week. Well as it turned out USM beat ECU, so that now USM only needs to beat SMU in their last game to become bowl eligible. So now I’m hoping that ECU beats UAB and locks up the East Division before we get to play them on the final game of the season. With what’s happened this weekend, there are now four CUSA teams that are bowl eligible and the possibility that four more could get bowl eligible. CUSA could be quite interesting these last two weeks.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t expecting Houston to look as dominate as they did; especially against Tulsa. If UTEP is to have a chance against Houston, the defense has got to find a way to bring pressure to and keep Case Keenum corralled. They’ll need to bring it up another level, not sure that they can do that. We might have seen the best that this defense can achieve this year. It may be that the most likely place for UTEP to get a win (especially if ECU beats UAB) is at ECU. Anyway, thanks UTEP for keeping it interesting right down to the last game of the season.


I'm completely with you LRay, our bowl chances took a big hit yesterday when both Tulsa and ECU lost.

The win by USM absolutely kills us because another loss by them and their completely out of contention...
leaving possibly only Memphis and ECU from the East and 4 western teams...with Tulsa going to the liberty--Rice and UH going to the Texas and New Orleans and UTEP going to Ft. Worth....

Now the whole thing has blown up!

Houston has big time incentive to play well next week and ECU needs to wrap up the East next week so they could possibly take their gas off the pedal against us.

I'm not sure how the "Bowl Politics" work, but I find it hard to believe UTEP would be chosen to play in a bowl even with 6 wins.

I doubt they take us over any of the West teams ahead of us or USM playing regionally in Mobile or St. Petersburg.

Any one have any thoughts?

By the way, nice win by UTEP last night, and I do agree that we're set up for a nice season next year.

Home games against UH, Tulsa, a down Kansas team, Buffalo, and the weaker East division teams like UAB. Plus NMSU.


At least next year we won't have to play against that Holbrook kid at NMSU. Have watched him the last three years punking our defense.

Lowercase Ray

The way the bowl politics works is that the higher level bowl picks first followed by decending bowls. So the Liberty bowl would pick first, followed by the next bigger bowl and so on down the line. If the season ends with more than six CUSA teams being bowl eligible, then the last bowl would end up picking from the teams that are left. The eligible teams that are not picked wouldn't have a guaranteed bowl game and would be left hoping that some bowl from somewhere calls on them.

Don't forget that not only USM but Marshall also still has a chance to become bowl eligible.


You can't use how Houston played against Tulsa as a measurement on how the miners will do against Houston. Just because Houston put up 70 on Tulsa and they put up 77 on us doesn't mean Houston will destroy UTEP. SMU took both Tulsa and Houston down to the wire almost upsetting both teams. But I do admit it does not look good for the miners next week.

However to assume that UTEP is just gonna lose the next two games is just dumb. Houston is a strong team but they just hit perfect storm last night against Tulsa. They are beatable.

But if UTEP is gonna go 6-6 I believe it will come against ECU. People here are obviously still mezmerized by ECU's start but if people are gonna be throwing around Houston's win over Tulsa as a reason why we can't; Last night ECU lost to Southern Miss.

I think it is extremely realistic that UTEP goes 6-6. Now if they get a bowl bid is another story. UTEP just needs to take care of itself and let everything else play out for itself.


houston also lost to Marshall... so they are beatable.


Truth hurts and I’m feeling the pain from Joe’s words, but who knows the ball bounces a little funny. We thought Buffalo would be an easy road win, and some of us dreamed about upsetting Texas, our hearts completely broke when we lost to NMSU yet some how the Miners have restored a little dignity, and are teasing the bowling gods…LOL we can all dream can’t we?

George in H Town

Sumlin has the kids at Houston believing. We can only hope the don't show up until the second half which has been their habit this year. They were mad a Tulsa after last year. Figure the Miners will get left out of the bowl picture, but they like the Miners in Houston, they travel well. Rice doesn't pull in the crowds. I repeat my comment of a couple of days ago - how mahy of you will go to St. Petersburg to watch the Miners get buried by some middle of ACC or Big East team?

George in H Town

Sumlin has the kids at Houston believing. We can only hope the don't show up until the second half which has been their habit this year. They were mad a Tulsa after last year. Figure the Miners will get left out of the bowl picture, but they like the Miners in Houston, they travel well. Rice doesn't pull in the crowds. I repeat my comment of a couple of days ago - how mahy of you will go to St. Petersburg to watch the Miners get buried by some middle of ACC or Big East team?


Joe, shut the hell up!
You nincompoop!
How do you know UTEP won't win again this season, you moron?
Well, I guess you achieved your goal of getting fans to write in to your dwindling blog crap!


Regardless of what Joe Menso Muench says, UTEP will win its last two games, however they won't be going bowling!
Maybe next year UTEP fans, but don't hold your collective breaths waiting for this miracle!
UTEP is cursed!!!!


Hey Gabe. Do a little research before you open your mouth. If UTEP wins the next 2 they will have no choice but to go to a bowl game. With 2 more wins they will either place 2nd or third which gives them a decent bowl invitation. I do agree with you on MR. MUNCH, I mean Muench. He's an idiot's idiot.


Well Joe is doing his job firing people up! Its just doing his job like i said it many times before.

UTEP had this game in the books as our in house experts; lowercase and just a tought had explained in detail, and now the hard part comes Houston is hitting a stride and ECU is no cupcake either, i think regardless of the results this season is just a building block for i hate so say this but next season is the one that might bring joy to all of us UTEP fans including Monchis, and like i asked before i expect you Monchis in full mode for basketball season.

By the way basketball has started the ladies lost as i tought against a very good Big 12 team, while the men seemed perhaps to nervous, beating a pesky Texas Southern team.


your full of it joe!!!! how could you possibly say UTEP wont win again this year? Last year both houston and ECU came to the sun bowl and stole the game away from us. Trust me UTEP players and coaches have not forgoten that. And if they did it UTEP CAN TO!!!!!! WE BELIEVE!!!!!


The Miners winning both games is barely in the realm of reality. The odds are stacked high against the Miners pulling out two wins. One of two, if the ball bounces this way or that, why not.


El Paso doesn't deserve a good football team. Go ahead and deny it. How is it that the crowds at the end of the season are only slightly bigger than they were when I was a kid and the Miners would end the year 1-10? Michigan and ND will pack fill their 80-100k stadiums every week, regardless of their record. Only in El Paso could an Oscar De La Hoya fight outdraw UTEP football, last time I checked Oscar wasn't exactly shouting out his love to EP after cashing those paychecks.

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